Star Wars Black Series Target Elite Snowtrooper First Order Action Figure Unboxing Hasbro Review

Star Wars Black Series Target Elite Snowtrooper First Order Action Figure Unboxing Hasbro Review

it’s time to review the elite youtuber
let’s do this hey guys hey guys me go super don’t thank you very much cheerier
look what I got it’s the elite first order snow trooper now this is a little
bit different from the one we had last time this one comes with a fancy cloak
amongst other things this is an elite version of the trooper that we had in
the force awakens sets sadly I never got around to buying one of those bad boys
so I’m glad to have this one in my collection but guys Before we jump in
and take a look at the video let’s take a look at the packaging first of all all
right guys here it is the elite snotra but he’s looking a pretty snazzy in his
box there can’t wait to bust them out got a few broke ties and thing holding
him in the looks of it nice fancy cloak I think that’s cloth wow first order
leat snow trooper my house bro he’s got some eye signior there which is on the
chest as well which is pretty nice butts out on the side you can see isn’t
exclusive I’m not sure where is next clue c4 but it’s an exclusive they
shouldn’t even on the shelves yeah as far as I’m aware but I did pick this up
at Forbidden Planet ridden planet international lies and this is the
first-order elite snow trooper the latest generation of cold-weather
assault stormtroopers snowtroopers where advanced insulated armor and helmets
that reduce the glare of the icy terrain if we came isn’t the rise of Skywalker
can we presume there’s gonna be another icy planet for us to visit one can only
hope poor guys let’s get back to the main gum
and bring this guy out of the packaging can we also give these people a kick a
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comment all the time so thank you guys to be awesome subscribers if you want
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be featured in the next video so guys for $24.99 I didn’t think it was too bad
especially with me an exclusive we’re not sure where this is gonna be in the
line as he doesn’t have a number it is an exclusive as far as I’m aware but
like I said I’m not sure which store there’s an exclusive for but guys let’s
go ahead and bring him out of the packaging I’m so excited another
stormtrooper you guys know how much I love my troopers
I try and get a variant of every trooper some way I’m missing like I said I
didn’t get the original version of this and but in the current line there is the
elite stormtrooper as the colony I’ll delete the leader no the first order
trooper and that’s just a repack because I ain’t got the original one that came
with Poe Dameron and care was a two pack here in the UK there’s an exclusive I’m
thinking of the United States on a target that by exclusive yeah he came
with the the call that the riot troop about them but it looks like it’s the
exact same one that we’ve got now being re-released so I won’t be picking that
one up cuz I already have one and I’ll leave a link where you can check that
review our if you want right the back of the figure and the
back all the actual backpacking itself has got a cloth cover on this time as
well which is pretty nice as you can see now they put a cloth
covering around the backpack all right so how do we do this we stick my over
his head and then we put the backpack in the cloth it’s got a hole in the back
first the slide the other section in like so and that holds the cloak on the
body of the trooper there were two fastens here that look like though they
did go around the arms of the trooper I thought that was what was holding it
into the actual box so I went ahead and snip those but actually I think they
were meant to be left on to actually hold it around the arms of the trooper
but either way it won’t come off because he’s actually held on via the backpack
which is pretty helpful again the hood just nicely fits over the top of the
trooper getting two white cloaks he’s pretty cool so he could use that with
your Luke Skywalker as on them to create a sort of a newer version of it or
something oh you using anything it’s just a nice cloak yeah I like the fact
that comes with the backpack it’s nice touch mmm but let me go ahead and take
that off for a moment while we look at articulation guys let’s move these
packages to one side that piece is falling apart all right
guys so here he is that the head is on a ball-joint
sorry my mask is getting the weight that is on a bald raising make him look down
as well as up a little bit but these helmet piece is really stopping that
Nick may have a left and right yeah I’m pauldrons do lift up as far as
they will go they do slide under the Alma but do still make a little bit of
scuffing then lift up obviously and our a single hinge elbow here also rotates
there’s no rotation at the bicep because of this piece here but there is a
rotation the elbow the hands are on a ball joints
you can not really you can encourage in for a little bit and laws backwards with
a waist swivel there as well at the abdomen and legs don’t really live
without they do a little bit but not too crazy Li but there is a top fight Cup
then they come a forward as well as backwards double hinge knee there as
well like I said top fight got to Nobuko but there is the rocket and pivot for
the feet now he does also come with the standard blaster rifle that comes with
all the first order stormtroopers we’re just painted in the white and black
again so again that that’s just a repackage weapon I don’t think they’ve
changed the mold or anything on my it is just standard so if there the trooper
doesn’t look good even if you wanted to have him at the regular trooper yes got
few fancy armor pieces differences but you could take the cloth off of this and
just place that he’s back any bit of regular trooper as well I think but
either way it’s a very nice true but I like the insignia on the arms there and
as well as on the chest just creates a very own well-rounded figure but I’ll go
ahead and read put this guy back together with your cloak and stuff and
get him on the desk come for you where you guys can take it up close person
look at this trooper so guys as you can see he does look pretty awesome out of
the packaging again I think they’re sure sure definitely left those alone and to
keep it on him but I don’t know he’s working all right without that again you
can see better on here it’s held in here he’s never gonna come off and yeah the
fact this piece that there’s like Watto over this piece as well it’s very well
done the cloak is very very nice of their material as well it’s not cheap
cloth of cape that it’s quite well stitched and knitted together it’s very
good I’m loving the way this this trooper looks it pops in that why it
just looks really good I see what I mean by elite he doesn’t he doesn’t look very
elite it’s a very cool figure account weights gonna have them with you jet
trooper as well that’s gonna be a good figure I think Smith’s of great
exclusivity of that for the carbon version in the UK but I’m not seeing a
regular version of that yet either I’m definitely picking that up as soon
as I can find one so what do you guys think the elite snow trooper
again he’s not meant to be out yeah I’m not sure what the official street day is
for this figure we’re all I know is this men’s being waved to I will leave
either way glad I’ve got one cuz it is super cool
I likes it early if you haven’t checked them out please go back and check out my
purge stormtrooper review purge trooper he’s awesome – I’m as well I was a
carbonized second sister I was really bummed on force Friday when everything
went wrong but luckily things have started to arrive now as you can see
through the post I’ve got a lot more goodies to go
through so I’m gonna do a haul video for you to show you everything that has
arrived so far I was there won’t clear these figures that I’ve already reviewed
but we have still got a boatload of figures to go through and all the for
Friday products so stick around guys it’ll be fourth Wednesday in my house
well yeah at least I’ll go through everything with you and you can see
everything that I’ve got coming up on the channel so that’s coming tomorrow
guys but I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you very for watching let’s go
back the main come and finish off of this video and if you haven’t already
guys go back and check out my review of the second sister and also the purge
trooper there reviews our live on the channel right now I’ll leave links at
the end of these videos you can go check them out as well it’s well worth a watch
I’m a second sister by the way this is the the carbon one the the cow
carbonized version but she is badass and again this my boy shouldn’t be out
either but I managed to get one from in demand toys check out their reviews
though for full information on both those figures let’s get on with the snow
trooper so guys here is the elite trooper what are your thoughts on this
trooper is it one yo go pick it up to your collection let me know in the
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watching I hope you enjoyed this video got more Star Wars content coming up
real soon for you so as the say may the force be with you you

16 thoughts on “Star Wars Black Series Target Elite Snowtrooper First Order Action Figure Unboxing Hasbro Review

  1. Cool review dude 😀🤟 Im going hunting for some new black series at weekend 👍 if you get chance please checkout my room collection video on my channel let me no what you think .

  2. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;

    #stormtrooper #TripleForceFriday #TheRiseOfSkywalker #starwars #starwarstheriseofskywalker

  3. im supporting
    in the Fortnite shoppe! no regrets!
    i have only bought a single 500v-buck dance but i plan to purchase moaarrr😈😈😈

  4. Hopefully you have a needle and some white thread in the house… 😬😅
    Oh and I believe this one came out in a Black Series "mystery box" at Target… 🤔

  5. I think he’s a Target Exclusive. He’s in the black series mystery box that no one is buying. I don’t blame them though for $40

  6. Does that cloak that came with the free Snowtrooper.,fit on the new Rey? Might die it black and put it on Supreme Leader Ren (Hasbro should've done it.,instead of that hard plastic) That "Riot trooper" has updated elbows..not much else. Have to get.,We're completists

  7. the latest first order stormtrooper has the altered helmet design seen in the last jedi so it is different to the riot trooper with the poe dameron figure. the new one has been released before as an amazon exclusive with loads of accessories. but its a slightly different white

  8. Great review as always. First time noticing the Snowtroopers blaster rifle is a different version than the regular FO blaster.

  9. here in the usa,bro. that snowtrooper is packaged in a mystery box which is a target exclusive and it sells for $39.99

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