Tenba Travel Backpack : Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

Tenba Travel Backpack : Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

in this episode I talk to you about my
backpack I’m using for travel photography Adorama TV presents exploring
photography with Mark Wallace where you learn
innovative techniques on shooting a wide range a photographer
here’s your host hi everybody you’re watching another
episode of exploring photography right here on Adorama TV I’m Mark Wallace and as you’ve noticed I’m on the beach here in beautiful city of Nassau in the Bahamas and I’m starting a I’m a few years of
travel around the world my good friend Lex and a lot of people
have seen the past episodes were talking about pre-production all the stuff that
we’re going to be prepared but now we’re actually on
the road and the question I got more than anything is what gear did you actually
bring and how did you carry it well here’s the
bag that I took right here and I’m gonna show you everything there is to
know about this bag what I put inside and how are using it so as they’re doing is on the beach were it’s
really windy we’re gonna go to the courtyard outside your little apartment that we rented it
and I’ll show you everything there is to know about this bag but before that check out these contests
from Adorama let’s take a look at this backpack
it’s made by Tenba and this is a brand new backpack it’s called the shootout 24L and there’s some things about this
that make it perfect for travel photography mainly it’s made to be really lightweight
and rugged now on the front here you can see that
it’s got it suspension system for a tripod so I’m gonna take my tripod of really quickly
you can see this actually folds away this is a carbon fiber Benro tripod let me
put that to the side now a couple things I love about this on
outside while one the side right here if you want to get your camera quickly this just opens up and
your camera can be pulled right out you put that
right in and so and that makes easy to get access to a camera with
opening the entire bag and also there are a lot of
considerations for travelers or those who shoot in the wilderness and that is these big pockets to the
side here so you can put a water bottle or whatever you want in the side and then they’re big side
patches input straps or model pods or what ever you want there’s a lot of things
going on on this camera bag I’ve got all my little accessories in here and I’ve got an iPhone
inside and so it makes it really easy to get to
things like travel documentary here I’ve got all my documents and tickets and
passport in there In through the side here and got my
headphones I can use if I need to. So a lotta external pockets that allow you to do lots of things
and you also have compression straps so that’s awesome
what we gonna do next is actually open up this bag I’ll show
you what inside and will use the tripod the steady this shot so were not shooting handheld so we’ll do that right now. Inside this bag you see there’s a ton a space a couple things
that are missing right here right here’s where we actually hold the video camera
that shooting the video that you’re seeing right now and then right here is where we hold the
wireless microphones that I’m using right now so that’s why there’s two spots that are
empty you see this has a lot a room this can
hold a a professional DSLR body this is a 24-70mm lens you can actually fit 24 to 70 in here so it’s gotta lotta
space and you keep your camera this way or
this way you can actually hold to cameras I got mine in here cuz it goes
out that side pocket right here I also have another Lens right here this is
16-35mm I’ve got some adapters for charging my
USB devices that my lens head for my 65-35mm
and I also have my power adapter for my laptop that’s in here I also have Chargers from my camera for my video camera and got my zoom that we
talked about a couple of episodes ago my hard drive my GoPro for shooting underwater video
things like that I have a nice leatherman here for adjusting tripods and anything that I
would have to have then over here I have all my cables for hooking up
microphones USB cables and windscreens things like that so lots
and lots of space inside this. I want to show you one more thing and
that’s how this is used as an actual laptop bag
because I also have a computer in here so I’m a show
you that next toward the back of the bag there’s a
large compartment that holds a laptop this is a 13-inch MacBook Pro you can
put up to a 15 inch laptop in here there’s lot the padding to protect your gear and
so it’s awesome this is the Tenba shootout 24 L and it’s made
specifically for adventure travel photography and those of you who were out shooting
in the wilderness doing wildlife photography and you know it’s nice it can actually work for corporate events or shooting at wedding
cuz it’s nice and low-key it’s really an awesome bag. now
all the gear and things that we talked about in this I actually did an episode previous to
this episode that tells you why I’m taking that gear so you might wanna check that out right
here on Adorama TV now don’t forget all that stuff is at the Adorama
Learning Center it has links for every single piece of equipment that was
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13 thoughts on “Tenba Travel Backpack : Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

  1. @Mark Wallace has set out on his epic around-the-world journey…see the gear he's brought with him and the backpack he's trusting for the trip. Only on #AdoramaTV : http://adr.ma/1hv73Hh

  2. But is it neccesary to carry around absolutely everything all the time? I think it's much more efficient (if not convenient) to just bring the stuff you need on a day out, while everything you don't need is just waiting for you at the hotel/apartment (you do need to be able to trust them with that).

    When I go on a holiday, all I need is my Samsonite 14 inch Network messenger bag. Very slim shoulder bag, and everything that I need on to go fits in it. Camera, couple of lenses, wallet, a drink, my tablet, and room to spare for a souvenir.

    I certaily have no need for any kind of chargers in my bag, as I won't come across any wall sockets. So it's kinda pointless to bring them 🙂  The hotel room can charge my gadgets just fine.

  3. Looks like a good bag for the adventure Mark.  Enjoying your blogs and enjoying your videos of your trip.

  4. loving this bag! Shame it's on the pricy side for now… I'm sure this will change at some point 🙂 Great video as always, Mark. Good luck on your adventure 🙂

  5. Nice video… nice bag….
    I took a look at your blog spontaneous world…. It´s good to know you both are all right… In colombia we say; Es parte del paseo – It´s part of the trip.
    Water in the lungs and a small amount of urchin in the feet soon will be a nice story to tell.
    Take care and take a look in Lex foot, so everything heals.
    I hope you didn´t have to use the urine tactic…. jejeje….

  6. Excellent. I need a new bag. I just added this one to my Adorama Wish List. Thanks, Mark! Love your videos!!!

  7. I am trying so hard to find a good bag for my gear and the only places to find information are Youtube videos, so why, out of a 5 minute video do you spend the first 1.30 wittering on about nothing of importance?

    Then, when you finally get to the bag, we need to know for some reason that the tripod is a Benro carbon fibre travel and you have an iphone and…etc.
    People know that pockets on bags hold things! And I'm quite sure most are capable of deciding what goes where!!

    What we need to see is taking out the dividers and trying to find ways of fitting different cameras: pro bodies, with and without lenses, with and without battery grips, mirrorless, with and without everything. We don't care if you can drop $5000 on a lens; we want to see if they fit in the bag!!!

    I know this might seem personal, but I have spent hours watching dozens of bag reviews here and every one is the same! All about what camera gear a person has and lots of useless descriptions of parts of the bags that are obvious from the specifications (i.e. if it says it has a rain cover, we know it has a rain cover). Only mention things if they have a problem.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant which is aimed at all reviewers, but yours is a recent one and I'm in a particularly bad mood having wasted days doing this…

  8. Can you have a 5D III with battery grip with Canon 24-70mm and take it in and out of the side pocket? Or is the side pocket for small?

  9. I would suggest to stay away from Tenba. They do not honor their warrenty and their product falls apart after a year of use. There are way better options that cost a bit less.,

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