The Family Tradition That Almost Ended

The Family Tradition That Almost Ended

– [David] You know how awesome? That would probably take up our whole living room. (chuckles) (cheerful Christmas bell music) She loves sorting things. (chuckles) Braylee, do you love sorting things? Hey, let’s go. – [Stacey] Are you going in the bus? – [David] Yeah. Guess what we’re doing, outside? Christmas tree, yellow bus, let’s go! Yellow bus, Braylee. (snowsuit swishes) It’s snow time! – Yeah, push. (Braylee hums) – Today, it’s our annual tradition, that we started last year,
so this is the second annual Wee Fam Christmas Tree Cuttin’. – How’s that? And then pull these down, over your boots. – I bet you there’s a better
name than that for it, but either way, we made a tradition, starting last year, so this
is our second time doing it. – [Stacey] Ooh, good job We’re goin’ out to cut
down a Christmas tree. – [Stacey] Which gloves do you want? – [David] In the school bus! – [Stacey] Yeah, get in there girl. She can’t pull her heel
all the way into it. Now is it better yet? – [David] Are you sure
there’s not a sock in there? Oh there’s a sock in one. – [Stacey] Is there? – Yeah, probably.
– Hold on. (Stacey gasps) Oh, is that better? Gloves? Put those on. – [David] She wanted
to put them on herself. She put ’em back in the
backpack to pull ’em back out. – [Stacey] This hand, this
one goes on that hand. Good job. (keys jingling) – Goin’ to the tree farm. Ready for the tree farm, Braylee? Say, yes! – Say trees! – Yay, trees! – Yeah! (Braylee cheers) – You’re gonna love it. – Jingle bells. – That’s right, jingle bells! (cheerful Christmas bell music) – [David] Ready to go get a tree? – [Stacey] Let’s go, okay let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Go! (snowsuit swishes) All right, where do we want to start? – [David] There’s so many trees, Braylee. – [Stacey] Where do you wanna start? All the way back there? (snowsuit swishes) (snow crunches) That’s my girl! – [David] Are you inspecting a tree? (Braylee hums) – That’s some deep snow, Braylee, huh? Mom’s on a mission. If we don’t find a tree
soon, we’re just gonna buy a pre-cut one, but
it’s still a tree, right? Braylee, it’s still a
tree, and that’s okay. Yeah, we’re on our way back. I don’t think there’s any. We’ll make a loop around the back to see if there’s any in the back where we got ours from last year. – They did say a lot of other
tree farms had to close. – Yeah, I don’t think
they have enough trees. There’s a tree shortage
this year or something. They said next year will be really good. We’re a little bit late
getting a tree this year, too, because of Thanksgiving
being a week later and… it’s been open for a little while now. (Braylee hums) Stacey said she doesn’t
want that really wide one. I think that one would be so much fun. You know how awesome? That would probably take up our whole living room. (chuckles) I think we found the tree! This is the one. Pretty sure this is the tree. It’s a pretty big one. (Braylee mumbles) Stacey wanted to go check and see if there was a tree down there that she might have seen. Yes, or no? – [Stacey] What? – [David] Yes, or no? – [Stacey] You want that? Okay. – [David] This is why we
absolutely love Minnesota. Isn’t this so pretty out here? Isn’t this just amazing? This is why we love Minnesota, huh, B? Snow and trees and everything. – [David] Pull up and break… – [Stacey] Places like this are good, because even if she runs a little bit, she can’t really get anywhere. – This is actually two trees. – [Stacey] Huh? – This is actually two trees. – [Stacey] No. Well then, it looks like
we’re getting a pre-cut. – [David] I don’t know,
they’re intertwined. I don’t know if I can cut down both of these pieces. If I can go below, where
they split in the bottom. That would be an epic tree. – [Stacey] How is that gonna
work though, in a tree stand? – There’s one piece in the bottom. I don’t know if they’ll like that or not? – [Stacey] Why don’t we just get a pre-cut and save ourselves–
– I really like this tree. – Huh?
– I really like this tree. Here let me show everybody
what it looks like in there. – [Stacey] Yeah, I was gonna
say, get an up close of that. – [David] Yeah, it’s definitely
a double tree, there. That’s probably why it’s so wide. (Braylee sings) – [Stacey] Do I press the camera button to prepare movies? – [David] Yeah. – [Stacey] Do I need to zoom in on it? (Braylee giggles) (Braylee humming) – [David] Braylee, get
over here, come back. (Braylee giggles) (Braylee whining) Come on, let’s go. We have to go. (Braylee crying) This is Braylee not
wanting to leave the snow. – Nope, she’s just melting into it. (Braylee whines) She’s becoming one with the snow. – [David] Yeah, you’ll be fine. – Yeah, no we have to go. – You’ll be okay.
– Come on, baby. (saw grinding) – This tree’s a tough one. I’ve been out here for quite awhile. Stacey and Braylee went to warm up. And I’m just cuttin’ away. (saw grinding) I got it, best tree in the world. I got it. Got the best tree in the
world. (exhales heavily) Worth it. We can fix it, it’s not broken. Nothing like sunset and hauling a tree. This to Christmas music
is gonna look so cool. (David imitates Christmas music) (cheerful Christmas bell music) ♪ I’m dreaming ♪ ♪ of a white Christmas. ♪ ♪ Silent night, holy night. ♪ ♪ All is calm, ♪ ♪ all is bright. ♪ That’s some good singin’, me. ♪ Last year I thought about
how things can come around ♪ ♪ Just like that if everyone is here ♪ ♪ To celebrate one day. ♪ ♪ We have our ups and downs ♪ ♪ But when there’s love,
there’s always a way. ♪ ♪ And oh– ♪

38 thoughts on “The Family Tradition That Almost Ended

  1. how beautiful love the trees braylee so cute playing in the snow me i’m the one going pick the tree i’m freezing picked a awesome tree lv the christmas music made me smile

  2. I ♥️ this the ride w music and the star.. WOW .. but wait did you put the tree inside w B and Stacey lol curious minds wanna know .. this was great , as always 💟🌲💟

  3. My family for a few years did the same thing, we went to couple tree farms near us. My favorite was the year we bought tree that had roots to plant it after Christmas. We got to watch it grow! 23 yrs later the small was an amazing tree! I do not know if it still there or not its been 30 yrs since I last saw it. 😀💖

  4. Yellow bus, snow, Bee Cam and artistic snow angel 😊🥰, conjoined Christmas tree🎄 (different is beautiful), stunning sunset, music and singing 👋👍🙌 Yasss tis the season! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈🦋
    Blessings 🌟

  5. You guys are just the cutest! Wish we all lived closer! I have a neurotypical 5 year old daughter who loves to watch Braylee! I'm sure they'd love to hang out in the snow! ❤❤

  6. I love watching your vlogs but I HATE the sound of snow clothes rubbing together, the struggle is so real today 😂

  7. Braylee girl snow so much fun getting a 🌳 oh yea it be bald on one side if you cut it down your so cute kiddo we go out into the woods and cut Ares down live in the green State Oregon I live down in like a Valley mountain's all around me stay Blessed 💚🌹💚

  8. Love seeing Braylee enjoy the snow and love how she wears all her cold weather gear without protest. I'm very curious as to how you worked this out with fitting it all into the tree stand. Can you use a bucket instead? That would be so cute! Now I want a live tree in a silver bucket!!

  9. You made me remember when we did that with our kids. You made me cry when you were singing at the end. Merry Christmas guys, you are a wonderful family. From Toronto, Canada.

  10. 🥰💕🎄The perfect tree! 🎄The sunset at the end was priceless! Driving the bus at the end with the music was so magical. 🥰💕🧶🧵🏠👍👍

  11. Love that your in an area where you can cut down your tree! Makes for some special memories💖 ps. Nice singing Dad!

  12. Braylee's hair just looks so adorable!! I love that you go pick your own christmas tree. we do that every year as well. your video with the Christmassy music puts me in the real Christmas spirit. especially because you guys kinda remind me of the beginning from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation haha. hope your day is going great!

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