Target Internship with Kim Anderson: Iowa State University

My name is Kim Anderson. My major is Apparel, Merchandising, Design I interned at Target Headquarters in Minneapolis and my intern title was Business Analyst in the Merchandise Presentation Department. Target has an extremely structured internship program, they pair you with a mentor and a manager so you’re also placed on a team of probably about eight people and every intern is given at least one substantial project that they’re supposed to work on throughout the whole summer and then the end of your internship you present your project to about 40 Target executives. There was a big reinvention project going on right when I got there so they assigned me to that and I got to sit in a lot of different meetings for that and then they really allowed me to give my opinion on what I thought and really take over the creative process of how to merchandize those floor layouts. I would say that the reinvention project was the most valuable just because it was based a lot on a lot of shopping patterns and customer behavior. It’s a pretty highly regarded internship in my department. The time when I had an a-ha moment was when I was able to work in the visual retailing software because in one of the textiles and clothing classes at Iowa State we got to learn that program and when I was able to actually use it in a corporate setting and see how it translated from corporate level to store level it was really cool to see that. I would say I’ll never forget a volunteer event that we did as a group, all the interns got to go to a local elementary school and help with just cleaning up the school and we packed backpacks with school supplies and help teachers with their classrooms and to see their reaction when we are done how grateful they were and how cool was that Target thinks thats so important, that was a really cool day and I don’t think I’ll forget that. I would say I just had a really great experience at Iowa State. I absolutely love my major and the professors and my fellow classmates really helped me grow and develop and be prepared to have this type of internship where I could really contribute a valuable opinion and make a difference in their company.

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