The Best Tech Under $500! – July 2017

The Best Tech Under $500! – July 2017

– So, today, I’m taking a look at some of the best tech under $500 bucks. That includes this
beautiful monitor behind me and even a look into
the world of music tech. Now, huge shout out to
today’s sponsor, Beautyrest, who asked me to showcase
their sleep tracker monitor. And like I talked about
in my 4k setup video, I want to shake things up when
it comes to sponsored videos. So, anytime a brand wants to sponsor video and ask me to showcase their product, I want to use that as a chance
to give back to you guys and make sure that you have
a chance to win that product. So if you want a chance to win
a Beautyrest sleep tracker, or an amazon equivalent gift card, details are down below. So this is the Beautyrest sleep tracker, which is Alexa-enabled, and allows you to turn
any bed into a smart bed. How it works is out of the
box you get two sensors. So in this case, I have it
set up to track two people. But if you’re riding solo, you’d simply place one in the middle. From there, then feed
information into the brain, which is located underneath your bed. This does the tracking, the processing, and ultimately allows you not to have to wear a tracker to bed. This works hand-in-hand
with the sleep tracker app, which allows you to set bedtime
goals when you wanna wake. And what’s awesome is, because the sensor are
integrated into the bed, it can track your heart
rate, your body movement, and ultimately give you the most accurate information possible. Beyond that, because there
is a dedicated processor, it is constantly adapting and
getting smarter over time. In my case, if I can get
six to six and a half hours of sleep every night, that would be ideal. If you need less or you need more, let me know with a comment down below. But if you’ve been looking
for a sleep tracker whether it’s an upgrade from an app or you just hate wearing things to bed, this is a super cool piece of tech. From there, we are jumping
straight into that monitor. This is the ASUS MX299Q
and if you’ve been looking for an ultra wide monitor
but don’t want to drop a ton of cash, this guy
is hair over $350 bucks. Right off the bat what I love about this monitor is how it looks. And in this case, I think the contrast of the silver and white looks amazing but ultimately I think it
would awesome on any desk. I think the circular base gives off this really cool futuristic look. You have a ton of inputs:
display port, HDMI, sadly no USBC but for the
price, I can live with that. This is 21×9 aspect ratio which gives you a resolution of 2560x1080p. No 1440p but ultimately
that is what allows it to sit under $400 price point. And if you don’t need those many pixels, that’s gonna put some cash
back into your pocket. Quality wise, this monitor
looks awesome, and personally, I am a single non ultra
wide monitor kind of guy but I can totally see the appeal. One, it looks awesome and two, if you need that extra screen real estate, it almost mimics a dual monitor setup but while keeping things nice and tidy. Beyond that there is a pretty nice set of speakers built into this monitor. They’re not gonna blow your mind but if you don’t need anything loud or you’re looking to
upgrade your speakers later, they will definitely do the job. In this case, I have it
hooked up to a MacBook Pro but I think it has me inspired
for a Windows based setup. I have a challenge to get everything including the monitor, the computer, the desk for under $1,000 bucks. If that’s something you want to see, let me know by dropping a like down below. Overall, this is a really
good looking monitor both on the video quality
spectrum and the aesthetic. And if you’ve been looking
for an ultra wide 21×9 monitor but didn’t want to spend over $500 bucks, this might be your go to option. Next, we’re taking a look at a backpack and I’ve looked at backpacks ranging from $35 bucks all the way up to $1,300. This is no where the cheapest
nor the most expensive, but it is for sure unique. This is the S series travel
camera backpack from Vinta. And I think when most people
see the price at $240 bucks, they might react and say, “Holy crap, “that is kind of expensive,”
but when you sit back and break down the
purpose of this backpack, it’s not that crazy. For starters, this is a camera backpack. So, it’s purpose is to potentially carry thousands upon thousands
of dollars of gear. And I think what I like
most about this backpack, is that it doesn’t look
like a camera backpack. So, no ones going to know that you have tons of gear inside. It is surprisingly compact
which is awesome for traveling. Because if you can minimize a big, bulky backpack on your
back, that is awesome. From there it’s the small things like having magnetic straps that really make the backpack an enjoyable experience. And I know, that might kind of sound silly but it’s the attention to detail that really takes things over the top. And even though this is a
relatively compact backpack, there is a ton of room inside. So, on top of all your camera gear, there’s also room for a laptop. So, in this case I have
A6500 and some lenses, a 15 inch MacBook Pro,
and there is still room for the charger, hard drives, headphones, and overall this is a
really well though out and well executed camera backpack that doesn’t actually look
like a camera backpack that still looks really good. Next from there, this
is the One from Apogee which is a beautiful interface that allows you to either
record an instrument like guitar or bass or a
microphone into your Mac. So, this connects via USB to your Mac and on top of being a fantastic
interface it also doubles as a really high quality
dac and headphone amp. One thing that drives me
crazy with audio interfaces, in particular, is when they
don’t talk to your computer and don’t allow you to control your system’s volume through the hardware. In this case, the Apogee
One works perfectly. So, how it works is when you want to plug in an instrument
or plug in a microphone, there’s a break out cable
which connects to the Apogee. This is cool because
when you’re not using it, you can keep it tucked away
which keeps things clean. And then next from here,
we’re gonna go ahead and plug in a microphone. Now, this microphone is
actually the final piece of tech of the best tech under $500 bucks. I’m just gonna use it hand
in hand with the Apogee One. This is the Spirit from Aston microphones which looks great but sounds even better. Now rather than give you a demo of me talking with the microphone, I thought it’d be cool let you hear how it sounds with different voices. So, this is the Spirit microphone, going into the Apogee
One, into a MacBook Pro.. – Man, sometimes the attention
from fame is so annoying. – Then why is your shirt off? – Austin Evans, oh my
God, my favorite YouTuber. – You’re so much more ripped in person. Wow Evans, we love you. Selfie. – Oh my God, that was so
beautiful, you have fans. – Yeah, if I were you, I’d be flattered. – Ehhh. – You wanna stop right
there for a few seconds? – Sure. (slap) – You’re a goddamn
internet celebrity, Evans. I know you track Social Blade everyday. Reap the benefits,
Evans, reap the benefits. – You know, 2 million subscribers
isn’t that bad, Evans. – All they want are PC builds. I’m tired of the attention. – Maybe you should do
the PC builds shirtless with your big, meaty claws. – Yeah, Evans, use them big, meaty claws. – I can’t do it anymore, (gun shots) just get out of here. – Alright, we acted like fans, pay up. – Alright, fine, thanks for the attention. – This is $100, you said $200 bucks. – Yeah, being your fans ain’t cheap. – Two words, ad pocalypse (guns shots). – So, you can see this
microphone does an amazing job on voiceover but if you’re a musician, here’s how it sounds on
acoustic guitar and vocals. ♫ And it keeps cursing my name ♫ No matter what I do ♫ I’m no good without you ♫ And I can’t get enough ♫ Must be love on the brain ♫ Then you keep ♫ So, all in all, a really
impressive microphone and honestly I think it can compete with microphones twice its price. Whether it’s a voiceover,
an instrument, or vocals it all handles it really well. And in this case I think the
Spirit microphone plus the Apogee One is a killer audio
combo under $1,000 bucks. Aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching. If you want to check out that full cover using that microphone,
check out the video here. Or if you want to check
out some more Lego stop motion awesomeness you can
check out Bill, Play, Repeat. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. ♫ And you got me ♫

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  4. I've been thinking about upgrading to the Apogee One. I have the Firewire Duet right now and I have to use it with my old computer.

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  8. Hi,

    Please help me with this pc issue.

    the specs are:
    Kraken X62 Water cooling for CPU
    NZXT H440 Case
    32 GB(4x8GB) GSkill 3200mhz DDR4 RAM
    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid Gaming Graphics card
    MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard
    Intel 5820k Processor
    EVGA SuperNova 850 Watt Gold Power Supply
    Samsung 950 Pro 512GB m.2 SSD
    It runs on windows 10.

    The problem i am having is that the computer has been crashing nearly everyday at least once and it has been due to multiple issues. Sometimes, kmode exception not handled, system thread exception not handled, and system service exception win32kbase.sys. I've tried redownloading graphics drivers, reinstalling various programs, turning off firewalls and security programs (which I don't really have any of except for windows defender), and I even went as far as reinstalling the OS. Idk if this is also related to my not being able to play BO3, which will crash in the middle saying the black ops 3 .exe is not working properly.

    From my research, i hypothesized it was a ram issue, so i tried utilizing the windows memory diagnostic tool, which I realized after loading it up is completely useless since it only analyzes 4 gb of ram, and mine has 32 gb. unfortunately, everytime it finishes scanning, it keeps rebooting back and restarting the scan and i have no way of getting back to the windows 10 OS to turn it off. Idk how to get out of it and I CANNOT use a mem86+ (whatever its called) CD because I don't have one and I also don't have another windows computer to download it to. I have a Mac and I've tried to get mem86+ on the USB but it loads up terminal and I have no clue how to get the instructions up on terminal (people say you have to code or something, which irdk how to do).

    Idk much about pc coding or pc building (i bought this from someone) so please don't make the answers too complicated or at least give me some dummy instructions.

    Please help me get out of this death trap and once I get out of this diagnostic tool, and also, is my RAM hypothesis most likely correct???

    Thanks. Appreciate all the help I can get!!!!!

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