Taking Down Christmas Decor || How I take down Christmas

Taking Down Christmas Decor || How I take down Christmas

Come on in.
Welcome to my home. I know it’s sad to see it come down but it’s finally time to take down our Christmas
decorations and I am NOT going to lie to you this
took place over several days. So if you don’t get your Christmas decorations
down all in one day It’s okay. it’s absolutely okay. I’m gonna walk you through my steps you will at the end of the week get to see just a speed version of this But this is where me to tell you what’s going on because Some of it might not make sense and it might look like I’m throwing things away that I’m not trust me I’m not If this is your first time here remember to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell for notifications I love putting out these videos for you, and the interesting part about this is I’m going from Christmas into winter. and I mean around here where I am it’s it’s dark It gets dark at like 5:00 it stays dark so I did leave up some of the things so that I can
actually have some light but you will see that later on, but let’s get started . okay so the first thing to do is to get down the snow and all of the decorations which are in the office and the snow in the garland and all those things it was
really pretty and everything but it’s got to come down simply because well I
mean no matter what it looks like Christmas. and it does look like Christmas. [ music ] I’m not with these people who’s going to
just throw away the snow and the the fake snow and of course my homemade tinsel. I will reuse that over and over and over again simply because it’s one of those things which you know you’ve made it why not use it over and over again so I do store it I this year I put a lot of things into the big lawn trash
bags simply because well it was easier that way and then I put of the other
things that I could into the big clear bags so that that way I could see them
and you know pull them out next year when I use them next year I already have
my theme for next year you are gonna have to wait and see what that’s going
to be but it’s already chosen one of the things that I do not do is take the lights off the fake pine because I don’t want to redo it again so I just leave
the lights on there and then wind it up and put it away I have a special spot
for the fake pine but not all the fake pine is coming down this year. well right now. simply because like I said it’s really dark it is still super duper dark and in the evenings I’m gonna leave some of that up so I can turn the lights on
when it’s like you know 4:30 and it’s dark in my house and even today it is
noon yeah it’s just about noon and it is cloudy rainy and cold so yeah not gonna
take that all down it was it’s sort of nice to get all of these things out of
the way simply because you don’t realize how much room all of your Christmas
stuff takes until it’s gone and then once it’s gone it is gone and you have
all that free space I should tell you now that my theme for of this January
is going to be a like cabin-y and lodge-y kind of feel so I did stick with you
know a lot of pine and the pine cones and originally I was going to go for this red kind of look you know with the red
plaid and everything but I decided no that wasn’t gonna work so you will see
me put out the red plaid and then you’ll also see that when you see the final
pictures that gets taken away because I don’t want to use that this year I have
found a lot of people were surprised that I use the trash bags to put things
in and that was simply because they were just easier I had them, so I use them and I use them in lots of different ways. All of the fake pine goes into the
trash bags and it also helps that I seal it up so that way nothing gets on
it because last year there were some bugs that got into the fake pie and that
did not make me happy so I got all of that taken care of I did put these fake
snow into clear bags so that way I could see what it was but it has its own there
are cases that it can go into while I did not use this this year and I’ve used
this fake snow for a few years the one thing I regret totally regret I had like
this glitter snow that I used a couple years ago in its embedded in the fake
snow that I have it still comes off everywhere so I mean it is still
everywhere and this has now been two to three years yeah I’m not a real big fan
of that now I did put my ornaments in my ornament caddy I do love the ornament
caddy simply because I do different themes all the time so this one is my
black and white and snow theme and I didn’t use all the ornaments from it but
hey it worked so we got to put all those things away and I can, you know, then go
room from room and carry that around and put stuff away it’s amazing how quickly
this really goes when you have all the stuff that you need the extra point
homes I did put in a plastic bag but did not get rid of did not put get rid of
them I did not put them into the garage yet simply because I know I’m going to
be using them in other places so I kept them out so that I could then fill up
vases with them and jars with them that way they were all ready for me to
use and that was a nice thing about that but getting all the lights and stuff
down yeah but that was that was an adventure I want to stress I am NOT
throwing away any of the pine or any of those things
I’m saving it for next year it’s just the garbage bags are easy to put the
stuff in they’re really tough and they keep the pine from poking through
because some of the pine is actually from old Christmas trees that I kept the
branches of it as the tree part either fell apart or pieces were missing or
those sort of things so I kept that and then reuse a and the metal will not poke
through the back because they’re these are construction bags so they’re big
they’re sturdy they’re tough the feather garlands and all those things those just
get reused over and over and over again I don’t know if I’ll use them next year
you’ll have to see how that works in the next year’s theme I don’t think it does
but taking everything down is is its own adventure if you have ways of separating
out like items when you take them down that is so important that way you can
have like let’s say you want your string tinsel you want your snow you want your
garland your ornaments you can have them separated out because then if you do
something different next year you only have to grab the one thing that you need
instead of grabbing everything and sorting through it and pulling things
out this way it is just so much easier to do try to make your life easy to do
and try to put things back in a way that makes sense so the one thing which I
always say is when you’re putting your ornaments and everything back put your
ornaments back first then so that when you pull it out you’re pulling out your
Christmas trees your Garland’s the big things which you build upon and that way
you’re not having you know to step over boxes of ornaments and everything so
that you can get out your stuff now my Christmas tree I can’t take that down it
is all one big piece so I cover it with a plastic bag put it out in the garage
and it will live out there all year-round which is really really nice
so yeah that works really well the amount of room that I regained by taking
down my Christmas Christmas decorations his does it surprises me I mean it
surprises me each year that we regain that much room just by taking down
Christmas decorations that’s sort of a nice thing but it also is sort of sad
because you realize how empty your house feels without the Christmas decorations
up all right this year I got smart because the glitter was everywhere
glitter snow is everywhere I used my vacuum my vacuum was amazing to get the
glitter snow off of things like the tables off the floor that way it and it
took up dust because I haven’t been able to vacuum everything for ages while the
snow was down this way it got everything up I mean and I do mean everything it
was so wonderful so I just used the brush attachment on my vacuum and
instantly glitter was a snow was up dust was up that main cleaning so much easier
and I do mean a heck of a lot easier ok one of the things which surprises
everybody is the white poinsettia is a fake poinsettia we’ve had it now for like
a long long time and I mean a super a long time probably 12 years just covered
over with a bag and I mean I used my whole vacuum cleaning thing everywhere
it went everywhere it got off the the stuff on top of the TV cabinet it was
just wonderful and I do mean wonderful I highly recommend using that especially
if you haven’t cleaned things for a while now we’re to the point where I am
switching things out and realized this is when I realized that hey the red idea
is not going to work so I get all of the things that because I had gone with the
winter wonderland so I kept with most of the stuff which was white that’s
hanging down that stayed mostly up simply to look look like snow with my
whole cabin kind of theme but everything else comes down so that’ll be
switched out as you will see in the closing pictures before you go and
vacuum everything up get all the stuff which are taking down down because if
you have a fake tree if you have a real tree it will drop needles everywhere and
that way you don’t have to worry about it you can just vacuum all of those things up all at once so and I like to clean
from like I always said, from the top down so that way you can get those
needles and everything up and out of the way but I also like to have everything
clean before I put out my new stuff or the stuff for the next season okay as my
red flag theme was still in my mind when I was doing this yeah yeah that doesn’t
happen that doesn’t happen at all it’s you know maybe in February we’ll go with
the red theme but not right now not right now at all So okay before you
put up any of your stuff make sure to wash it wash it dry it fold it then you
can put it away so that way when you go to pull it out it is all nice and clean
if you put away things that are stained the stains can actually damage your
material especially like cloth those sort of things so clean everything
before you put it away so that way you’re not going to have other problems
especially if you get into things like that are wet you can it can cause mildew
it can cause all sorts of things so clean and dry make sure it’s really dry
before you put it away because if you don’t you don’t want to have mold when
you pull out everything for the season you’ll also notice that I’m cleaning my
things that I’m going to be using for January my January decorating items are
also going in so yeah that is a big thing to remember clean put clean things
away and I still and I re-clean them when I take them out just in case
something happened to them while they were in their safekeeping area
for the season okay now we’re getting out our January stuff you’ll get to see
what this looks like when it’s out but we’re getting it ready I don’t know why
I’m folding it because I’m bout ready to use it but I fold it anyway simply
because of is just already in that kind of mood but yeah it is going out and it
was it’s really nice to have a sort of neutral calming kind of palette for this
time of year let’s talk about taking down the Christmas village taking down
the Christmas village was a lot of work and I honestly mean it was a lot of work
it was just as much work putting it up as it was taking it down by made sure
that I put everything away in such a way that I can get it out again next year
and not have it tangled up because some of the lights were tangled up and those
sort of things but it took a lot of climbing up and down the ladder up and
down the ladder and you’ll notice that I did not cut out the times and I was off
the ladder from this because that’s what happens it takes a really really long
time and it’s just something you have to think about it did look really nice but
I’m also glad that it’s now we’re back to it being open and those sort of
things and you realize how close the ceiling is to the top of your head when
you’re doing this but I do enjoy did enjoy it but it’s also nice to have it
sort of open up there now once everything was down it was time to put
some things back up there so that doesn’t look completely bare and barren
if your case in case you’re wondering what the lights are up there for it’s so
that when I record in the kitchen that way you can actually see me I separate
out from the background so yeah my house is set up so that I can record in my
kitchen because well I do that quite often as you’ve seen up this channel but
yeah that’s that’s the whole taking it down now we’re going to do is we are
going to take a look at my house set back up for January well there you go the house is set up for January I hope you enjoyed that
we’re ready to start the new year 2020 will be a great year and I hope you
enjoyed that remember to check the description for some of the links of
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post a new video and I hope we get to see you again next time
and take a look at these videos I picked out just for you

6 thoughts on “Taking Down Christmas Decor || How I take down Christmas

  1. It's only 12:16 a.m.! Christmas has been over now for officially 16 minutes and you're already pulling everything down course in mark anyway I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you and your subscribers have a wonderful 2020!🎅🎄🎁

  2. I leave my Christmas decoration until January the 6th or later. Why do you do that so early? Is that common in the USA? In January they pic up the real Christmas trees in Germany.

  3. I’m in the U.K. and generally most of us leave the decorations up until first few days of January. For me personally I’m pretty low on space so I love to take the tree down and all the decorations on Christmas night! With presents and other stuff to put away the lack of room becomes magnified. Plus it feels so good when everything looks so spacious and tidy. Are you always this early with yours too?

  4. Coleman since I really didn't decorate that much this year, I took all my stuff down yesterday with the quickness; And it feels so good to have my home back without all that extra clutter!

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