Studio in a Backpack

Studio in a Backpack

– Hey, what’s good, guys? Keaton, here. So
I’m at CES, I’m super excited. This is the first time not staying in a hotel. What’s
up with the bird over there? So I’m going to be showing you guys what I brought to CES
and we’re currently filming on the back porch. It’s not just a porch. It could literally
be a house. There’s enough pool here to have a Spring Break party, so you’ve got multiple
pools, they definitely shoot some movies here if you catch my drift. I’m going to be showing
you guys what I brought to CES because I’m going to be shooting a lot of video here.
If you guys want to check out any of these things, links are in the description below,
but the backpack that I’m using, and this is the backpack I’ve been using forever, it’s
the SOOT’s Electropack. I love this thing and blue and yellow are my favorite colors
so it naturally works. The camera you’re seeing this shot on is the Canon 5D Mark III, it’s
like the newest thing in the collection. Matt really likes it, he’s the one who wanted it,
so hopefully it looks good. Now, my personal camera is the Canon 70D with an L lens on
here. The Road Video Mic Pro, and then you have a JOBY pod and a battery grip. This is
really good because you’re going to get nice, good-looking video, especially when we’re
doing behind the scenes stuff, which is kind of what we’re going to doing here at CES.
All right, so actually getting into the backpack, we’re going to unzipper here. We just have
a basic battery pack, so this is 20,000 milliamps. You’re going to definitely need this if you
go to any show, because you can’t really get a signal and it is constantly using battery,
so this is a must. Then we got our trusty Logitech MX Performance Mouse. I mean, I’ve
had this thing for like five years. It’s practically a brother at this point. All right, what else
we got? Got our iPhone dock. I’m not a big fan of just the standard lightning cord. I
like to be able to dock my phone, and this is really versatile in case I travel. Just
kind of perfect because I can just prop it up and it’s not really a big deal. Next I
got the Kingston SD card reader, so this is really important now that we are shooting
with the Canon 5D Mark III. It takes compact flash. Who knew compact flashes still existed?
This can read that and it can read normal SD cards and even micro SD, so definitely
a must for this show in particular. All right, here’s where it really gets interesting. In
here I bought a bunch of batteries for both the Canon 5D Mark III and then my 70D because
they all take the same, I think it’s like LPL8 battery. Correct me if I’m wrong. It
could be LPE8, but I’m not going to show you all of them, but let’s just say I bought 18
of these batteries just because I don’t wake up for when the camera dies. If the camera
is dying I’m probably not going to be there. Probably one of my favorite things in this
bag is the multi-purpose charger, that’s literally what it is. This is essential for traveling
and kind of just makes it good at CES because there’s not outlets everywhere, so you just
plug this in. It’s a super long cable. You have four USB ports and you have one wall
socket. Rounding us out as that almost fell in the pool, ruh-roh, that could have been
bad news there, and for kind of what makes all this tick besides having a camera, it
is my 2013 Retina Mac-book Pro. Honestly I could have just dropped it in the pool there,
like that would have been real bad news. I’d have jumped in, gotten wet, and it’s kind
of cold out. This is maxed out with specs, this is perfect video editing. I’ve had this
for quite a bit and that’s how you’re going to see any video from this show so that and
then I have something that I’m really starting to get into, it is the Baron Fig Notebook.
So I’m starting to write every single video down, just because it helps me memorize better,
just what I want to say and just kind of points and stuff like that, and really the last thing
in the bag here is a wall charger. In past years I had these really complex gear videos,
but I just kind of wanted to keep it simple, because CES is huge, you know I’m getting
real old, I’m 18, I’m on my way out, and I just kind of want to keep it light and not
have to go to a therapist for my back. The last thing that is essential for this show,
and one of the newest editions of my collection is … Thank you, noble steed, housemaid,
I’m just kidding I love you. He’s one of my friends. He’s our friend. Is a boosted board.
This is a dual motor 1500 watt, the creme de la creme, like if you’re not getting this
line, why even waste your money? This goes 23 miles an hour. It is essential. Everyone
here really loves it. That’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys enjoyed it, drop
a like on it, and go and subscribe if you haven’t already. This CES is definitely going
to be one we won’t forget with this porn house set we are literally staying in. Go ahead
and follow me on Snapchat and Twitter as I’m going to be posting what they brought to CES,
Matt and Will and Skunk, who literally lives out of a backpack, Thanks again for watching
and I’ll see you guys next time. Peace. All right, good shoot everyone.

100 thoughts on “Studio in a Backpack

  1. I like how he's just pulling out thousands of dollars worth of tech on a tiny little island in the middle of a pool

  2. Excuse me but this is unrelated my sister and I were on her MacBook Pro and randomly a black line curved in the top left corner screen appeared it was fine and nothing happened to the MacBook so do you know how to fix it
    It can't be heat related cos it's like 10 degrees Celsius

  3. this dude loves to copy people… the vloging camera setup & boosted board : Casey Neistat… the video about his battery on his phone: UnboxTherapy… the $37 tablet: UnboxTherapy (again) and im sure there are many more

  4. from a skater perspectiv…why don´t you buy a normal longboard for less than 1/4 off the price and push by yourself?

  5. I have this 6 port USB charge, it freakin rocks, so nice to have plenty of ports!

  6. you dont deserve to go to ces because you dont even know what a quad cor processor is and you call your self tech smart

  7. Man, everyone is harping on you. Casey's a great filmmaker but he didn't invent the use of a DSLR or skateboard. Boosted boards are popping up a lot of places now and the Canon 70D and rode mic is just a good combo. So Let's take it easy on Keaton and just enjoy the content he makes.

    Speaking of Keaton, is there a link to your backpack anywhere? Love the colours!

  8. NO!!! Owls are like thee ONLY birds I actually like! Not nice to kick that in the pool like that. LOL!!! Love the backpack, btw…

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