Star Wars’ Baby Yoda vs. Porg: Daisy Ridley Declares Which Is Cutest

Star Wars’ Baby Yoda vs. Porg: Daisy Ridley Declares Which Is Cutest

-This is a big deal. I mean, this is
the final “Star Wars.” -Yeah.
-It’s a big deal. -It is a big deal. -And how long have you
been part of this? Five years? -Five years. -Do you remember
first getting this? And, like, were you allowed to tell your friends
that you got the part? -No. I told my mom, dad,
and sister, and then I couldn’t tell
anyone else. But I was going to
quite an expensive gym and I was a bartender, so
everyone was like, “Why are you going
to an expensive gym?” And I was like, “Oh, no reason.” So I didn’t — People knew
something was going on. -They knew something
was happening. They’re like, “Wait. You don’t have the money
to go to this gym.” And you’re like, “Yeah, I might,
though, one day.” Yeah. -Yeah.
-I have to ask you a question. I think it’s on everyone’s mind.
-Mm-hmm. -Baby Yoda.
-Oh, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean… What’s cuter?
Baby Yoda or a Porg? -Baby Yoda. -Wait. What? -Look, I’m not a big fan
of the Porgs. [ Applause ]
Thank you. We worked for six months on
“The Last Jedi,” and in every interview,
“What about the Porgs?” I was like, “The Porgs
have been there for a day.” I was there
every day for six months. We worked hard. Yeah.
-“Stop asking me about Porgs.” -Yeah.
-So, finally, settle it. It’s —
-Baby Yoda. -Oh, yeah,
Baby Yoda all the way. I love that. Now, there’s
rumored cameos in this. I’m so excited about this, ’cause J.J. Abrams —
he doesn’t mess around. When he does something,
he does it all the way. -Yeah.
-But there’s rumored cameos. I know a lot of people get — There were Stormtroopers
in the last one. -Yes. -And it was — A lot of them, you can’t say who was in them, but I know one confirmed
was Daniel Craig. -Oh, yeah, Daniel Craig was
in the first one. And he did
a proper scene with me, so it felt more than a cameo. And then he takes
the helmet off. I’m like,
“Oh, you’re James Bond. What are you doing there?”
-This is a big deal. This is almost the first time
that you used the force. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-That was a big deal. So he just is friends
with J.J. or — -I guess he was next door
and he just popped in. I don’t know how
it came about, yeah. I guess they’re friends.
-That’s wild. Then I heard, like, Prince Harry
and Prince William were — -Yeah, they were in it. And then they were cut out.
Yeah, yeah. -No.
-Yeah. Also Tom Hardy. And Tom Hardy was amazing
as a Stormtrooper. -Really?
-Yeah. But Prince William and Harry
were cut out with Tom Hardy, and I think Rian
had to tell them. -I was going to say,
who told Prince — -Yeah, yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. -Yeah. And then they were
at the premiere for “The Last Jedi.” I was like, “Oh,
this is so uncomfortable.” -Well, can’t they just say,
“That’s me”? Like, can’t I just say like,
“This was me”? -They’re quite tall,
so they looked sort of taller than
the average Stormtrooper. -Oh, ’cause who’s —
William or Harry? -William.
-Is taller than — -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-So he’s too tall. -I think he was too tall.
-Yeah, to be a Stormtrooper. -Yeah.
-Come on, try again, buddy. -Yeah. Yeah. -I was wondering if you could
break down a scene from this,
’cause the trailers came out, and everyone is freaking out
and it went viral. I mean, uber-viral. It was like the biggest thing
in the world when the trailer came out. I was one of the people
sending it around, as well. I loved it so much. I was just wondering if you
could just maybe give us a little scoop on what
is happening here. This is Dark Rey.
-That’s Dark Rey. -I mean, do you go over to
the Dark Side? What is happening? -I honestly felt like I now know
what a viral sensation is because I was one. -Yeah. -It was really exciting, because it dropped at
a convention, and then trailer didn’t come out
for three days. So my mom was texting me,
being like, “What is this
I’ve seen on Twitter? Do you go dark?” And I was like,
“We’ll have to wait and see.” -Oh, my God.
-Yeah. -Your mom knew
about it from Twitter? -Yeah, ’cause people were saying
this happened in the trailer. -That’s how
fast these things work. -So fast.
-You don’t mess around. -Yeah.
-Oh, my gosh. I’m so excited. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Daisy Ridley in “Star Wars:
The Rise of Skywalker.” Take a look. ♪♪ -We spotted the fugitives. -Oh, they fly now!
-They fly now?! -They fly now. -Daisy Ridley, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Star Wars’ Baby Yoda vs. Porg: Daisy Ridley Declares Which Is Cutest

  1. Because Mandalorian show is much better than all these latest Star War movies lol… they should learn from The Mandalorian and make decent movies. Stop this WOKE bull*hit.

  2. I love her and she would have been legendary as Luke Skywalker, she had so much potential. It's so sad the directors, writers and the top dogs at Lucas Film literally shit over the entire franchise. Her character became just mediocre instead of fantastic.

  3. It occurs to me that Ray could be the grand daughter of emperor palpatine, which explains the reason why she has such powerful force and link with Ren in such a way

  4. she can not act…….. i have very low expectations for the 4th death star(excluding rogue one) movie (sarcasm)………. 4 death star movies, and now we even get palpatine again! woah… much creativity guys….. Her acting is so bad that our main character has almost no screen time in 2 movies….

  5. With the exception of Jango and Boba, we haven't seen any other characters with jet packs, let alone Stormtroopers. First instance of flying Stormtroopers in Canon to the films.

  6. Crikey. So many geeks in the comments slating Daisy's looks. Guess they all must make Chris Hemsworth look like quasimodo as well as get to bang a different supermodel every month.

  7. Not even watching the video but baby Yoda is the cutest thing in the Star Wars universe. Porgs arent even cute at all

  8. The trainwreck is finally almost over! Game of Thrones show runners are probably so happy right now. They can finally pass on the title for most busted franchise finally in history.

  9. I couldnt give a flying fuck anymore about the feminism sequels… just hope with the mandalorian disney takes a different approach and starts making propper star wars !

  10. Daisy's pretty cute. Something about haven those European stars coming over and taking the rolls by storm I am in favor of. And as far the Price Harry, and William being cut out of the movie is fine by me. Let's put an end this star wars craze finally. I'm tired of seeing men in their late forties dressing up for Halloween

  11. Viral maybe but popular no Finn is way better of a character because he has a more story attaching character way better than Rey and Rey on the other hand doesn’t need training at all with anything to defeat a dark lord and use the force even the hardest one mind trick

  12. Honestly annoys me more n more when you pay these people to do cameo and you cut them out of the movie. Like Rian Johnson really fucked that movie, 6months to shoot it too. Like geez, we would have gotten such a great story if they kept to JJ

  13. I never thought I'd say this but I'm done with Star Wars….. A great idea executed very poorly. Space soap opera with plot hole after plot hole, Is all it's become. Boring to watch, over rated dribble. Let it die already.

  14. Wait, THAT’S the clip with the one-liner that received backlash from many Star Wars fans? Huh…that wasn’t so bad. Honestly, I was just as surprised as the characters were when they reacted to the Stormtroopers flying. So I don’t really see the problem with the “they fly now” line. Who wouldn’t react like that to seeing flying Stormtroopers for the first time?

  15. Notice that her body language is different (she’s not as carefree and bubbly as she was before) and she’s wearing all black. Is this a clue to who she’s gonna be in the movie?…

  16. “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now” “They fly now”- Arron Sorkin Dialogue

  17. The first three Star Wars unedited and untouched by CGI were the last and the best. The rest are just were made for the revenue they created by capitalizing on the brand. Lucas totally sold out, pun intended, to Disney and Disney in turn sold out to the PC and SJW crowd. They say art imitates life. That is until politics and money come into play.

  18. I like Ridley, like her a lot. It's not her fault these movies and writers have been total hack jobs. Not Boyegas fault either, both characters and Poe too, can only read what's written up. Such a shame.

  19. The mandalorian has a smaller budget and yet looks better than the trailer for the full out movie… What a time to be alive in.

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