The Best Tech Essentials for Students!

The Best Tech Essentials for Students!

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2D here. So this is a video on some tech accessories that I think are super useful for students, and this is not going to be a video where you’re going to see stuff like TVs and speakers, because as fun as those are, I seriously don’t think that those are just really all that useful for students. What you will see are things that I actually think are, well, I’m not a student anymore, but I feel like if I had these when I was a student these would be awesome. Okay, first up are some cables. They’re not just any cable, these are every cable in one cable. So, these are made by a company called Chafon, and it’s essentially every single charging cable connected into one USB-A cable. So we have mini USB, micro USB, USB C and on the big one it actually comes with two lightning cables. So, with this device you can basically charge any phone as long as those made in the last like 10 or 15 years. I think this is incredibly useful. So the thing that makes this thing cool is how simple it is and you can keep it in your bag, your car, wherever you want, they’re very inexpensive. I think they’re like eight or nine dollars. Yeah, great, purchase. Very useful in my opinion. Second on the list are some battery packs. So my go-to battery pack is Anker, I feel like they make some of the best quality battery packs on the market. They’re inexpensive and they don’t have like stupid features, like lights and like flashlights and RGB stuff going on. Very simple but very reliable batteries that I’ve owned from even before I started doing YouTube stuff. They come in various colors and various sizes and some of the bigger ones from Anker can recharge some laptops. Now if you’re in the market for a battery pack and you want something that’s a little bit more streamlined, there are a couple devices out there that have like built-in prongs, so you can just plug them right up into the wall to charge. And they have built-in cables to make it that much easier. Now sadly, I’ve never found one of these all-in-one battery packs for USB-C. But they do have them for micro USB and Lightning. I’ll link both of them below. Alright, the last thing I want to talk about is storage, and I really think this device is something that every student in 2017 should have. This is a device, it’s just a flash storage, right? Very unassuming, but it has both USB-C and USB-A on one device. So you can just flip it around and plug it into whatever port you want. If you format this thing with exFAT, you can connect it to any computer: Mac OS, Windows, Linux. Whatever you want. You’re basically unstoppable. But the thing that makes this thing so useful is like if you ever want to transfer a file or if you need to transfer someone’s file over to your computer… whatever… like.. this thing… and it goes onto your keychain, right? It’s so small. It’s so insignificant Get this thing this will save your butt so many times in school like just do it. Okay, If you want something a little more substantial we have Seagate and Western Digital drives. These are obviously a lot bigger. These are one terabyte at a minimum. I think they start at like 50 bucks, they’re relatively inexpensive- And you can use these things as backup to store your work, your games, your videos. Whatever you want. Now, I’ve always used Seagate drives in the past, but I’ve actually tried these recently and these Western Digital ones. And I find them actually slightly better. They’re equivalent in price, but the thing that makes you kind of cool, I mean they come in different colors, so that’s kind of a bonus, but they have these rubber feet on the bottom. The seagate drives don’t, so when you place them down on a table, the Western Digital ones just, I don’t know, they stick around a little better, and that alone makes me prefer them more, but you can’t go wrong with either of them. Okay. That’s basically it. Three pretty important pieces of technology I think every student should have.

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  1. get the wester digital drives over the seagate ones in my experience, I have had two drives die on me so far, an old 320gb samsung hdd and a 2tb seagate external hdd, the samsung died two years ago and it was from 2009 and the seagate was just over a year old so it died young. 
    But I have had many wd drives that are still working today, a 1tb drive all the way from 2009 that is in a 2009 deaktop a close family member is still using, a 1tb wd laptop drive I took out of my 2010 laptop and I still have plugged into my late 2016 dell xps 8900 tower desktop as a network drive, I had a 4tb wd passport portable hard drive but someone in the family just took it with them abroad apparently it still works for them, I have a 1tb wd passport that I carry around to use with my MacBook pro with TouchBar, and I have gifted two wd 2tb mypassports to people I know and they are still using them, and through the many wd drives I have owned I have figured out that they are generally faster (I get 40-50 MB a seconds when transferring files compared to 20-25 MB on the seagate external drive I had) and more reliable (lasting over 8 years and still working) that most brands out there for hdd but nothing beats a solid ssd if you are always moving things though.

  2. 0'18 I completely agree when u say that speakers and tv's are not that useful for students i've seen so many videos of youtubers saying the opposite well..

  3. Gotta love the flash drives, but most files and documents are made on Docs nowadays in school so it can easily just be shared.

  4. I like Dave on students thing because he is not like over YouTubers because when other YouTubers does those things what they show is that a student is so rich

  5. VAVA USB C Hub
    8-in-1 Adapter with PD Power Delivery, 1Gbps Ethernet Port, SD Card Reader, 4K
    USB C to HDMI, 3 USB 3.0 Ports for MacBook Pro and Type C Windows Laptops

  6. I have a segate drive:3 I save my photos on there since it takes up storage on my phone and I end up deleting them….

  7. Quick, cheap, and effective prices of tech that I’ve grown to love. Thanks so much, I’ve been subscribed since you started. It’s been one helluva ride!

  8. hey i just Love your Hexagon Animation ⚡⚡💕⚡💕💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕⚡💕

  9. The USB stick is breaking way to fast. It's just glued into the metal frame and ist getting out pretty easy. Mine survived for like a month. This can be very frustrating if you lose your data..

    It's an amazing device, but breaks so easy

  10. ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen says:

    I don't get the multiple charger thing. It is easyer lighter and cheaper to just bring the Cabela's you need.
    Same with the dual usb stick. Just use a USB stick. To transfer between phones/tablets or laptops just use a cloud or direkt Network Transfer or one of these transfer apps or whatever. They are not only easyer faster and cheaper but also they don't let you look stupid.

  11. "If you format it with exFAT you can connect it to any computer, windows, macos, linux…"
    [Disables FAT support in kernel config]

    [Laughs in Gentoo]

  12. My most important college "tech"
    1.laptop of those hp printers
    3.nutri ninja cup blender to blend all them proteins
    5.maybe ipad

  13. Wire for charging all devices from 1 USB A port
    Power bank
    Flash drive with USB A and C
    I saved your time

  14. My school materials:
    Pencil case
    8 GB dual sided usb a and c
    MacBook Air
    Water Bottle

  15. Funny story i had one of those usb c and a things and lost it with all of my coursework on the week before it was due I’m a Audio editor so yea

  16. If I have a micro sd card slot on my laptop, could i just get a 1TB micro sd and stick it in there forever instead of using a bulky ssd where I have to bring around wherever I go?

  17. All the others are like “this speaker . $500! Easy for a student “ like right now I’m on minimum wage and still paying rent for my apartment . Subway doesn’t pay well

  18. I think pen, pencil & notebook is fucking enough for a student(and a laptop) rest of the things are BS

  19. Dave Please do it again for 2019
    Other YouTubers are like This iMac for $5000 is perfect for students.

  20. This is the opposite of what UAC does this stuff is inexpensive and seems like something that could actually benefit a student ,while UAC shows stuff you WISH you could buy/afford. Both very good content creators with very different perspectives on student essentials

  21. Most Linux systems aren't natively compatible with ExFAT, but you can install a driver called exfatutils

  22. The kinda video you watch when you have nothing to do

    And the kinda video you make when your running out of time on your deadlines

    What I'm saying is that its pointless

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