The All NEW Bellroy Shift BackPack Review

The All NEW Bellroy Shift BackPack Review

– Today, we have something special. This is Bellroy’s Shift Backpack. This is an amazing, new
backpack made by Bellroy that can solve a lot of issues for those who are looking to get something that is both functional
for indoor and outdoor, and maybe you’re everyday, casual use. So, let’s check it out and see what Bellroy’s Shift Backpack has to offer. (electronic music) ♪ One, two, three, go. ♪ – So, a couple of days
ago, Bellroy released this new backpack to
their line of backpacks and when I looked at it, this is not something normal,
nor a typical backpack. This is something beyond that. Looking at the size,
this is a huge backpack, offering you so much
room, so much capacity that can make traveling, school, or even camping, or writing
so much easier for you. After looking at this backpack, the first thing that made
me excited was their design. This backpack has a
really nice texture to it and I’m gonna show it to you guys. Just look at this texture. Look how well made this bag
is, all the way from ground up. This backpack has been engineered and has been designed for years, and now that it has been released, it is something out of ordinary. There is so much room,
there is so much in pocket inside of this thing that can
make your life so much easy. Personally, when I look
into buying a backpack, I look at a couple of things. How I’m gonna use it
and if I’m gonna use it in a specific way, is it functional? Now. This backpack, I know by
looking at the actual paperwork and by looking at the actual bag, I can tell you guys with confidence that if you get this backpack, you are never gonna change your mind. First of all, first thing first, let’s talk about the warranty. This bag is well made and
it’s gonna last you for years. Yes, the price is at about 200 range but you’re paying for quality. You’re not paying for something cheap that is gonna wear and tear down in a matter of days, or months, or years. This is gonna last you a lifetime and they back it up by a three
year warranty on top of that to give you guys the confidence that whatever happens to this
bag, we’ll support you guys. So, without further ado,
let’s get inside of this bag and let’s see what this
bag is made out of. The first thing that I like
about it is the front of it. Although the front of this bag, you might not think
there’s anything special to it but wait till you see this. Well, this is the actual size
of it in its smallest capacity but if you wanna expand this, simply, this is how you open the front pocket. Look at this. This is solid metal. This is not any cheap plastic hook that you can close down here and then, you could expand this bag all the way to up here, and close it. To me, this shows that… If I decide to go on
camping or if I decide to go on travel, this is gonna handle it. I mean, look at this. There is so much room inside of here that you can fill it
up as much as you want and then you have different
sections, right here, to choose what height do you want, and this is how it looks like, so. I want to make it, for
example, to the smallest size. I come here, simply get the
loop, and put it inside. And that’s it, it is secured. This thing is not coming
off any shape or form. This is 100%. This is gonna stay there and they have their nice logo, right in here. Small and discrete, and I
like this about Bellroy. Their logo is not all over the place, taking away the beautiful look of your backpack, and I like this. Now, going to the side. Actually, the left side of this bag has this water-proof sealed
and, did I forget to mention, is that this bag is weather-resistant. So, regardless of what
weather you take this, this is gonna last and the
zippers, right here, are all… Am I in focus? Yes. Are all weather-resistant
and they have this, kind of like, a leather
coating on top of it that prevents any water
from leaking inside of it. So, once you open this one, you have access to inside of the backpack. This zipper will basically grant
you access to this backpack and right here, this is what
it looks like inside of it. So, if you wanna grab something real quick and you don’t wanna open the top, let’s say you have your
clothing on the top, and you want something from
the bottom, well, no worries. From the side, you can have a really easy access to the inside of your bag. This is a big plus for me. (zipper zipping) Now, going to the other side,
it’s a little different. We have the same type of a
zipper with the same length but you don’t have access
to inside of the backpack, but you have access to a
small pouch with a key holder. Now, this is great to put your… Put your stuff that you wanna get handy and you wanna get out quick. You have your key chain, right here, and then you could place your wallet or your phone, nicely inside of here, and then have easy access
to it without any problem. Again, this is the inside of this. Zipper on the right side and they are the same size, so this is always good. Now, let’s talk about
the handle of this bag. I love this handle. Now, all around, the
backpacks that Bellroy makes, the handle kind of looks the same. They have this really nice fabric that is looped around with a
very nice, textured leather that makes carrying very easy and very seamless, and
I love this about it. Now, coming to the back of it, we have these straps that can help you strap your backpack to your back but this is not an ordinary strap because this is magnetized. So, simply, you bring it close. (magnets clicking) And it just clips on itself,
and then you pull it off, and it has these little tabs, in here, that kinda lock themselves
into each other, and they are awesome but sometimes, you don’t want the straps, and they are in the way, and they don’t look good. Let me put it on and let me show you guys. So, right now, I have my backpack on. Now, this is good. This looks great but these
straps are in the way. Although, I could close them up and have my backpack well-protected. This is not the correct size but I could close it up and just roll with it. And maybe I wanna take it off. Well, no problem. These straps, they come off really easy. So, you have an option to put them on or take them off and look at this. This is what I was
mentioning about the magnet. There’s two magnets, right here. Very strong magnet that when you bring them close to each other,
they lock into each other. In order to unlock it,
you have to bring it up. You know? So, this is great and this is the strap, and actual shoulder pads are really nice. These are beautiful and they have a really soft touch to them. It’s like their made out of memory foam. Not only the handles but
the back of the backpack. It’s so nice that when I press it, it’s like it’s made out of memory foam and it is super comfortable. I had this on for a couple of days and I went camping on this, and
I had no problem on my back, nor my shoulders, because of
how comfortable these are made, and of course, you could
adjust them really easy, and make them the way that you
like it without any hassle. This is all a plus. This is what I look when I
am trying to buy a backpack. Now, let’s get inside the main unit and see what this backpack is about. Now. Right inside, when you open this backpack, you are greeted with a large,
huge amount of space inside to put whatever you want inside, and this backpack is massive. Look at the length of this. It doesn’t even fit in my frame. So, you could fill this up with… Almost anything and everything, and don’t think that
it’s just a hole, inside. No. Inside of this backpack. One more thing before I mention. In order to keep its shape, they included, I think, some plastic lining, right here, that helps the backpack keep its shape, and right here, we have a metal bar that helps the backpack,
again, keep its shape, and be the way that you want it to be. So, for this review, I’m gonna
turn this backpack around and let you guys see what
they have inside of it. So, first of all, we
have the Bellroy logo. This is awesome. Right here, small, simple, and beautiful. Next thing, next, on this
side of the backpack, if I can show you where the
zipper is, you have a little… Am I in focus? Yes. It’s a little hard to show these things. So, excuse the mess. On this side, you have a little pouch that you could put your water bottle, you could put anything
you want, your wallet, and then you could access it
via the zipper, right here. So, this zipper is not only
accessible through the side but you could access it from the top, which is super good, super handy. Right on the top, we have
another zipper, right here, that, again, it’s very well made and you could put your charger, your adapter, your pen, paper, whatever you like inside of it. And then, we have the main compartment that you can fill with all your clothing, your shoes, your options are endless. And then, right next to that, on top, there are two sleeves right here. One for your tablet and
one for your computer. So, I always had a problem with my bags that whenever, okay, personally, when I go to school or when I travel, I not only take my computer
but I take my tablet, as well, and companies, they don’t
pay attention to this, and they only put room for one item, either your laptop or your tablet but with Bellroy, it’s different. They have room for both of them. So, regardless of what item you’re taking, you have room for it. You could either use it
for a laptop or tablet, use it for two tablets, two laptops. There’s so many options that it is crazy. This backpack is awesome and… (fabric rustling) It feels really, really solid. The first time that I took a look at this backpack, I was surprised. I was like, oh my god, and
this is the actual card that explains everything about this backpack and I mean, Bellroy, they make quality products. Look at this bag. Look at the card, itself. Even the card looks beautiful. You can go to the first page. This is how it looks when you put it on. Doesn’t this look amazing? Now, of course, it comes in different colors that you can get, different style, and this is what fits inside of it. So much item, so much product and I think the price for
this is absolutely amazing. Now, this is the moss
color, if you’re interested but let me tell you guys this. I am in love with this backpack. Whenever I go camping, whenever
I’m gonna go ride my bike, or whenever I’m going to
gym, or school, or somewhere that I know I’m gonna have a lot of stuff, this is the bag that I’m gonna rely on and I promise you guys,
if you guys try this, go to their website, you’re
gonna fall in love with it. I also wrote a blog about this bag that I explained everything in detail, a more technical aspect of this bag that I’m gonna link it down
below, and let you guys read it. I’m also gonna link Bellroy down below for this bag and I hope you guys like it. As always, thank you for watching. This is an awesome bag. I will see you guys on the next one. – [Narrator] Follow us on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. – [Robotic Voice] Click, listen, enjoy. (electronic music)

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  1. The Shift BackPack is great for traveling. I can comfortably fit a 15" laptop, my water bottle, small pair of flat shoes, course reader and also a bunch of other things (agenda, ipad, book, journal, pens – pencils, and my iPhone.) This is really an awesome backpack that also looks professional, clean. I use it all the time for my frequent travel and it fits just perfectly under the seat.

  2. I understand they are different styles however do you prefer this bag over the Bellroy classic backpack plus?

    Great review with great quality video. Keep up the great work!

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