Student MOCKS Principal in song

Student MOCKS Principal in song

So before you watch the video, you will need a bit of background information. This is my old High School Principal, Mr Wells. Now after I graduated, he didn’t really see a point in being the Principal anymore, so he retired this year. Last year I wrote him a birthday song, to make sure he understood how old he was. It was kind of awesome. So I wrote him a new song for his retirement celebration. So this song is mostly comprised of inside jokes about Mr Wells, so let me fill you in. Mr Wells was a basketball coach before he became a Principal He’s been the dictator for the Cy Creek Cougars for 19 years. To motivate students he would do weird stuff like: Kissing a pig or dressing up like Mozart. and he has a singing toy James Brown, that he brings around everywhere. Basically, he’s clinically insane. And that’s what you missed on: PAINT [Laughter] P-A-I-N-T SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Youtube 2012: no not ready
    Youtube 2013: she is only in third grade
    Youtube 2014: not yet
    Youtube 2015: she wouldn’t understand
    Youtube 2016: we shall wait a few more years
    Youtube 2017: nooooooooot yet
    Youtube 2018: maybe next year
    Youtube 2019: yeah let’s put this in her recomendations

  2. If someone said out with a bang and shot a finger gun they would be in court for a school shooting threat America sucks now

  3. So let's end this with a bang!
    bang! I'm just kidding
    Joker:You got my Hope's up for nothing..

  4. Thought this would be posted by a channel with a few hundred subs like all trending vids and lo and behold: 4.6 million

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