The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Unboxing

The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Unboxing

Hello, I hope that all of you are having an
amazing holiday season. Me I just got sick, I’m just getting over
a cold actually so I might sound a little bit different I don’t know, I feel like I sound different like my voice is a little bit different so if I do sound different that’s why. So I hope that you guys are having a much
better week than I am. If you have some really cool plans for Christmas,
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s I want to know all of your holiday plans let me know in the comments below. Now we are going to move onto the video. Today I have a very special video because I have this thing right here what is it? what is it? This is a backpack. This is the Matador 16 litre packable backpack it’s a DayLite16 pack away daypack the thing has a lot of names. This is a disclaimer this isn’t a sponsored
video but Matador was nice enough to send me this. They are outfitting me for my upcoming holiday
plans. I’m so excited and scared about what
is in this little bag. Apparently when you open this bag this thing it’s supposed to fold out into
this thing so this is like, here’s like a person with
it so this is a full-on backpack that’s in here. I was going to open it up and just you know like start wearing it but I need to share this experience with you so I have not taken it out of the bag yet this is going to happen on camera it might be a disaster, I have no idea I’m really scared that I’m not going to be
able to put it back in here I’m just gonna read some of the features that
are in this bag here because I mean, why not they have like a really nice little thing here and they also give me stickers look at these you guys
I got stickers, yeah so I could put them in the car, whatever,
I don’t know Gusset construction, Dual Train Zipper, Airflow
Straps Okay, I’m just going to open this thing. This bag is so cool look at that it’s just so, like this is really nice line so far I really like how this looks so open it up, ok. So excited but I’m so scared too. there it is right in there nice and snug. This doesn’t have instructions of how to put
it back in here. Oh interesting, okay so it looks like it’s
like attached to the bag so just you’ll never lose that little bag and then, holy moly how am I going to put
this back inside? This is so cool ok I’m sorry for the sound because this makes like a lot of like rumbling
noises so I’m really sorry about
and there’s a motorcycle outside. This is cool, it’s got like a lot of space
in here. This is like very deep
this fits like everything that I need. So zipper, oh my gosh this is amazing zipper you see that? That is really nice attention to detail. This is going to protect all my gear when
it’s raining or if I’m on a boat and there happens to be
splashes of water then this will also come in handy,
this is really cool oh my gosh it even has pockets on the side. It’s got pockets on the side for water bottles that is like, okay how did they do this? And then they have this tiny little pocket
in the front which, oh wow that is a deep pocket oh it goes all the way to the bottom of the
thing. You could put like, my battery pack and go
in there there’s like so many things. This is a, really honestly I am very surprised
at this but the real test is putting it back in the
thing, that’s gonna be… This is really cool because I like these kind
of mesh I don’t know if you can see, there you go. So it’s kind of like this meshy material and this comes really handy when you’re walking
around a lot and it just kind of helps with like the sweat
and stuff it’s not like heavy material that’s just gonna make you all sweaty in that
one area this is nice. Oh cool it’s even adjustable, they have little
adjustable things. So my only thing is the material is like very
strong but then at the same time it’s like very thin I don’t know if you can like see like my thumb there so it feels very thin
but it feels very strong too. So I wonder how this will do in like the real
world I can’t reveal where I’m going yet because only my patreons know where I’m going and if you don’t know anything about that then you can check out the link down below it’s PATREON.COM/REDROMINA it’s gonna be in the description below and all my patreons know where I’m going and they know like my upcoming videos and
things like that we have a ton of fun over at patreon but anyway, I am now going to attempt oh my gosh I don’t know how… I am now going to put the bag back into its
little carrying pouch I’m not going to do an extensive review about
this bag right now because I literally just opened it like you just witnessed me looking at it for
the very first time I don’t think I can give it a fair review
just yet I need to use it in real life. So if you are interested in seeing that video then please give this video a thumbs up that way I know that you kind of like this and that you want to know more about this
bag I mean this is kind of cool, I’m really excited but I want to know if you guys are excited
too so. Okay, I think maybe I’m gonna change the camera here so that you can actually see what I’m doing. We are now going to do this kind of thing Should I have closed the zippers first? What do I do? I think I’m doing this right. Okay, you know what I can do this, I can do this. I am feeling so hardcore right now. Haha I did it! So I did not get it perfect lead-in there but really I think it’s just like, this is
practice I just don’t, I don’t. My initial thoughts on this is this is awesome, it is the perfect size for putting it inside of my actual travel
backpack or my suitcase It’s just perfect inside,
does not take up too much space and the actual size of the backpack seems like it’s pretty good and the material seems like it’s durable we’ll see how it is in the real world. The only thing that I don’t really like so
much is that they don’t have like pictures or like full instructions on how to put it
back in I think that would be kind of cool if they could do like a little cool design of like how to put it back in, maybe or like how they suggest to put it back in I am extremely impressed. Let me know if you enjoyed this video and if you think this matador backpack is
kind of cool I will definitely be making a review of this because this is interesting but once I use it a little bit more I’ll let you guys know what I think of it
then and for now I hope that you are having an
awesome holiday time. Thank you to Matador for sending me this backpack I am super excited to try it out on my upcoming
trip and if you have no idea who I am my name is Romina and I make a whole bunch of videos every single
week so please hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on any of my videos and if you are already subscribed then hit that little bell that’s right next
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out on all of this goodness. But for now I am going to go so I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patreons
over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do, become a patron and
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23 thoughts on “The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Unboxing

  1. I am going to buy one for me, it is so cute and handling. Is is so incredible how they can do that with so many compartment but at the same bag is compact.

  2. Yo la quiero es increíble como tiene tanto compartimiento y a la misma vez se puede hacer tan chiquita. Matador me encanta y la quiero para mi colección de cosas que se hacen pequeñas. A donde vas??????

  3. I really need something like that. I always like to have a light bag for travel but haven't found a good solution yet. Thanks for this "unbagging!" ☺️

  4. 💙 Let's be friends: • • •

  5. The bag Sea to Sky from Indiegogo has the same idea but is built better and larger with 24L capacity. But of course everyone has a different need. I'd go with Sea to Sky but it costs more. Hard to pick between the two.

  6. Just curious, why did you switch from doing a peace to a Vulcan sign at the end of all your videos?🤔✌️🖖

  7. I don’t know why so many female reviewers put on the ditzy blonde persona or act like a little girl . It’s not really appealing . I know you’re just trying to be funny but I just don’t like it .. anyway . Good luck . ✌🏼

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