Sync Gear AIRDRY BAG – ’18 Tribal luggage | EUROPE

Sync Gear AIRDRY BAG  – ’18 Tribal luggage | EUROPE

Sync Gear Airdry Bags. This product was really popular for us
in the previous range. And on this new version
we have now incorporated hooks on the back of the bags. So that you can connect this
to the 2 wheel Trench barrow, or even the rucksacks as well,
they incorporate D rings on the front. You know that these hold
a lot of weight in bait, so we have incorporated Power Stitch into the straps
so they are nice and strong. They feature HD Zippers so these zips work perfectly,
even straight out of the freezer. We have upgraded the thermal lining inside
so it’s a lot more freezer friendly and wont crack. But the beauty about this bag is,
you keep it stored in the freezer, you go fishing, drop the air mesh out of the bottom, and you have a zip on the side
so that you can access the bait easily, and don’t need to put your hand
into the top of the bag whilst fishing. And then when you have finished the session, drop it back into the bag, and store it back in the freezer. Really quirky product, really handy for keeping your freezer bait fresh. So that’s the 5 kilo and 10 kilo Airdry bags

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