What’s up everybody I’m Alex, I’m Marko and you’re watching Vagabrothers. And this week we’re snowboarding off-piste in the Alps. Willkommen to St.
Anton, Austria So far this winter we’ve been to
some amazing places from the nature of Finland to the breweries of the Czech Republic and the baths of Budapest. But
snowboarding in the Alps has been a dream of ours ever since we
were little snowboard grommets. The Alps are synonymous with winter and
all that comes with it gorgeous snow-topped mountains
picture-perfect villages and the best of winter sports. And for
us Austria had a little bit of all of that, but we never been. So when
the Austrian Tourism Board invited us to spend a week in St. Anton We hopped on early morning train from
Budapest to the Tirolean Alps That’s how I feel right now… As our train chugged up the planes
western Hungary into Austria we saw good news out the window – snow, and lots of it! We celebrated accordingly. We just took a train from Budapest to the Austrian Alps. We’re now in the small village of Saint Anton in the West of Austria and it’s beautiful but also known as “the
cradle of alpine skiing.” It’s also pretty famous for “apres-ski” which means we’re gonna be shredding and partying all week right here. You
ready? Let’s get into it! Vamos! [In bad Austrian accent] We were welcomed by Wilma from the Tourism Board who told us that
we came at the best possible time Powder, sunshine and blue sky. Welcome! Very good! You’re a natural! As Wilma drove us to our hotel she told us
why she loves living in Saint Anton And if the weather is nice, like today usually I would go up the mountain and ski, just for a run or two Perfect. Good quality of life. We checked into a family-run bed and breakfast then went to the slopes to see a show they explain
St. Anton’s history of skiing And on the way, we met one of the performers who helped us warm up a bit to the cold. Don’t drink it all! Schnapps? Yeah. Not a bad way to start off the trip! That’s how…in the old time, that’s the avalanche transceiver control. The show told the
story of how in the last century St. Anton evolved from a small farming community at
the base at the Arlenberg Mountain into the cradle of alpine skiing, making it
famous around the world The next morning we woke up to find the
whole valley covered in snow Good the morning guys and welcome to St. Anton, Austria! It’s snowed a ton overnight it’s gonna snow for the next three days and people are telling us we’re here in the best possible time. Amazing conditions. So we’re gonna get our boards, get geared up and then go shred the pow. We just got suited, now we’ve got to get booted and boarded Alright guys, cheers! Thank you! Peace! Piece by piece we got all our gear and
then jumped in the gondola for our first run Alex and I have been snowboarding our whole lives, and it’s my favorite sport But since we started traveling we’ve barely been As you can imagine you’re pretty rusty, but
luckily there are some fresh snow to cusion our falls! Warm-up completed now it’s the time to go a little bit higher into the mountains Huge resort huge mountain This is day one and there’s some nice little fresh pow in the trees which is sorta ducking and dodging Gettin’ our shred on. Just finished an amazing powder day but we’re not done yet. No, now it’s time for the apres ski. Apres-ski is French for “after-ski” but to everyone one else it means the party that happens when you’re done snowboarding. So we’re gonna go check it out starting with this place called Taps. The first round of “weissbier” [wheat beer] turned into another… and another [drunken voice] …and another… Until next thing you know there were
girls jumping on the bar getting a little crazy! After that we checked out the legendary spot right next door The Krazy Kanguruh Apres ski numéro deux… at The Krazy Kanguruh The Krazy Kanguruh has a reputation that preceeds it So we asked some locals what the fuss was all about. Everyone from around the world comes here, parties together, up dancing on the tables inside Girls getting their tits out…it’s a good time yeah, every day…every day of the week, man Good life, good life… Yew!!! All around us people were having a good time, throwing back Jaeger Bombs and spreading the good vibes. By the time we emerged, it was dark and there was some sobering news. Unfortunately it looks like someone stole Marko’s snowboard So if you ever do come here, it’s probably good to get to get insurance policy on your rental or bring a lock for your skis. it was a total buzz kill, because not only with Marko have to pay for the stolen board but it was still dumping, and the next day was bound to be epic That night I walked down to the rental shop
and they told me the only hope was that someone had taken it by mistake so in the meantime they hooked me up with a new board which was better and told me to wait a few days before paying for the replacement. The next morning we woke up to sunshine and power and decided to make the most our last day riding With nearly a meter of fresh snow, the ski
patrol was dynamiting the peaks which meant it would be a good day
to do some back country riding Oh my goodness guys, the conditions today are incredible some of the best, fluffiest powder I’ve ever ridden in my life and the good news is that the first two
days we’ve really only been in this small part of the mountain There’s 97 lifts and there’s a bunch of different
villages…like, tucked away in the mountains so we’re gonna like take them up and go village hopping on snowboards. Where else can you do that? This is awesome. You ready? I’m down. Let’s roll…let’s ride! Oh my god guys look at how freaking gorgeous this place is! Village number one St. Christoph. Check. Finally we felt warmed up, so with sunshine and fresh pow pow it was time to go off-piste St. Anton has 200 kilometers of off-piste
tracks some the best in the world but
definitely not a place for beginners Luckily, we made a new friend and the three of us decided to attack
the slopes Hey, I’m Johan, I’m from Norway, and I enjoy skiing with Americans What’s the best thing about St. Anton? Steep terrain and deep powder. You can’t ask for so much more than that. It was truly one of the best days of riding
we’ve ever had but there is still so much more of the
Arlberg to discover It’s so nice! [WHAM!!! – Marko hits a hidden rock ] Oh!!! Total fail… but nothing better than powder in the beard But the next morning we woke up to a
total whiteout and decided to do something off of the mountain. Wow, I’m really excited. We get to go drive sports cars in the snow. I don’t know why they are letting us get behind a $50,000 automobile but apparently they have good four wheel drive Hope it’s not a mistake, we already lost a snowboard this week so… Hey, don’t jinx it, man! Let’s not total a car! I think we’ll be fine You’re going to have a great experience driving over all kind of items and see what the car can do under really hard conditions It’s a lot of fun, it’s a little bit scary sometimes but it’s pretty cool I cannot believe the held, that was at 39
degrees apparently it can go up to 48 but that was just insane. Alright guys is so we just did the parkour course but what we’re about to do looks way more fun. It’s drifting! We’re gonna be driving an Audi s5 and doing basically donuts in the snow. How this is allowed and encouraged, I don’t know, but this is great… But I love it! You ready? Let’s do it. Good luck! Let’s hope I do alright, don’t want to drift this thing too hard! Nice one bro! Driving the Audis was tons of fun, but
there was still one more thing I had to handle paying for that stolen snowboard. So I just went back to the rental place to go pay the fine for losing my board, and I show up and what do they say? Some guy came in to get my board tuned today after accidentally taking it Didn’t realize it was not his board so my board was returned and I don’t have to pay anything! Hi five! It was some happy news to end an
amazing week in St. Anton so thanks to the St. Anton tourism board for hosting us If you’re inspired to come visit, check
out their links in the infobox and if you’ve been here share your tips in
the comment section below As always if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs-up, share with your friends and subscribe to our channel for new travel
videos every Tuesday. And make sure you tune in next week because we’re gonna be filming in an icy island… Where could that be? Figure it out! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it! I know I know I know I want you, I want you


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  15. St Anton is no good if you are out of town so book in town there are regualar trains frome zurich airport to the station in the village or east side of austria including german ive travel up for a day ski from kitzbual its so easy ! forget that taxi as you do not need one ! the railway station and bus station are side by side with the local taxi rank outside of the railway station ! if you want to go to leich the post bus from the bus station charges but is better opption as the free ski bus fill up at peak times with long line at the bus stop above st chrispoue village The post bus will give you extra time up there as you do not have to ski over the mountain in the morning .Leich is over prices so if you want a food use the new lift across to new run at the right back of the pista map installed for 2013 winter the runs are better over there final rhus to leigh of pista is not hard to do i did on atom race skis !

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