SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone)

SPY NINJA DAX DEFEATED in HACKER BATTLE ROYALE (Hide & Seek Challenge with PZ9 for Vy Qwaint Phone)

– What up Spy Ninjas Now that VY has joined Project Zorgo, I’d like to introduce
you to our newest member of the Spy Ninjas. – [Spy Ninjas] Dax! – Welcome here Daniel, Regina. – Yeah yeah – Hey spy losers I have this sinking feeling that you guys already
forgot about VY’s phone. I’m close to hacking this baby 100% And wait till you see all the secrets that I found on all the Spy Ninjas. (evil laughter) – VY wouldn’t have stuff
like that on her phone of us. – Yeah, I mean, we’re good
guys we don’t have any secrets – [Group] Yeah – [Chad] Except for your
secret room back there – I do have one secret, oh gosh! – Now that VY’s secret has
been revealed to the world, It’s time for Daniel, Chad, and
Regina’s to be revealed too. (evil laughter) See you later numb nuts. – PZ9 wait! wait! wait! – Is that why VY isn’t here right now? – Yeah Dax, we got some bad news for you. VY, she’s no longer a Spy Ninja. We gotta VY’s phone back! – Yeah – I don’t want him to reveal
my secret room secret. – PZ9 is an evil doer and
he needs to be crushed. – Well, we gotta PZ9
down. Where could he be? – Uh, he’s always at the park. – I don’t see PZ9 anywhere,
he’s usually here. – [Daniel] Yeah, this is
the park he usually goes to. – I thought he would be
here, I guess I was wrong. I’ll show you my spy
essentials kit to look for him. – Wow, you got a brand new kit – [Regina] Whoa, you’ve never even used it – You haven’t used it yet Dax? – Oh, I just try to keep
it in mint condition. I’ll holler if I see anything. – Okay Okay (music stops) – [Chad] Ay, alright. Anything yet Dax? – Okay, I saw a water bottle
there someone is littering. – [Regina] We’ll pick that up later. – [Chad] Good job, Dax! – Well, kicking it doesn’t
help the environment. You gotta pick it up and
put it in the garbage. – I don’t think PZ9 is here though, Chad. – Yeah, we need another plan
to like lure him or something. – Lure him! We posted a poster, we said, “We’re looking for a new
spy ninja” and we found him. Let’s make a poster and find PZ9. We gotta lure him to a spot where we can easily take VY’s phone back. – I got it, let’s lure
him to the safe house, We’ll say something about how there’s money there or something. – Here’s a piece of
paper, I’ll write like, “We’re going on vacation,” so he thinks the safe house is empty. – Where are you guys going? – Maybe say, “We need someone
to guard the safe house And protect the $10,000.” He’ll volunteer to do it
so he can steal the money even thought the money is not even there. – So you’ll use you’re spy ninja lying. – It’s just a trickery trap. – [Regina] Yeah, it’s not
lying, oh I guess it is. – Yeah, it’s only based on
his prior preconceptions on what the actual facts are. – What he said. Going on vacation September 7th. That’s today. Need someone to… You spelled guard wrong,
we’ll forgive you for that. – [Regina] Gaurd? – It starts with a G! Guard – G-U-A The $10,000 at our house. PZ9 will love that. He’ll just show up
looking for the $10,000. – Let’s hang it up over here. – That’s fantastic – Hang that up, slap it up on there. Let’s go back to the safe
house and wait for PZ9 to come. – Okay, (gabbling) Dax! PZ9 is probably gonna be here any moment. This is our chance to get VY’s phone back! – Ah is it gonna be an epic battle royal. – No no no! The opposite. We gotta be really quiet okay? – So we’re gonna split up and we’re gonna all
hide in different places And we’ll see if we can
get the phone from PZ9 when he sneaks in here BREAK! – Where’d it go, where’d it go? Oh wait a minute. I just got a notification on my phone. Oh my gosh it says, “VY’s phone is in range.” Looks like it’s getting closer, it’s like, five minutes away from here. That must be PZ9 with VY’s phone! We gotta tell the spy ninjas. Hey, guys come in. – Daniel! – Daniel! Yeah what’s up? – It looks like PZ9 is five minutes away from the safe house. – He’ll be here in five minutes, okay. Okay, what about looks like Dax. Do you guys see what Dax is doing? Dax, I don’t think
that’s a very good spot, I can see your legs. – But I can see PZ9 when
he comes through the door. And I’ll put an end to his evil justice. – But I think he’ll come through the door, he’ll look this way, he’ll
see your legs, and he’ll go hi-yah he-yah and you’re in big trouble. I think you gotta find
a better spot my buddy. Maybe it was a mistake to
have him on this mission I don’t know – Uh oh guys, think I might
of found a good hiding place. Garbage can, that’s
pretty disgusting though, I’m not a gross person, oh wait a minute, I did like the ground
once, I did eat dog food. You know what? This is a
perfect hiding place for me Let’s do it, let’s do this. – Do you know what you’re doing Dax? You gotta find a hiding spot. – I’ve never been here before – Yes you have, you’ve been here – Well, I’m gonna hide then – Okay, fine. Go Go! Everyone’s hiding out
in the living room area, Ima hide in the bathroom. You know why? Because PZ9 has a beard, and
I bet he’s gonna go in here, he’s gonna take off his mask, he’s gonna fix his little beard of his. And I’m gonna see his face! And then, I’m gonna take VY’s phone. Ugh, Daniel would probably
hide in the toilet. A hamper! I could probably fit in there. Put one foot in, another foot
in, alright let’s go down! I don’t fit, my tushy too big. – All right, so where around
here is a good hiding place? Wait a minute. Wha? Dax are you okay? – What? – What are you doing down there? – I’m hiding – You’re hiding? – Can you see me? – Uh, yeah! I’m pretty sure I can see you Dax, once again that’s a
horrible hiding place, man. You’ve ever played hide and
seek when you were little? – Yeah, it’s not my best game – Get out there – Dax – Yeah he did it again, Chad. – Dax, this table is made out of glass. You can see right through it. – But the cooler wasn’t – So unless you can fit inside the cooler. I was joking, I don’t
think that’s possible, Dax. I don’t think you’re
gonna fit in there Dax. I’m not sure, I don’t
know if this is working. – Yeah, I don’t know about this. – Well that was cool. – Literally cool – Dang, I’m a spy ninja
with the jokes, ha ha. – Maybe, I can just put this
on top of my head and hide. Is it working? My legs stick out when I
put it on top of my head. I can’t fit in it so I’m
just gonna stay behind it. – Uh, wait a second. What
is this, The Wizard of Oz? Dax! – Yeah, what’s up, Chad? – You’re underneath the beanbag. But Dax, your feet are sticking
out the bottom down here so I think you need to tuck your feet in and it will be a pretty good hiding spot. – Okay, roger that, Chad. – I got an idea guys, PZ9
probably is gonna do some computer work right here. This is the cleanest desk in the house. I’m gonna hide underneath
the desk, however, He’ll see me down there, I need to hang some blankets, or towels. I don’t think I’ll use
this bright pink one, That’s way too obvious. Black and white. There we go, towel on the desk. Now I can hide underneath. Okay, Spy Ninjas, I am
underneath the desk right now. Here’s the desk above me. And I got this towel broking my view. And I’ll be able to see his feet when he comes up right
here underneath the towel. Oh, PZ9’s right there. Can you see that? (intense music) He’s trying to break in. Spy Ninjas! PZ9 is breaking
into the safe house at this moment. – PZ9’s here! Oh gosh! – Oh man, it’s totally happening, guys. He’s actually here in person. Whoa! (door opens) – [Chad] Oh shoot There’s his feet, right there. – Hello? Spy Ninjas? Is anyone home? Is there a guard here? (evil laughter) – I’m so excited, but I’m
also, like, so scared. – Where would I hide $10,000? – I knew it, that punk. He
came here looking for $10,000 he wants to steal it. There’s Daniel right there. – Of course PZ9 would be
trying to get the $10,000 because money makes the world
go round, and I think for PZ9, his world is like, stuck or something. – To see if he has VY’s phone on him, I’m gonna call VY’s phone right now and we’ll see if it rings Okay, it should be ringing (phone rings) Oh yes, it’s ringing. He does have VY’s phone. – Great, PZ9 has VY’s phone. I’ll try my best to get it. You try too. Try your little butt off, okay? I believe in you. (phone rings) – Ha ha ha, Chad! What do you want? – Uh Um, hang up. Okay, I didn’t know what
to say so just I hung up. (evil laughter) – Well – Wow, I wonder if PZ9 could
sign my spy essentials kit too. – [Daniel] What is he doing over there? He just put a mask on Mr. Squiggles! – No $10,000 at least they got some food. I’m just gonna get some grub
and head on out of here. – [Daniel] I knew it. I knew
he would go to the refrigerator – Ha ha – He’s going through our
fridge looking for food. – [Daniel] Do you guys see
VY’s phone on him at all? – Daniel, he’s right next to you. He’s distracted eating pickles. Now’s your chance to sneak
up, and grab VY’s phone. – I’m on it. I don’t see VY’s phone sticking out of his pocket but, yeah he’s really enjoying
those pickles so, It’s now or never here I go. – [Chad] Come on Daniel. Yeah, he wants to use you in the pickle. Oh shoot. Oh Daniel, that’s not gonna work. Oh no, Daniel come on, go get the phone. Oh shoot, aw man you missed
your opportunity, Daniel. – Dang it, there was no way
I could of got the phone. – Oh man, that’s good. Those pickles aren’t sitting right. I gotta head to the bathroom. – Wait, did he just say he’s
gonna go to the bathroom? Isn’t Regina hiding in there? – See, that’s what happens
when you eat too much pickles. When you eat a pickle, it
gives your stomach a tickle. – Thankfully no ones here. (evil laughter) – [Chad] Oh no, Regina! – PZ9’s on the way to the bathroom. Okay, get into position girl! (Air rising) (peeing) It’s such a heavy stream. It keeps going. What the heck! Has he not peed in like years? It’s so disgusting. Okay, at least he flushes (plunging) – [PZ9] Uh oh – PZ9 clogged the toilet! – Man, it is really dusty
underneath this beanbag. Oh man, oh man, I feel like a
spy ninja sneeze is coming up. – Where’s that dang plunger? A plunger, Aw man, a plunger I wish
it had those nice plungers. (breathing) AH-CHOO! – Dax just sneezed oh gosh dude your hollers ruining our plans. – Did I just hear somebody? I thought nobody was here. I’ll come back for you later, toilet. – Bless me, ha ha, sorry bros. – Okay Dax, well you better
have a good hiding spot because PZ9 is coming up right now! He’s after you! – [Daniel] Oh man, he
definitely heard that sneeze. – Huh? – [Chad] Oh no, oh shoot whoa, what? A laptop playing sneeze sounds? – Huh! Clever. – Jeez man, you almost
blew our cover, totally. – A laptop playing sneeze sounds? Who did that, did Dax do that? That’s genius. – No, Chad, that was me,
I put the laptop there of sneeze sounds. Dax is with me now. No more sneezing, okay? – Might as well play some
Roblox while I’m here. – [Chad] What’s he doing? Oh shoot. His feet are right here. PZ9 is right on the other
side of this towel right here. He’s playing Roblox. – [PZ9] An adjustable desk. How nice. – He’s raising the desk. – I got all sorts of back problems. – The desk is going up. – I don’t think he see’s you. He’s trying to download Roblox. Now’s your chance to get the phone, okay? It’s right in front of
those water bottles there. – Okay, the phones really high up now. I’ll try to grab it. As long as he doesn’t look
down, he won’t see me. You’ll have to guide me Daniel. – [Daniel] There you go Chad. It’s a long reach but there you go. Keep going, keep going, almost there yes. You got it. (phone rings) Oh no, dang it – Hello? – [Project Zorgo] VY’s phone
is property of Project Zorgo. – Project Zorgo – It’s Project Zorgo calling him – [Project Zorgo] When
do you have VY’s phone? – You got that right. I’ve been having VY’s
phone for the longest time. – [Project Zorgo] Give it back now! – Oh, you idiots want the phone back? What about a battle royal at the park? (evil laughter) – [Project Zorgo] Okay, see you there. I can’t wait to fight
you guys again, ha ha ha. – [Chad] He’s leaving Project Zorgo called him. They said they wanted VY’s phone! – PZ9 left. Everybody, leave your
hiding space, let’s meet up. – Dax, come here
– Regina, let’s go – He’s gone? – He went to the park. – So there’s gonna be
a battle at the park. Project Zorgo versus PZ9 for VY’s phone. – Let’s get there and get
the phone from phone of them. – [Dax] All right guys, I’m totally ready. – Uh, Dax, you stay here,
watch the security cameras it’s a very important job, okay? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – FaceTime us if anything
goes wrong, okay? – [Dax] All right, you got it Spy Ninjas. – Thanks Dax. – All right, see ya Dax – [Dax] Cool, hey, Be safe. – Aw man there’s gonna be a huge battle royal here coming up. – PZ9 verus a bunch of
hackers, who’s gonna win? – PZ9’s gonna win. He’s the best fighter. – But not if there’s like
ten hackers versus one. He won’t win. – [Daniel] Oh wait guys, what’s this? Whoa, check it look. What are those guys doing? – Look at that, there’s
three hackers over there. They’re probably waiting for PZ9. – Should we just sit back and
witness this battle happen? – I feel like PZ9 could
easily beat three people. – [Daniel] They’re leaving. – [Regina] Wait, there’s
someone on the ground. – [Daniel] Did they leave a hacker behind? – [Chad] Who’s that? – Look at the mask, look at the mask – [Chad] That’s PZ9! PZ9! He got defeated. – They defeated – With three people – How did they do that? – It was so fast. – Did they take VY’s phone? – Let’s go help him I don’t know. – PZ9! You okay, dude?
– Are you okay? – (screaming) – What happened? – [Daniel] Did they take
VY’s phone from you? – Oh uh, I guess I lost it. – Oh shoot, Project Zorgo has it then. – Did you see which one of
the hackers took the phone? – Yeah, which one took it. – Ugh, I couldn’t tell. Those gosh darn hackers. They used Stun Stars on me! – Stun Stars? That’s a ninja gadget I invented. I mean, I keep them in
my backpack right here. – [Daniel] Yeah, what the heck? – They’re gone! They’re not in here! – Are you sure? – Someone stole them! – They’re not in there! – They took your Stun
Stars and used them on PZ9? – It sure seems like it. – I’m still the best fighter. Don’t get that confused. – Sure yeah – We gotta get VY’s phone though. We gotta get- – [Daniel] Oh guys. Guys! Project Zorgo! Uh oh, oh no – Come, we gotta hide. Let’s go. – [Daniel] Bye Okay, did we lose them? Let’s see. Yeah, they’re walking towards PZ9 – Nice, they don’t see us. Let’s just wait here until they leave. – They’re gonna stay
for a little bit I think (phone beeps) Oh, who is it? – It’s Dax. – Dax, what is it? – Hey Spy Ninjas, are you guys in danger? No no no, we’re fine. We’re doing good. We’re hiding out. – Keep watching those security cams, okay? – Everything seems all chill here but it really looks like
you guys are in danger do you need my help? I think you need my help. – [Group] No – We don’t need help,
Dax, we said we’re fine. – Guys, don’t worry, I’m on my way. – No Dax, Dax, stay, stay,
there, we’re safe, we’re fine. – No, don’t worry guys, I’m almost there. – No Dax, you’re gonna blow our cover. – Yeah we’re perfectly hidden man. – Do not come. – I’m coming guys
– [Daniel] There he is! Oh no Oh no! (intense music) No, No! Dax! – Chad, Daniel, Regina! – [Daniel] No, oh no! – We gotta help Dax! – [Daniel] Go go go, get em, get em. Chad! Regina! Oh, oh no! Regina! No! Uh oh, oh no, help! (static noise)

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