The Dolls Mailed Themselves to Ryan’s World and got the My Life as Doll

The Dolls Mailed Themselves to Ryan’s World and got the My Life as Doll

it looks like we have room for just one more if they’re still gonna be room for
you and I, Abigail. great! Eddie you’re the last one in, besides us. Hop on aboard!
okay thanks Abigail. comin through. okay, come on Eddie. We’ve got a spot right here for you. Okay, Abigail, that means you’re next. Awesome! hey Mary Ellen can I get a little
help here? I’m trying, Abigail. uh, help with what? what exactly is going on here? wha… wha….
Hang on second. it’s pitching me in the middle. there that’s much better.
so what we’re doing is …we’re mailing ourselves to Ryan’s world.
Ryan’s world? um thanks, Floss, but you better let me handle this. I’m just super exited. yeah me too. well what we heard is that
Ryan has come out with a new 18 inch doll, and we’re going to mail ourselves
to Ryan’s world and see if we can bring back his new doll, so we can have Ryan
here at We imagine. oh.. wow! that does sound like quite the adventure. okay. hey, Guys,
I’m coming in. and Mary Ellen? you are…? yeah… like normal, I was elected to go along
and make sure that they went and came back safely. but I really could use your
help. Oh how’s that? well, if you could just
seal up the box and put us out for the post, we should be there and back in in
no time. well if you’re sure that this is what you all want to do, I guess I can do
that. yeah! well alright then…. are you guys ready? yes!
sweet! Next stop, Ryan’s world and bringing back our own ryan toysreview
doll. ok then, here we go. see you guys soon. stay safe. bye! Oh, this is so exciting! Hey
Loki’s here to say goodbye. Bye Loke…..see you soon. (tape pulling) okay, now out for the post. the mail’s
here, and I think the dolls are back. oh great! well let’s get them open and see. (tape pulling) Shew!
well hey everybody! hi! oh it is a lot more crowded coming back then it was
going. um yeah, can we get out now? well sure. okay Norma Jean, are you okay? yeah….I got it.
Okay, Abigail you’re next. I’m coming. so did you all have a good
time? yeah! yeah! oh yeah it was the best! I do have to say this was a pretty good
idea. I told you Mary Ellen. we actually stayed for a couple more days. Playing with
Ryan and all the toys was completely awesome. yeah, it was so much fun. and wait
till you see what we brought back! well okay. oh my goodness! so you did… you brought back his 18 inch doll. isn’t that awesome? well it really is. now all we gotta
do…. is get him out of the box. wow he really is cool. oh, well what did I tell ya. Let’s do what the box says and Look what’s inside. well first let’s actually take a look at
what else the box says. I’m poseable?! so this is Ryan from Ryan’s world.
this is his 18 inch doll version and it comes with one, two, three surprises from
my life as collection from Walmart. the back of the Box reads, “hey guys it’s
me Ryan.I’m so excited that you share my love of toys. playing with squishy
stuffed animals and slime is so fun but nothing compares to the surprise of
opening a blind pack or a giant mystery egg and then being excited at all the
cool items inside. I love being able to share my thoughts and experiences with
my fans like my unboxing videos. there’s nothing like bringing your imagination
to life and I want all my fans to feel the same joy that toys can bring. yeah…
yeah that’s right, so let’s get everything out of the box! are you with
me Mary Ellen? I’m with you. well how about we do a little we imagine magic?
I’m touching it. are you Mary Ellen? yep! well then let’s do it in a snap! (magic chime) and
there he is. there is our new 18 inch doll from my life as Ryan, from Ryan’s world.
so first off, let’s talk about his hair. he has his short black hair which feels
kind of like there’s a little bit…. well actually up here a lot of gel in it,
to keep the bangs smooth. it’s pretty pretty stiff up here… much softer in the
back.and then he has brown eyes and the feathered eyebrow. his shirt has the
baseball style sleeves and cut. their short sleeves with black trim and black
striping. and he has the Ryan’s world logo on here. and the clouds are actually
kind of puffy. and this feels… this is like an iron-on and then these (clouds)
are actually raised. and then the pants are a pull-on elastic waist, in a camo
print, and they have little banding at the ankle that makes them kind of like a
sweat pant. and then he has on a red loafers for his shoes. and this my
life as doll has the basic five points of articulation: at the neck, the
shoulders, and the hips. the Box said he’s poseable, so I’m assuming that just means
with being jointed in the arms and in the hips, because there doesn’t seem to
be any other bend to him. so it’s the basic five points of articulation. but
what else comes with your doll are two surprise bags and a surprise egg. so what
do you say… let’s get them open! alright. so let’s start with one of our blind
bags first. tear it open. and….oh look. how funny! it’s a slice.. a plushy slice of
pizza with what looks like a Ryan pizza monster on it. so you can hang that from
your backpack, or your zipper, or whatever else you can think of. that’s a really
pretty cute. so let’s give that to Abigail here. and then let’s open our
next blind bag. and it’s a Ryan plushie! he’s the superhero with his superhero
cape and mask. very very cute! so let’s give that to Ryan. oh that’s actually
really neat…. he actually can hold his own plushie! and then last, but definitely not
least, we have the surprise egg with three surprises inside. ages five and
up. so let’s see what’s in here. now let’s crack it (Magic chime) Oh! so first off what is in here? it’s
surprise slime. ooh and it’s a neat…looks like a fuchsia color. so let’s see. let’s
use our scissors here. and oh wow! look at that!
hey let’s dig. oh it’s and it’s gooey. oh wow,
it’s actually kind of really cold right now because it hasn’t been worked. so
let’s warm it up and keep stretching it. it’s a little bit sticky, but I think the
more that we work it, the better it’s gonna be. so here we go. oh that’s really
neat. yeah. and it’s not near as sticky as it
was at one point. it’s getting better the more and more that we work it. that’s
very cool. yeah it’s got a little bit of sound to
it. (squishy pop sounds) and I think the more we play with it the
better it’s gonna be. so that is very cool for our surprise
egg. so let’s put it back in the container. there we go…
sound activated (squishing sound) oh that’s gonna be a lot of fun. so we’ll
put the lid on that. and let’s see what else we got in our egg. oh look it’s Gus.
let’s get him out. looky there! he’s got his shirt on with
his name, and his spines going down his back, even his two little teeth hanging
out. feels like a harder rubber type thing.
and so there he is. it’s really cute. so we’ll put him right up there with the
slime. and what is our third surprise? look it’s Ryan’s superhero mask! oh that
is so fun. I absolutely love having this to go with him. it’s even got the yellow
bolt on it. so let’s try that on him and see how it looks. see if we get it all
smoothed out here. and there he is…. our newest 18 inch doll from my life as Ryan,
with all of his super cool surprise accessories. do you have a favorite from
the mystery surprises? that’s really hard for me to choose. I love them all. and
have you found us on Instagram yet atwe imagine workshop? there you can keep
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our collection for now. until next time….. hey, Ryan? yeah? you think I could try on your mask?
sure Abigail, I don’t see why not. awesome! well look at that…
perfect fit! come on Mr (mister) I’ll go introduce you to everybody else. Mr (mister)?
yeah… M R for mini Ryan. Oh Abigail. Come on! Let’s go. thank you for watching! subscribe! It’s Free! What can you imagine?

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