Tee To Target: Kevin Jones – Hole 9 – Sioux Passage

Tee To Target: Kevin Jones – Hole 9 – Sioux Passage

– What’s going on everybody? This is Kevin Jones and
I’m here on hole 9 of Sioux Passage in St. Louis, Missouri. This is an amazing par four
and a very extreme hole and it’s a very unique hole as well. What we got to do is we have
a nice gap right here to hit, straight up hill, extremely up hill. You might not be able to tell
how far up hill this goes. And then it opens up into a nice field and gives you an open shot
for your possible three. That would be the best score
that you’ll be scoring here. This is a par four. It’s a two shot hole and I’m trying to make this hole as
simple as I possibly can. I want to throw two of
almost the exact same shots. I’m gonna throw the MX-3. The MX-3 will be perfect though, because once it gets out of the gap, it’s gonna have a nice
consistent finish to left and that will open up my second shot. So let’s see what we can do here. Alright so we have arrived where my drive landed with the MX-3. Unfortunately, I didn’t
get quite far left enough, not quite enough finish to throw straight at the basket, but it’s no problem. I’m just gonna throw a side
arm with my A2 to get up to the basket and have a
hopefully not even have a putt. This should be a pretty
routine up and down for me. The grass is also really thick, so I don’t expect any kind of ground play. I can just play lawn darts with it and put it right on the pin. So we didn’t get any action on the ground. We’re gonna be sitting about 20 feet away and it should be a nice
little free, good birdie. So here we are at the basket, hole nine Sioux Passage
St. Louis, Missouri. I started off with a beautiful
MX-3 shot out of the gap. I did everything I wanted to
pretty much with that drive except carry it a little bit more left, but that was no problem. I then went to my A2
for a nice flick upshot, a consistent upshot especially with the thick grass
that we’re seeing here in the Midwest because of all the rain, so there’s no skip, no ground play at all. And I finished it with a
really solid putt with my PA-3.

17 thoughts on “Tee To Target: Kevin Jones – Hole 9 – Sioux Passage

  1. Kevin is gonna have to switch to a more conventional putt style if he wants to stay at the top for years to come. His knuckles almost touch the grass blades through the follow ups. How does he putt in the woods off fairways with any brush higher than ankle height without the annoyance of his hand hitting something in the follow through?

  2. Glad to see Sioux getting some love! Made this hole look too easy. Loving the new MX-3. Keep up the great work!

  3. Dude you made this look so easy. Born and raised in STL and Sioux is one of my usuals. This basket ALWAYS gets me lol I think it’s the gap in the entry, but dang you made this look too easy to be human 😂 makes me want to get that MX-3! Also, glad to see you killed it at the tourney I’ll be watching you A LOT more after that, but not in like a creepy way… maybe a little creepy 😜

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