Strange Things About Steve Harvey’s Marriage

Strange Things About Steve Harvey’s Marriage

Steve Harvey’s marriage is so sweet that it
makes even the most sugary romcom taste bitter. Apparently, that’s what happens when you finally
land the one that got away, but that doesn’t mean that he and his wife Marjorie haven’t
also endured a whole lot of drama. Here are some strange things about this fascinating
power couple. Steve and Marjorie’s love story is what fairy
tales are made of. They’re proof that love at first sight can
exist, even if it takes years to find your way together. The pair originally met in 1987 at a comedy
club in Memphis where Steve was performing. Marjorie entered the club late and crawled
into the front row during the middle of his set. He gave her one look, stopped the show, and
announced from the stage, Marjorie wasn’t immediately taken, but she
said she did realize he was the one a few weeks after dating. But then he disappeared. “But I was becoming homeless, and so we only
dated for a year, and I didn’t have the money, so I never drove back to see her. I got the show on the Apollo in ’91. I made some money, it was too late. She had got married. And I got married.” The pair reportedly reconnected after Harvey’s
2005 divorce. When he found out that Marjorie was also divorced,
he took a private plane to Memphis the very next day, and they’ve been together ever since. Steve and Marjorie are somehow always, yet
never, on the brink of divorce. The tabloids absolutely adore hurling splitsville
rumors at the longtime couple. In 2018, Radar claimed that their pal Kris
Jenner was in the middle of their $400 million divorce drama. It should be noted, though, that Steve only
has an estimated $160 million net worth. Apparently, Marjorie walked out because Steve
was keeping up with the Kardashian momager a little too well. But Marjorie and Jenner were seen smiling
together on a boat in Italy that same year, thus putting the kibosh on that rumor. Radar was back on the rumor mill in 2019 when
it claimed that Steve was on a secret mission to liquidate his assets before splitting from
his wife. He allegedly put four of his Texas homes on
the market, two of which sold for around $2 million. He reportedly transferred ownership of another
property in Texas to be solely in his own name, thus leaving Marjorie in the dust. But all this conjecture hasn’t led to any
actual separation. With all the divorce rumors raining on the
Harveys’ parade, you’d think they’d be a little bit sour, but Steve and Marjorie seem rock
solid. The pair has even maintained a pretty good
sense of humor about all the dirt surrounding them. In a May 2019 Instagram video, they dispelled
divorce rumors by joking about the tabloids with Steve’s son Broderick, who tells his
parents he heard online that they were getting a divorce. “So…” “But if you leaving, when was you going to
tell me?” “I didn’t know I was leaving. I just found out I was leaving.” “I just read it online.” “I read it, too.” Though the Harveys have managed to shake a
laugh out of all those divorce rumors, they can’t help but feel a little annoyed about
serving as constant tabloid fodder. As Steve told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Steve and Marjorie are proud grandparents
to five grandchildren, and they certainly spoil their brood. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve
admitted that Marjorie is “all in” with being called “Nana,” but he’d prefer if his offspring’s
offspring called him “Big Pimpin,'” although Marjorie won’t allow it. Either way, Big Pimpin’ would do anything
for his crew, even if that means somehow being convinced to buy his grandkids an $8,500 teepee. Though Steve might enjoy spoiling his grandchildren
with expensive gifts, he admitted in another interview with Ellen that he wasn’t as happy
as other grandparents are. As he put it, He was kind of looking forward to having an
empty house, especially after raising seven children, but the grandkids were almost always
around, and Marjorie was the one encouraging the sleepovers. “Say it. That’s almost it. Say ‘Big Pimpin’. There you go! Big Pimpin’! Don’t let them stop you.” There is no love story without some conflict,
and the Harveys have plenty of it. The pair has navigated a few public scandals
that involve Steve’s ex-wife, Mary L. Vaughn, whom he was married to for nine years before
their 2005 divorce. In 2017, she filed a $60 million lawsuit aimed
at her famous ex. According to Us Weekly, Vaughn sued Steve
for literally murdering her soul. According to her allegations in the legal
documents, Vaughn accused the talk show host of threatening
her, manipulating her, causing “emotional distress” and severe mental suffering. She also accused Steve of kidnapping their
son when he was 8 years old. Ultimately, the lawsuit was dismissed. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  2. Real world people go through problems. The Harvey's are normal people plus I actually like steve that man is self made and has been through so much. People just love to hate on them!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Strangest thing is she was dating two first cousins who are drug dealers!!! I’m pretty sure Marjorie is praying they don’t write a book. Some possible titles!!! Think like a drug dealer Or Think like a Thot or Think like a witness for the prosecution or Think like a Gold Digger. There are so many possibilities

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