The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

JJ YOSH: Having a cat on my adventures has
taken my outings to a whole other level. JJ YOSH: Alright! Here we are, got my kitty
on my back, doing a little adventure today. Simon, take a look! JJ YOSH: Cats love nature, especially Simon.
Every time I walk near the door to go outside, he races to the door, he looks up and he gives
me this like, short little meow sound. That makes me know that ‘Yeah, I am ready to
go out.’ JJ YOSH: I think Simon loves the outdoors.
Here is a great example right here. I have this, this crate of grass. And look, he decides
he wants to lay on the grass. I have been adventuring for the majority of my life. It
started way back when I was a little kid, just exploring the creeks in my backyard.
But my real outdoor career began in college when I started the excursion club back in
2003 and I realised in that moment that, ‘Woah! This is, this was my calling. This was the
way that I could help the world and help the earth.’ When I graduated college, I thought
I need to do this on a bigger scale. Media was the key to be able to influence more people
on a much larger scale especially those that maybe are unable to travel as much and see
the rest of the world. JJ YOSH: Simon and I have gone on road trips
all across the US, road trips that have been as long as 20 consecutive hours. JJ YOSH: We have gone to deserts, we have
gone to majestic forests and we have even camped in the snow. Simon, look up! JJ YOSH: We are hiking. Simon doesn’t
really want to walk today. He is making me carry him and we are at the ocean right now. JJ YOSH: I am a person that is always about
getting to the top, getting to the destination. Simon loves adventure and having Simon has
helped me to embrace more of the journey and really appreciate the moment and appreciate
the beauty of Mother Nature. JJ YOSH: The first time that he went into
the water, I was so terrified because I didn’t know if he could swim or not and I am thinking
to myself, ‘I am going to have jump in and rescue him and how I am going to do this?
Is he going to drown?’ So it was really terrifying but then when I saw that he immediately
got to his instincts and started swimming. That was amazing. JJ YOSH: I would love to take Simon to a really
tropical location and I would like to just kind of take him snorkelling and just, you
know, like have you ever seen a cat snorkel before. So, because he loves fish, I just
got a fish tank and he loves it. He loves staring at the fish. So, I think taking him
somewhere tropical where we can go in and swim with the fish, he would love it. JJ YOSH: I think Simon introduced me to the wild. JJ YOSH: Simon, you enjoying the outdoors? JJ YOSH: He is not much of a talker. Can you
get up and say goodbye to everybody? Huh, do you want to say goodbye?

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  1. I can see exploring with a dog or a hawk or falcon but a house cat. God gave animals knowledge to swim it’s automatic he gave us instead free will

  2. I really love this. So fun to adventure with your cat! So does our cat. Check Munro's Adventures to see how he likes it. 🙂

  3. I frickin love my cats, ive had 4 in my 36 years on this earth, never bought one always found them or they've found me each one had a different personality and has lived over 20 years. I found the first when i was 6 in a park dumpster a little kitten

  4. “he loves to stare at the fish” just saying don’t take him to a place with a lot of fish, my cat does that with my mouse then she eventually jumps and attaches herself to the side of the cage to try and EAT the mouse

  5. DUDE…That is so awesome!! I wish I could take one of my cats on my outdoor adventures. How do you even get to that point? You really aught to consider cryo-freezing some of his DNA and when cloning becomes a thing make more Simone's. I'd buy a Simone for sure. 😋

  6. I had a cat from a 2yo to 20. He had been shot, run over, stuck under the house for weeks half dead and just went missing for days on end. Mum told me I dressed him in cothes, cut of his whiskers and would paint him often. In my teens I took him in my bike crate to the shops and friends houses he even stoned a few times. When he died i wasn't home so my brother thought it would be a great idea to put in a concrete tomb. That was 20 years ago and I still have that cat.

  7. Nice! Me and my cat too. He has been all over North and Central America. Plane, boat, car. 22hour straight one time lol MN to Austin TX. Car rides each way N,S,E,W in the front seat or on my lap. He looks just like this 🐈. Though he REFUSES the leash. He wants freedom. Doesnt like voluntarily swim but does like to play in shallow once break and cruise on boats and jetskis.. It took him a couple years from birth but he quickly learned to respond to our heads, warnings and directions when he’s free. His favorite spot is right on an Encinitas beach. 10 years and he is still loyal and responsive as ever. I could go on and on. Awesome video!

  8. I can’t believe I’m allergic to cats. Life really hates me. I still pet them when I see em anyways because how can you not?

  9. I think Simon would love to hang out with “Nathan the Beach Cat” and her new younger sister Winnie. They live in Australia and they both LOVE to swim in the ocean. 😻

  10. I was really into this video until you proudly said roadtrips of 20 consecutive hours, what 20 hours? no offense but that's nothing.

  11. I was watching with a grin on my face till the cat jumped in the water and started swimming. Then my jaw fell to the floor! What was that?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get Simon? From a SWAT training facility? You're cat is a Marines!

  12. I like black cats. They are fun, funny, have rhythm, and are playful. Just wish they weren't always stealing from my neighbors. Gotta have things locked down.

  13. Así yo hago con mi gato, ando con el y lo paseo. A él le gusta mucho y es una terapia para mí y mi madre por que no tenemos a mi hijo a nuestro lado.

  14. That cat is living THE life! Just found your channel. Did you get Simon as a kitten? How did you get him used to traveling in the car, using a harness, getting used to hoping on you backpack, etc?

  15. So happy to find this. I wanna travel with my cat, Ozzy, and everyone tells me that she can't do it. Now I know we can.

  16. Must be something with black cats because my black cat loves car rides and out side but she hates water

  17. What a precious little kitty! Hes so adorable! I really loved this video. It doesnt get much better than this! The amazing Simon. I love it. Just shows how great the mutual affection is for each other. Very heartwarming and fun to watch. Thank you~

  18. I really dont understand y people dont understand y we love our pets.. I think they r jelous because they dont get that love and affection which we give to our pets in return of same frm our pets..

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