Survival Gear From 907 Surplus Store Anchorage Alaska- New Choices Prepping Gear

SURVIVAL GEAR from 907 surplus store anchorage alaska JBER military surplus store shop with me surplus store survival gear alaska where to buy surplus military survival prepper gear alaska hI i’ts AlaskaGranny I recently went to the 907 survival store in
Anchorage and Jeremy help me pick out some new prepping survival
gear I was very excited to find this Condor Colossus duffel bag is
called the Colossus and it holds all kinds of prepping survival gear things and I’m
going to show that to you in another video and all the features on
that fabulous bag then I bought a Meta 50 swiss army cook set for emergency cooking outdoor cooking cooking in power outage camping Jeremy was showing me how it works and I’m excited to show you that in another
video I has all kinds of part and it’s going to be fun to cook with then I got some micro cord it’s like
para cord that is the size of string and is very handy you can see I unwound it already because I’ve used it for some different things paracord microcord is strong sturdy and very handy soI am very glad that I found
that I found some P38 can openers I didn’t have any in my bug out bunker and I didn’t
have any extras around the house so I was happy to find the P38 can openers and bring them
out here mountain house wraps chicken
fajita filling it a flavor I had never seen before so we
decided to get one and try it these are always good to have on hand
I’ve got lots and lots of the Mountain House food in my stockpile and Bug Out Bunker but remember don’t just buy it and stick
them away even if it lasts for 10 years you need to try them figure out how to use them and if you
like them find the flavors you like and stock up on those always be rotating your stored food and
emergency food you’re going camping hiking hunting take some Mountain House Foods use them they are
very simple to use and usually they’re delicious so these
are my latest treasures that I got at the 907
Surplus Store in Anchorage Alaska when you see a surplus store go and
check it out see what kind of treasures they have and if
you’re interested in any of these and they don’t have where you live you can
go look this story up online or you can email
them at [email protected] and they have a website
they’re very handy helpful guys learn more at and please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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