SPY GADGETS in REAL LIFE πŸ” 5 Kingsman Items vs Fruit Ninja

SPY GADGETS in REAL LIFE πŸ” 5 Kingsman Items vs Fruit Ninja

well played I got a huge box it is
filled with a ton of spy gear oh my gosh it’s just like Christmas so many fun
things in here and stay till the very end because we’re gonna be taking them
outside testing them out exploding some things chopping some stuff it’s gonna be
a blast why don’t we start with this one right here why don’t we check out what
it is on the website here it is the tactical comb nice for three dollars
and ninety five cents V do you think we can afford that one as you guys know the
secret of being a spy is to not let people know you’re a spy right so comb
no one’s gonna suspect anything of it let’s try my hair here whoa that is a
nice comb so we’ve got a comb with a sharp nice nobody would ever suspect
that this comb is actually a nice I think I would want that in my purse so
someone like attach you like give me all your money okay let me reach into my
purse oh let me excuse me I got I gotta comb my hair first you’re going to get
okay the next item let me help you Oh use a comb to open a bag huh he actually
saw a video of this online it was like oh that’s perfect for a spy movie
because the Kingsmen is coming out introducing the world’s most comfortable
suits so the guys grooving and dancing oh you can even break dance in this suit hook kick so this is this is actually
perfect for us for being a spy oh my gosh Chad needs one of these yeah you
can look dapper what are you doing that’s right oh you got a gray one
designed in London headquarters with secret agents in mind look at that so
this is your ultimate secret weapon it’s almost like this was pitch for heart
video yeah so let’s just go ahead and try this on
oh yeah now I can be a spy in style yeah I would definitely say that this is like
the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn and I’ve learned a lot of suits I’ve
been to a lot of weddings I’ve been married before
yeah I don’t know this is surprise guys check these babies out those look cool
and they’re attached by a chain so they’re like nunchucks but dabbers if
this video hits 40,000 thumbs up I’m gonna buy these dabbers and they look
very they remind me of that video game God of War so let’s do a God of War
video with these dabbers and a bunch of other cool gotta warm up and so 40,000
thumbs out go down below the video right now and give this video a thumbs up
please this is the concealed umbrella soared for $38 and 95 in the movie soared
goes I’m gonna use a real umbrella both fit under here yeah then if anyone
messes with you while you’re you messin with me in the rain you don’t wanna mess
with me in the rain when I got my umbrella this is but let’s keep going
with our spy gear here dear next other box is a very naughty item a cinder yet
but it’s not just any cinder yets awesome I’m using this No oh wait oh did you
think I have a nice fun fact guys I have never spoke a
cinder yet in my life same with me thank you very much another item for my purse
if I don’t have a fork this is an auto mommy oh he’s always goofing off in here
give me there if you guys are wondering this is the hidden cinder yet nice for 2
dollars and 95 cents next item baby what do you think’s in it
a pink comb she honestly had no idea I’m an x-man
yeah you do it was so lucky oh my gosh I can’t believe you got that
look at that it’s a black blame Oh different style different style yeah man
why is it curved here’s this like a double-sided one that I don’t think are
gonna be able to guess this one B no you should that’s so California so I really
don’t know where to go if I could learn how to open a box here if you were a
real spy be den already I know what’s in the box
wait wait a second what is this oh it’s like a I think that’s like a credit card
multi spy tool how’s a nice in it how’s like a sawing blame here has a carabiner
here we have a flathead screwdriver philips screwdriver and right here whoa
miss muscle over here it matches your jacket yeah sure it does you know I
could put it right in my pocket everything’s color-coordinated this this
uh specs the Greg just put right here on my ear a lot of people do just like
covered in tools then I’m like oh yeah I’m gonna comb like that who do you
think I am let’s get the next I don’t I scared me
with these these are perfect for a spy because a spy needs to distract somebody
what you do is you squeeze this bag starts to blow up bigger big bigger than
that pops face their next item is walking cane yes you are correct but
hidden inside the cane is a very sharp soared
yes he does Chad comes from a family of spy I do yes that’s more of like a
motorcycle spy type guy what do we got here it’s also in the movie the Kingsmen
it is a cool yeah she works let me write you a
secret note while she’s writing me a secret note I’ll just go ahead okay V
you got a secret spy note it’s a subscribe to all plug at the end of this
video you just you just hang on okay speaking of your subscribe to V quaint
all these people need to subscribe to chat while clay right down below I guess
it is my channel but guys make sure if you subscribe hit that Bell symbol down
below that means you get here quick every time a video goes live and you
hang out with me cuz I hang out chatting away typing to your comments and V hangs
out too so from that Bell on get here early and I give you guys the
notification in just a shout-out at the end of the video by showing your
comments at the bottom so stay tuned till the end to see if your comment is
at the end of this video what makes it a spy pen I need I like how everything is
color card yes I’m glad the stretch suit company sent me the grey one to match
with all these tools look walking cane here’s the bottom and here’s the tap and
you walk around like you’re an old man with it but it’s that indestructible
plastic type material and it’s got a sharp hook on it right here so what
alrighty well those are all of our spiders let’s take them outside and get
a little crazy with them we’ll meet Justin out there and we’re gonna chop
dab extold some things are you ready y’all ready for this well it’s a spike the Kingsmen just came out I should be
that guy in the Kingsmen movie yes actually we should have brought my key
bolts over here cuz he actually looks just like the guy oh yeah oh my gosh so
we can look good and we can fine good we are going to play a game of flippy
night but it’s gonna be flipping comb instead we’ve got three calms me Justin
oh and me we’re gonna see who can flip it and make it stick the quickest
alright Oh do you need – you are the flip thanks Tamara on my
CWC nice that would really win just in you’re up and I have to comb my beard a
little bit let me help you out there I guess the winner is ninja spy check a
little something for you here I know you’ve been craving one of these at a
glance it looks like a real one but it’s got a blame inside now if you get to it
that’s the fine you might be wearing one of these rings well you know when
you’re a spy you get into fines you do right neither spies raises fine fine
fine fine oh she kicks really close to the face how’d you learn that be born
with that I guess in the movie Kingsman they use a pen I got to carry this
around with me because you know all my fans are always want an autograph right
but if one of my fans goes rogue says hey check could I have an autograph or
else I will destroy you did you say you wanted to destroy me you just look like a classy guy going to
a place doot-doot-doot no one better be throwing Rotten Tomatoes at me with my
trusty pen yeah well what better than a pen to someone would write hey man
the pen is mightier than the soared you ever hear that let’s find out if it is
all right I’m gonna rent my friend mr. eddo a letter this so pen show him who’s
King Kingsman the pea nice would be bad like today Oh
are we watching vaudeville that’s what vaudeville is no let him
push I feel like I’m watching a musical go Wells Fargo wagon is a coming. 76
trombones you guys belong in Broadway I’m a
masculine guy I can’t be doing that that’s right sure that is serious yes it
is that’s gonna take on some fruit so with this puppy because I’m the other
side this we have a sharp hook so you don’t need a blame inside that sorry
sure exactly you guys you got you know this is kind of like the Riddler’s cane
that’s what I was thinking but we’re going after the Riddler today guys and
we’re gonna beat him at its own game and now that now like that though
that’s an example of what not to defeat he discovered our mall not Tomatoes
Ernie took his one eye off oh my gosh finish your mom to the drycleaners I think you’re gonna
get a little help walking after you meet my walking cane yeah to the Kingsmen they used this well yes play well you know what the only
thing that’s gonna be raining around here is some soda dude as well we’re all soaked in sweat soda
ninja hey guys I think I heard that somebody blew your cover the soda ninjas
army found out and they know about the spies yeah well I know the perfect
divergent the bomb oh are you ready to squeeze right here in the middle are you
what’s going on oh my gosh Oh where’d they go Oh where’d they go oh good they
got away sure how’s worried there for a second
huge shout out to the stretch suit not to be to the stretch suit this thing is
tight thank you guys for hooking me up with this suit and they’re hooking you
guys up with a discount code 15% off that is huge actually it’s use the
discount code wild clay 15 took yourself up with a nice gray or black or blue
they got a budget of four types of suits guys and a huge shout out to karate
Morecambe who supplied me with all of these spy gadgets make sure to put in
code wild clay and get 10% off your order links to this suit and all of
these items used in the video are down below in the description of this video
shoutout to you notification ninjas like I said earlier in the video I’m gonna be
showing your comments right down here these are the ones that I thought were
super funny or super nice who were here for the first hour of the last video
looking forward to seeing your guys’s comments on this video and I’ll show
them in the next video so if you guys haven’t seen this video yet
check it out a bunch of awesome gadgets already used right B if you like B she’s
cool – she’s right there subscribe to her yeah she’s particularly cool and
chance right here that’s me subscribe to me and then here’s another awesome video
right there alright we’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video

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  3. I have a ballpen knife.My brother found it and didn't realize that it is a knife. I'm the one who found out that it is a knife.After I used it writing stuff, I accidentally removed the ballpen's head.

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