hey guys so I am just gonna do a quick
trip to target I just have a few minutes before I have to get back to the rink so
I thought I would have to target because there’s one right by us there’s a few
things I have to pick up so I’m just gonna do a quick little shot with me and
see what we can find today okay guys so first up is the dollar spot now check
out these cute scarves for summertime these are so cute you could totally just
tie these on to your handbag or if you weren’t wanting to wear it like on a
rainy day or something if the cutest pattern is this pineapple one is
adorable over here it looks like we have some
fourth of July stuff and it looks like they have some floaty toys over here oh
look at this this is super cute oh that’s really cute too I love that
you just have the cutest stuff for holidays they even have the hair ties
how adorable this beach towel is so cute also I just want to go at all you could
do some serious 4th of July decorating just by buying some stuff here at the
dollar spot they have so many neat items for fourth of July decorating so if
you’re looking for decor come here you will find some really great stuff they have so many cute summer things
these strawberry straws are so cute I’m probably using the word cute so much but
I’m telling you everything here is super cute I’m loving the napkins that they have
here they have some really neat patterns for summertime these plates are really
really neat too okay I think I should get this sports
about I’m totally planning on getting my butt into gear and starting to work out who these little chalkboard signs would
be awesome for a cookout I could just label all of my dishes and set them out
like those seriously there is no shortage of fourth of July stuff here
there is a ton you totally deck yourself out and your house so I have always loved Disney stuff so
another target has this whole new Mickey Line I am so excited right here we have
all the pet things there’s like little sweaters and pet beds and bowls so many
neat things there’s a huge collection of Mickey cups here you’ve got your water
bottles or your stainless-steel drink containers and then your coffee mugs as
well with adorable adorable patterns and here there’s a whole bunch of like hand
creams and lotions there’s like body care but the bath poof’s even the
adorable Mickey collection nail polishes and the
lotion and hand cream a little makeup bags diary earrings and over here that’s
like the eyeliner and some mascara it’s only one lipstick left here but it’s
just shades like the Mickey red shade it’s so cute the contouring set there’s
just so many really neat gift ideas here too so if you have a disney lover this
is a awesome place to get some gifts there’s even an eyeshadow palette here
it is so cute I just love these little gift ideas I am loving this long-sleeved shirt a
little bit thicker zits kind of like a sweater shirt but I’m loving the frills
on this I’m totally gay so here I’m just checking out the
blanket section because we are actually road tripping today so I forgot to pick
up a blanket from home so I’ll just grab one here today I will grab a blanket and
a couple of pillows I’m just gonna grab this blanket over
here it’s the perfect size and it is on sale so this will be going to my cart so
here we are in my favorite part of the store you’ve got all the cleaning
supplies here and I’m just going to be checking it out and grabbing a couple of
things that I need right now target has a ton of cool stuff
and summer stuff so there are so many really really neat floaties unicorns are
really in right now so they’ve got some cute unicorn floaties and some sparkly
ones now over here we have some beach towels I love these around
Mickey ones they have they are really really cute and then over here we’ve got
some other novelty themed ones and here is a bunch of outdoor Mickey stuff and
just some stuff for your patio I’m loving the Mickey capping stuff I
picked up that blue Mickey chair for my little guy so he could use at the
baseball field I probably could have spent a whole heck of a lot more money
but my time ran out and I had to get going so that was probably a lifesaver
because I would have spent way way more than I actually needed to but thank you
so much for joining me for this shop with me at Target I hope you enjoyed
this video please tell me in the comments below what is your favorite
thing to pick up at Target give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you next time you

6 thoughts on “TARGET SHOP WITH ME 2018 ~ LET’S GO SHOPPING!!!

  1. I’m a new subscriber! I love these videos! The new Mickey line at Target is adorable! I’ve never seen the round towel, so clever.
    Thanks for sharing!

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