Tarion XH Rolltop Hardcase Camera Backpack

Tarion XH Rolltop Hardcase Camera Backpack

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. Today we take a look at this
Tarion XH camera backpack with a rolltop and a hard cover on the
front. Just keep in mind that they sent this to me to check out, let’s get
started! I’m gonna go from the top to the bottom. Going over features. I did take
this bag out to a local park. Spent around three hours walking around trying
it out, taking photos. Starting from the top we do have that rucksack style roll
top. It has two different zippers. One for the main top area, and then one in the
back so you can access it from those two different points. That’s pretty
convenient. With the rucksack style roll top it’s convenient to put clothes in,
especially. Which is what I did with my outing. Put a jacket in there just in
case. I had a little umbrella and two different hats.
Get my car serviced today. This bag just arrived… The Tarion bag. So far so good.
Thought it would be a nice opportunity to use that time to try it out in a
photography setting. There’s a strap that comes from the back it goes all the way
around and connects to the front clasp, which is metal. Nice shiny reflective
metal and then has a little bit of material as well that has a reflective
quality to it. The zippers are metal, labeled SBS and they have cords so you
can easily pull them around. Most of the material of the bag is a thick polyester.
That is the top section and some of the bottom area. It also covers the hardshell.
There are two pockets, one on each side of the bag with strap also on each side.
In my case I had a large 24 ounce 700 milliliter water bottle
and it worked just fine. And I connected the strap to the water bottle so it
wouldn’t fall out. I also used a small Manfrotto tripod and that work just fine
as well. I did have a little cord that I brought to add a little bit of
additional connection for that tripod. Before the outing I did to try to see
what I could fit in there. Had the two M50 camera bodies with lenses. I had the
50mm plus the adapter and then also the 11 to 22 millimeter for
vlogging stuff. Had a microphone. I also had the 55 to 200 milliliter and one of
the standard kit lenses for the EF-M system. There is a laptop area in the
back. It zips down about halfway, or a little bit less. You can easily put a 14
inch laptop, which I did try mine out and it works decently well in there,
but they do rate it for 15-inch laptops. On the entire back of the bag and the
straps it has a breathable mesh material. Extremely similar to other camera
backpacks. Has a nice flex to it and that breathable nature.
On the straps it has two lugs to connect some type of camera strap. I
really like that on camera bags. It is very convenient. I’ve used that in the
past with other backpacks that I have. Having those lugs is really nice to just
connect some type of strap. Have an old Kata strap that I use in those
situations because as these nice connectors that work perfectly with
those lugs. Before I get to the things that I really liked about the bag, I’m
gonna go into kind of a wish list of things that I potentially like to see
modified. Of course, some of these would probably increase the price of the bag,
just keep that in mind. In the padded camera area of the bag I’d like to see
more velcro, the soft velcro. So that I could connect to more areas. In the top
section there isn’t any of that soft velcro. Especially with that padding that
goes between the rucksack area and the padded camera area. That fully is
removable but it doesn’t have any soft velcro on it. So I can’t connect anything
to that piece. And then some of the soft velcro areas don’t fully go around the
interior of that padding area. It’s just a little bit more would be nice to be
able to adjust things how I’d like it. On the backside of the hardshell there
is a zippered mesh compartment that’s nice.. I did did use it with this
outing, it worked well. I would like to see a few more zippered smaller
compartments just to put the odds and ends. Like batteries and such. I don’t
really know where they could fit them in this bag, in there, but it would be nice
to see one.. two.. three more of those little zippered areas. Of course, that
would really increase the price because the zippers and the compartments and all
the engineering that has to go into something like that. Now I’m gonna go
over things that I really liked about the bag in use. Different features that
I think are good to have in a camera backpack. The first one is something I
mentioned before with the straps. Having those lugs on there for a camera strap
is really convenient. I use those and it works well. The build
quality and materials seem up to the standard level of a camera backpack.
Ahh, I see extra stitching for the interior zippered mesh. In use I tried to back out
that time and I don’t see any issues. Of course, that’s just a little bit of use
in the future as I use the bag more we’ll see how it turns out. I really do
like that secondary zippered mesh in the camera area. It’s nice to have. It kind of
holds all the gear closer to the padding and just keeps it all in place. That
reflective material and the metal clasp are nice if you are out in the dark… On.. near
roads or something like that it’ll be nice to have that little bit of extra
safety to the back of the bag. The hard cover is interesting. I wasn’t sure what
to think about it before getting the bag and trying it out. Trying to think of
ways that it could be useful. Of course added protection is always
nice, but also maybe if you put the bag on the ground. Don’t have a tripod.. just
put your camera right on that hard cover and it’ll be pretty stable.
My main favorite thing of the bag is the rolltop. That’s really convenient. It’s
super useful to put a jacket in there and a lot of other things. You can have
taller objects in the bag. It just is very versatile and very useful to have
that rolltop. That was a look at the Tarion XH camera backpack with the rolltop and
the hard cover. Interesting backpack… Definitely very versatile gonna try it
out a lot more in the future. Using it more in the field. See how it works out
with more time. Again thanks to Tarion for sending me this bag. Just keep that
in mind with the video. Hope we enjoyed it. I’m Scott of Photography Banzai. If you
did enjoy this video please consider subscribing that helps me out a lot.
Likes and shares help out a lot as well. Gives me more opportunities like this
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One thought on “Tarion XH Rolltop Hardcase Camera Backpack

  1. Nice. This is one of the better field packs I've seen.
    Quick access as well as water protection are the key factors for me.
    Remember, a field pack will often not work well as an urban pack.
    You need security for an urban or travel pack.
    Thumbs up on this one.
    I like it.

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