Survival Gear Tips: How To Tie A Sleeping Bag To An ALICE Pack

Survival Gear Tips: How To Tie A Sleeping Bag To An ALICE Pack

(Intro Music) Ok as you guys can see I have got my ALICE
pack right here, I have it laying with the shoulder straps down. This is the bottom of
the frame and the bottom of the pack. Now what I am going to do is I am going to layout
two pieces of about 4ft long line. Depending on the size of your sleeping bag, but 4ft
should work for an average size bag like I have here. I am going to set up my Canadian
Jam on the bottom ends of the line. If you guys remember the video I just did on that,
you can check that out. I will stick the link in the description below or I will annotate
it. And then the top part of the line will be the part that feeds through the lops on
the Canadian jam. I have done the same thing on the other side and I have run it through
these loops right here and through the frame, that way I have got two attachment points
and it kind of pulls it up in the corner there. Then I have got six foot of line over here
that I will use to go over the long way and I will show you that here in just a minute.
OK so now I am going to go ahead and take the pack or the bag and I am going to stick
it up on the pack and wedge it between the frame and the bottom of the backpack. Then
we will go ahead and pull our line through and tighten up the jam. Get that nice and
tight. Pull it all of the way down to the bottom and then I can start cranking it up
that way. Alright, so that has got that good enough to hold it in place, now I will go
ahead and do this one as well. Feed this line through and tighten that jam up, pull it to
the bottom. Now when I get those down there in place I want to grab that and take my weight
and kind of roll the bag into the bottom of the backpack. At the same time I am going
to be pulling up on those Canadian jams and really really synching those things up nice
and tight. Ok, so those are pretty good. Remember the cool part about the Canadian jam is, now
all we have to do is, we can pull the opposite way and it will loosen right up. So that is
pretty awesome. so we get those tightened up. Now what I am going to do is I am going
to take the longer six foot piece and I am going to come across this way. And what I
want to do is going to be to do a postal hitch here and another postal hitch here and then
attach it down there. And the reason you want to do a postal hitch; it is a really easy
knot, basically all you do is stick a loop, take a byte in the paracord like this and
then slide that underneath the Canadian jam line that we just did. It should be good and
tight for you. As a matter of fact you may need to loosen it just a touch. You can always
retighten it. There we go. So if you can see that I put that loop out there. Now what I
am going to do is take the long end of the line that is still laying out there and I
am going to run it through that loop. And then tighten is up. Pull it back this way
and tighten it up again. Now what that does is that attaches this long line to the short
Canadian jam lines so that your bag doesn’t shift and that kind of thing as you are walking.
Now the reason I am doing this video for you guys is because when I have ben out hiking
on trails and stuff and even as an instructor at the survival school , you know I see a
lot of people have a hard time with attaching gear to their backpack. Especially external
frame packs like this ALICE pack. Do another postal hitch here. And there is really no
reason for it, you just have to know how to do it. You just have to have this stuff on
there nice and snug, where it doesn’t really go anywhere and where it doesn’t shift or
move on you. So that is kind of the purpose for why I am doing this. Alright so now we
have got this down here and what we are going to do is just kind of run through the frame
there and you can pick your spot it doesn’t really make any difference where. Then I am
going to do a reverse slip knot, makes a nice little loop in the line right there. Ok. And
then I am going to do a truckers hitch. So that will allow me to basically put all of
my weight down on that and really tighten that up good. Actually why don’t we do a i
don’t know what they call it, a Locking truckers hitch. Just run that through the loop twice
and that should hold it a little bit better for us. There we go. So now we have got that
down nice and tight and we can run that down through the frame and then back up here where
you can get to it so that you can untie it a little bit easier. Tying it down in here
might be a little bit more difficult. You can do it if it will work for you. But there
is no reason that you can do it down here either. Just going to tuck this line up underneath
this and then come back and pull a byte through and then secure it again and pull it good
and tight. Ok. So now I will make sure my Canadian jams are synched and there we go.
The sleeping bag is on there it is not going to come off, it is sucked in tight to the
frame, it is n[t going to shift when you are moving or anything like that and it is just
going to work out really well for you. So that is how to attach a sleeping bag to an
external frame pack. Like I said this is an ALICE pack, I think these are a great bug
out bag pack you can get them for under fifty bucks and they are very strong and very durable
and they will work. There is a lot of things you can do to them to upgrade them as far
as comfort and all of that kind of stuff too. So anyway guys I just wanted to show you guys
that real quick trick on how to attach a sleeping bag to an ALICE pack or an external frame
backpack or bug out bag or whatever you want to call it. Anyway guys as always I definitely
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23 thoughts on “Survival Gear Tips: How To Tie A Sleeping Bag To An ALICE Pack

  1. What about if you have a very large and hard to roll sleeping bag like the one I have which is a military mummy bag?

  2. +AJ Calacci Yep this will work fine with the bigger green GI issue sleeping bags, that is what all of the students in the USAF survival school carried and this worked great for it.  

  3. I would recommend The Ashley Book of Knots to everyone! People now days just don't know enough about knot tying

  4. I just did something like this to my MSS on my Large Alice on the frame. It looks and balances out the pack a hell of a lot more than what it did. Thanks!!

    Now all I need to do is brush up on my knots. haha

  5. Cheers for the video,

    i've got a large Alice, … i replaced the shoulder straps recently, was thinking of changing the buckles on the (lid) straps for fastex quick release type, i've seen them on ebay, just not sure how robust they are.

  6. Just found the Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather 0-20 Degree Sleeping Bag for $39.97 on amazon

  7. Excellent channel. Good, solid, well thought out material. Discovered you by chance, but subd immediately. 👍

  8. Thanks for this video. Now answer me this or do another video showing how to secure the same sleeping bag on the top of a medium ALICE pack using GI issued Spaghetti Straps, so that it does not flop around! I will be waiting for that video!

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