Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

Students Learn A Powerful Lesson About Privilege

– [Voiceover] I once saw
a high school teacher lead a simple, powerful
exercise to teach his class about privilege and social mobility. He started by giving each
student a scrap piece of paper and asked them to crumple it up. Then he moved the recycling
bin to the front of the room. He said, “The game is simple. “You all represent the
country’s population, “and everyone in the country
has a chance to become “wealthy and move into the upper class. “To move into the upper
class, all you must do “is throw your wadded-up
paper into the bin “while sitting in your seat.” The students in the back
of the room immediately piped up, saying, “This is unfair.” They could see the rows of
students in front of them had a much better chance. Everyone took their
shots and, as expected, most of the students in the
front made it, but not all, and only a few students in
the back of the room made it. He concluded by saying,
“The closer you were “to the recycling bin,
the better your odds. “This is what privilege looks like. “Did you notice how the
only ones who complained “about fairness were in
the back of the room? “By contrast, people in front
of the room were less likely “to be aware of the privilege
they were born into. “All they can see is 10 feet
between them and their goal. “Your job as students who
are receiving an education “is to be aware of your privilege, “and use this particular
privilege called education “to do your best to achieve
great things, all the while “advocating for those
in the rows behind you.”

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  1. какие же все таки западные страны повернуты на привилегиях. Вас вообще не заботит, что в век информационных технологий, в век, когда можно быть анонимом, можно просто сперва под маской показать, какими навыками обладаешь, затем просто снимаешь эту маску и всем уже пох, какой там у тебя цвет кожи, гендер, ориентация, все уже увидели твой уровень профессионализма. Меньшинствам лишь бы ныть, мол их притесняют. уже квоты есть, КВОТЫ, КАРЛ, на найм темнокожих, женщин и т.п. и компании страдают, потому что ну вот нужно 30 сотрудников, они нашли 25 отличных белых мужчин, которые кипят страстью к этой сфере, но им не дадут работать, дадут работать тем, кто ноет об ущемлении прав. Если мексиканца не наймут, даже если он не знает основ из этой сферы, то компанию обвинят в расизме.

  2. у меня жопа горит с этих квот по найму. Это не решит проблему расизма, сексизма и тому подобного, это лишь создаст другую группу людей, которые будут помыкать первыми, только если раньше это было от невежества и знания банальной биологии, то в будущем это будет намеренное травление других людей, просто так, ведь чем больше затравишь других, тем больше ресурсов останется тебе. Неужели квоты – единственное до чего додумались ваши мозги? Как на счет анонимных собеседований? не указывать в резюме ни пол, ни возраст, только твой стаж, достижения, знания, разве так не проще? Для нормальных людей – проще. Но не для тех, кому с рождения вдалбливали в мозг, что их угнетают, естественно, если ребенку говорить, что все его беды от того, что он хоть чем то отличается, то он и вырастет тем, кто будет постоянно требовать льгот, а не стараться углубиться в интересующую его область наук, ведь мама же говорила, что мне будут мешать, из-за того, что я не белый цис мужчина, так зачем бороться, если можно ныть и требовать понизить планку для таких как я?

  3. Funny how the privilege in the video was the students proximity to the bin, not their race or identity but most of the comments focused on race. Privilege can be applied to many different examples.

  4. Just wanted to REiterate what was pointed out about privilege with regards to the student exercise. The point was NOT about how good your aim was, because MAJORITY of the people usually don't have the "talent of good aim". THIS is the POINT of the exercise. "He concluded by saying 'The closer you were to the recycling bin the better your odds'". It's NOT about aim, but about opportunity. Those closest to the basket were in a better position to make the paper in whether they had good aim or not, while the people in the back could ONLY rely on having the "luck of great aim" which we all know most would not have.

  5. I guess buzz feed enjoys ignoring equality of opportunity. All tools for success are presented to everyone. It is up to the individual to decide if he or she wants to work, study, and succeed. But the satisfaction of workless sustenance or victimhood ideology provides an easy alternative for mediocrity. Hopefully with buzz feed logic I can just have my rich, strait, white male privilege take tests, quizzes, work, and study for me.
    I’ll pass on some more knowledge bestowed unto me by a coach. Success is spelt W-O-R-K

  6. If black people were in the back of the room in sure they made it because they are typically at an advantage when it comes to sports like basketball.

  7. Maybe we should give white males undeserved basketball scholarships to make up for the injustice when it comes to sports

  8. More racial division propaganda this is an old video. So I'm supposed to feel guilty bout being white lol I don't think so! Am I proud to be white not really for the simple fact I don't categorize myself. This whole racist skin pigment division that's being shoved down our throats is being used to divide and conquer the people of this nation nothing more!

  9. I call shenanigans on this…. while true that the population at the back of the room didnt make it into the "upper class" they still increased their standing (i.e., were able to propel their paper ball closer to the front of the room than before throwing it).

  10. White privilege does exist. Look at Asian girls, the good looking ones only date their kind or white people. Wanna know why you rarely see them with a brown guy or black guy? Because skin colour. Simple as that and that's the truth.

  11. Still though, your shooting to be in a heap of garbage. Maybe teach kids the principle of liberty rather than a "class-based" society. But nevermind. Liberty involves responsibility… we don't want to reveal that hard truth to kids. They might find their freedom in such things…

  12. How many brown people like me actually made the shot from the back and then got your outcome nullified bc you're "lucky"?

  13. It is my belief that there is no such thing as white privilege, at least to the extent that any culture extends special privilege to its members. But, I do believe that there is such a thing as generational privilege that has nothing to do with race (or is available to any race). I refer to the core values that are passed by parents to their children. I had parents that cared about their children, worked hard to raise them to have a better life then they did, my father constantly worked many double shifts and weekends to be able to afford sending his children to the best schools possible, they instilled in me a school work ethic and made sure I understood in no uncertain terms their expectations of me in school, my father, by example, instilled in me a work ethic that made me successful in my adult life, in essence, gave their children the morals and values to succeed in our adult lives. I was taught privilege by my parents. Never ever feel ashamed or guilty for getting privilege from your parents or for passing it to your children or for having the ultimate privilege of having parents who cared for you

  14. Robert Awuah name ONE, I repeat ONE factual example of how minorities have to work harder to get into COLLEGE when statistically (which means FACT) minorities are increasingly accepted into Universities at a HIGHER RATE THAN WHITE MALES across The United States. Guess what college leads you to if you put in the work? A WELL PAYING JOB! And you can’t argue that minorities are being accepted into jobs at a lower rate (and this is taken proportionately in terms of population of each race) because minorities ARE STATISTICALLY BEING ACCEPTED INTO WELL PAYING JOBS AND SOMETIMES EVEN BEING PREFERRED OVER WHITE MALES DUE TO WANTING DIVERSITY IN THE COMPANY!! That goes right along with how colleges handle the situation of minorities vs white people in terms of acceptance at these colleges… colleges have minority scholarships only applying to you if you are NOT WHITE. That is the definition of a privilege given to minorities that white peoples don’t receive. That is undeniable… college is a large gateway to success in America and minorities are more than welcomed to this gateway. So how, again, do minorities have to work SO much harder to be successful?

  15. I think Asians don't help support this narrative, at least with regard to success in education. Regardless, to be totally fair, we should just do what the Spartans did. Make everyone do a trial where they have to survive in the wilderness for a month by themselves with nothing but a spear. If they survive, they pass and are accepted as a full fledged member of society. And to develop hard knowledge: teach everyone how to read and do basic math, then just put a stack of books in front of them to study their damn selves, give them a test on the material and those that had the initiative to study and understand the material should be able to pass. Those that pass get to move out of their parents house. Or something like that.

  16. If you fail it’s your life. You can do whatever you want. Race or gender or anything does hold you back. America is the land of equal opportunity it is what you make it.

  17. Is anyone going to talk about minority privelage? You get to play the victim card and get lowered standards for everything, where as white people are too “provelaged for that” how about you minority’s check your “privelage”

  18. Just because someone may not have as much privilege as someone else doesn't mean they won't become successful. They may have to work harder, but that just means the reward will be greater for them, which in itself is a privilege. They get to have the growing pains in life as supposed to someone who had their life handed to them. Is it fair? No, but neither is forcing someone to come down to a lower level out of spite, and jealousy. Taking away someones privilege is not only a tyrannical mindset, but it's also a privilege that is afforded to the people in the back row. If everyone in the front gets moved to the back, the people in the back are now on equal ground, so they also become privileged, but what if there is a row behind that row? What if there are 40 more rows behind that row? The point is that everyone comes into this world at different levels of privilege, and it can't be fixed or altered just to appease one group. We would have to place the entire planet on the same level of privilege, and that simply is not possible to do. 7 billion+ people can't all have yachts, and a mansion, nor can we all live in shacks, and sleep in the mud.

  19. Capitalism is the only system that gives everyone an equal chance of success regardless of inherited social class

  20. So life is like throwing paper into a trash can. Actually you can move into the upper class with hard word and drive. Who wants to be a victim today just miss the trash can with your waded up piece of paper. No logic in this at all.

  21. Idiots in the back didn't have the motivation to walk to the trash can. They should of called this the homeless test.

  22. Privilege is a real thing … Just not the way we picture it … It's the advantages in life that were given to us. Everyone has something good in life that can be called privilege; for example, to be born in a rich country is a privilege in itself, in comparison to a poor one … It's not about identity politics as some people make it out to be … It's about making the best use of what you have in life for yourself and others …

  23. The whinging and moaning of society's losers and the chaff of the human genepool about how the world isn't a fair place. Life isn't fair, but a strong and resilient man isn't detered. And a smart man tries to better his odds. Only losers or spoiled punks don't even bother trying.

  24. Yall just sit here and mope get up and find a job you love go finish highschool or collage i know not all thoses things are easy but if you spend your life mopeing about how unfair it is you will never make it out of the back and make it to the front

  25. When I was a student, I always attempted to sit in the front, center seat to eliminate distraction and give myself the best view of the lecture. Just sayin…

  26. They should run this test in school every hour… every day… for 1 month…… then the point will be a bit clearer for the idiots…. put the results on the board for the idoits to see everyday

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