Team Sony/Canon/Panasonic?! The Problem with Camera Brand Loyalty

Team Sony/Canon/Panasonic?! The Problem with Camera Brand Loyalty

all right, that was a bit accent heavy you sound like you’re from London it’s beautiful day proper beautiful look
at this nobody this is the same same places last week well it’s kind of gray
and cold there we go and I want to talk about gear now we’ve ever gear head I
love looking at specs and all that kind of stuff but this video has been
prompted by a tweet from Sean Cannell he posted on Twitter last week au team
Canon Sony Panasonic and obviously everyone was jumping in the comments
being a yeah team Canon team Sony and she’s got me thinking about how hung up
we get on gear and how how frequently number one reviews are done like a
couple of days into someone having a camera like there’s that race for the
algorithm you know a brand new camera comes out so everyone wants to be first
to upload they want to have the hot take and they want to capitalize on the fact
that everyone’s gonna be searching for this this camera and trying to find out
information about it so they’ll they’ll get right to the top but the problem is
when you do that is that you’ve not had any time to actually get to know the
camera you’ve not had any time to play around with it to find out its quirks
find out cool little things it can do I’ve been shooting on my a 7-3 for like
three four months now and I’m still finding out new things that it can you
you can tweak certain things in settings that you might not even think to go
digging around in and you know start start getting more out of it you know
it’s not the kind of thing that you just pick it up turn it on and yeah obviously
you can you can dial in some settings straight away so I pan around with your
shutter speed and aperture and other things to just get going but there’s
there’s always more that these cameras can offer and so many of these reviews
they don’t actually go into detail and the other thing is I know some people
are really good for for actually talking about how to use the camera I might
hippo is a really good example of this at the end of every single gear review
he does he tries to think of who would this be best suited for and I think
that’s the key point in in all gear reviews is that there’s no one camera
that’s the best camera for everything you know everything is better or worse
at certain things I’ve got my a 7-3 is it the best camera on the market
no is it even the best camera for that price point not necessarily but it works
perfectly for me because I need a good hybrid shooter I need to be able to do
foes and I need to be able to do video and that ticks all the boxes for me
where I like it more if it did 10 bit or had a flip around screen yeah obviously
but then you start getting into the like the wishlist category and there’s not a
single camera on the market that does everything
everyone wants which is why these discussions still still occur because
what people are thinking is how does my compromised way I forget
someone else’s compromise but what is a deal-breaker for someone isn’t
necessarily a deal-breaker for someone else so that’s why you get these
conflicts you know someone’s like I can’t use that camera because it’s not
got 10-bit color and someone else said well I’m just gonna gonna shoot and
recording it’s fine you know different things mean different things to people
who like doesn’t all have the same way of value but I’m a firm believer in that
there’s the right tool for each job the g-h five for example people will swear
by that camera and you’re gonna struggle to find a more equipped video camera for
the same price point which you can rig out for my documentary shoe-in and all
this kind of stuff but is it as cinematic as you know an a7 s2 or even
the a7 3 probably not you know you’ve got that difference in sensor size and
there’s just that you just kind of play around with things a little bit better
so like that there’s all these different different things there’s no one camera
that does at all and it’s just it’s funny to me that
people get so hung up so attached to a certain brand I understand like you’ve
invested a lot of money into it you’ve um you’ve usually kind of tied yourself
to an ecosystem with a collection of lenses and that kind of thing and but
that doesn’t necessarily mean that because you’ve got an emotional stake in
it that your opinion is any more valid right it doesn’t
no point shouting at each other on the internet I’m gonna go get some coffee
because what’s a YouTube video without their coffee
if you get some tasty coffee isn’t tasty beer Oh that was delicious and productive it’s a
good day I can see why my coffee is super popular on here because there’s
something about being creative and going out and actually sitting in a coffee
shop don’t know if it’s just being around other people or getting out of
your your house and being in a different environment that stimulates creativity
but it’s definitely good so yeah these are sub times so yeah say that in normal
my videos never I met it just start of every sentence is there so yeah so yeah
I am sat in an awkward position talking to the camera and rather than just
having a conversation I feel the need to jumpstart it with her so yeah so no um anyway it’s been a good day and
productive coffee was delicious so it was my sound Wade got some stuff done
and now I’m heading home for the rest of my day this was the first Monday upload
something nice about having a bit of free time over the weekend to grab some
content I’m also usually doing more over the
weekend lamb in the week is this quite as busy oh this is gonna be a good
move that’s you looking the same I’m not gonna do this feel at the end in the
last video I mentioned how I don’t think it actually encourages anyone to
subscribe or do anything like that now actually makes a difference
I just I just have to think of a different catchy sign-off like me a
problem for another day but now I just say catch you next one bye

4 thoughts on “Team Sony/Canon/Panasonic?! The Problem with Camera Brand Loyalty

  1. I'm not loyal to any specific brand of camera. When I was looking for a new camera, I was interested in three main things: the supported resolution & fps at a given resolution, if it was plug 'n play, and what was the cost. So pretty much, I'm more interested with the camera's recording "specs," features, and price than I am by what brand the camera's from. I don't know if this would be the type of content you would want to do, but could you make a video about microphones. I always hear people talk about preferring condenser microphones over dynamic or something. Was wondering if you could do your take on what type of microphone is your favorite and what type you would suggest for vloggers vs ones who have a more stationary set up.

  2. im.jealous i want an a7iii any advice on a6400 vs the a7iii ??? good video btw i see u ate dibally just shooting good on ya mate well done i use a canon m50 .. gopro hero7 black and nikon a900 so no loyalty and now i want a a7iii

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