100 thoughts on “Suspected YouTube HQ shooter dead

  1. CNN(communist news network)You will be dropping this story like a bag of week old dog shit because it wasn’t a white male with an AR15.It doesn’t fit the democRATs agenda or narrative.She was a member of PETA so why isn’t some little,smart mouthed,spoiled,brat yelling that PETA is a terrorist organization and child killers with blood splattered all over their faces.🤬🖕🤬🖕🤬🖕🤬🖕🤬🖕TO CNN and all the LIBTARD DEMOCRATS!!!

  2. Toxic femininity
    Toxic veganism
    why the media is not talking about the gun she used?

    CNN: too bad it was not a man!!

  3. I just love how cnn never decribes white male shooters as terrorists when they mow dow children, only when its an Iranian woman. Interesting.

  4. The shooter was a female shooter and a member of PETA and a vegan. Obviously, all members of PETA should be registered with the government and all vegans should be monitored. Also, she used a 9 mm pistol, so all 9 mm pistols should be banned. Why is CNN not demanding this as it does in every other shooting? BECAUSE IT DOES NOT FIT THE LEFT WING AGENDA. Deal with it.

  5. I want to know more about this because there's so much shooting going on and it needs to stop it's mostly in concerts and schools which is terrible and then YouTube HQ we shouldn't ban guns but people should stop being assholes and stop shooting people that are innocent.

  6. youtube given a fake sttrick on shooter's channel thats why she took revenge….. Youtube plz upgrade yourself

  7. YouTube fault censoring people for shitty reason, fucking SJW. they censoring her animal rights video and YouTube don't like it . So they censor it then the girl want her revenge if bullet can't, maybe her spirit will haunt YouTube HQ.

  8. They’re lucky Pewds isn’t a nut job otherwise could you imagine his rage with the revenue they keep taking off of him? He’d have to drop a nuke 😂 well he’d rush it with big sword and a big beard like the Swedish warrior he is!

  9. I know you were all shot at, scared to life, and probably saw some guts… now place your hands over head and be escorted out of building by this man with a long barrel rifle pointed at you……….. muahahahahahahahahahahahah banana fucking republic lol.

  10. Guns have to stop being so "an everyday part of life" in the states. As someone whos not american i see a lot of conversation on different shows and stuff about guns, like as if its a wallet or booster cables you keep in your car for safety, or a safety kit! That is a big problem! And this isnt going to stop until THAT changes.

  11. So CNN, You Must Be Very Disappointed That This Crazy Bitch Was An IRANIAN MUSLIM And Not A WHITE Person. That Being Said, We Don't Expect You LEFTIST- LIBERAL DEMOCRATS To Dwell On This For Very Long. So Move Along Now Folks, Move Along !

  12. What a pity for you left wingers at CNN…the shooter wasn't a white racist male member of the NRA. Did your ratings drop while viewers turned to other impartial news channels to find the truth instead of listening to your endless liberal diatribe?

  13. So thousand of protest Trump for having bad hair, but no one protests YouTube for ruining peoples jobs.

  14. I was watching Kreekcraft’s roblox video on this roblox event, and he found this on Twitter, he was also living close to the YouTube hq…

  15. I hate to be a dick, but they obviously didn't learn anything since they still demonitize and shadow ban so much

  16. She was a crazy psycho coward idiot who tried to kill good hard-working American people. All her videos of the worst videos ever made on planet Earth she should have got minus -$1 for every video she, she should have paid YouTube but her horrible dumb idiotic videos on YouTube instead she complained she was only getting$0.10 per video. would she try to get a pilot's license the day after 9/11 that should have been their first clue that she is up to no good and crazy. I can bet all the money in the world that no one on planet Earth try to get a pilot's license the day after 9/11 happened except for her.

  17. she tried to get a pilot's license the day after 9/11!!! and I bet no one else on this planet Earth try to get a pilot's license the day after 9/11 they probably waited 3 months because they're not psychos like this lady.

  18. This was caused by capitalism the wage slave system, because if every person had a Guaranteed Residual Income she'd have no complaint about losing money!

  19. The shooter got a copyright strike. Brings out gun and go to headquarter. Moments later, BANG BANG

  20. This lady is a hero, if anyone wants to do that, use a sniper rifle, shoot the main culprit and run.

    Bullets are cure for greed.

  21. people are tired of youtubes shit. You can only poke a bear so many times before it mauls your ass. They brought it on themselves.

  22. Maybe she was like if I’m not happy nobody can be happy so afterword she killed herself and shot YouTube HQ so nobody could be happy because Youtube is the most popular websites in the world

  23. YouTube is dangerous and bad as the government. Illegal internet experiments. Facebook and Twitter is also corrupted. Never buy a new smartphone but cheap one. Never buy a hearing aids. Too much bullshit and drama.

  24. They censor free speech; violating our first amendment rights; manipulate social media; block comments even when it's not profane and then act stupid like they don't know why they're getting shot at.

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