The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 6 | The Big Bag Theory | The Zoom Studios

The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 6 | The Big Bag Theory | The Zoom Studios

Guys… Let’s go. How does he have such a big house? It’s a big house indeed. I’ll take care of this guy. But you can’t do it like this. We need a plan. Guys guys guys,
I have a great plan. -What?
-Follow Patrick. I don’t trust him guys. Go! Go and attack him. Go go go go… Oh damn! You were supposed to attack him! Go. Come on here! Move back. What? What? You guys follow Patrick. Quickly. Drop him to the floor. Why are you tying me? Go inside, get the bag. What are you doing Mehek? -Go get the bag.
-I’m coming. Run! Run! Run! Where’s the bag? What? Speak in English. Patrick! You checked all this?
You checked all this? Yeah. Patrick! Go go… Go there. Guys, I looked everywhere. I cannot find my bag. -You bastard…
-I looked everywhere. -Where’s the bag?
-Where’s Patrick? Patrick! I swear to God I’m going to kick his… Guys I found the bag! I found the bag. -Yeah!
-This is not my bag. Open it man. How is he supposed to talk? If you don’t
tell me where the bag is, I will shove this rope up your ass and take it out of your nostrils. He is going to do it.
I’m telling you. I haven’t seen any bag.
What are you talking about? I will slap you so hard. One minute, one minute. Armaan… I… He’s not the stripper. He’s not the stripper? No, he is not my stripper. -He’s…
-Run! Please go. Oh! Ma’am, I have good news for you. We’ve found your bag. Oh my God!
Where did you find it? It was at the beach club itself. Handed over by a helper at the reception. -Thank you. Thank you so much.
-You are welcome. Thank you. Thank you.
Guys, they found my bag. -What?
-Check if everything is in it. -Where did they find it?
-At the beach club. Check if our phones and all
our money is there? -Everything is here. Wait.
-Oh my God! -What?
-Guys, everything is in there. -That’s my phone.
-How did he get this? -Is your wallet there?
-Yeah. Everything’s there? Yeah. The money is also here man. Give me your wallet. -Are everyone’s phones working?
-Yes. -Everything’s there?
-Yeah. This is un…
This is… This is unbelievable man. I can’t believe this. That means we were running for no reason. This is crazy man.
This is crazy. Wait what?
What is crazy? Just that we did something
wrong to that guy. We went to his house
and caused trouble and everything still worked out well for us. Yes but you know, sometimes bad things
do happen to good people. That’s because we are all interconnected. What has he smoked? Let me explain. We all go for a movie
and we are 20 minutes late. A scene is going on. A father is sitting with his kids.
He’s watching a film and he is a good father. The cops come in.
Take him away. And we feel bad for him. And what we don’t see is
that in the first 20 minutes, he’s probably killed somebody. So the point is, that
it’s okay. Are you getting my point? Are you trying to say
that man is a bad guy? We don’t know that. We don’t know his backstory. Yeah but even in that case, nothing changes the
fact that we did something wrong. That’s true. He had nothing to do with it. That’s true. Karma is a b***h. Guys I don’t want to become a cockroach. We should try and fix our mistake. I mean I don’t want to go to hell
because of you guys. And then we are Hindus. We will all get reincarnated.
I will be a cockroach. You guys will be cockroaches. I will be surrounded by cockroaches. -I don’t want that…
-One second. What is this cockroach vibe?
Guys relax. No what she means is, that we should do something. Because we can’t live with this. Like I can’t and I’m sure you guys can’t. What what…
What? Are we apologising? Yeah we should then. -Wait wait wait. Are you…
-Yeah. Are you suggesting,
we go back to his house? Look… See Mehek, if he sees us
he is going to kill us. I’m 110% sure about that. What if he calls the cops guys? Okay wait guys. What do we do? Guys guys guys,
I told you… It was a great idea to
go and apologise to that… Yeah it was your idea. -Correct.
-You are welcome guys. -You are welcome.
-This was all your idea. Patrick is the one guys. -Patrick is the one.
-Listen listen listen. Tomorrow morning, 6 am sharp. I’m going to slap you. 6 am sharp. Guys, are we in school again? And I’m not getting up early for some
physical exercise. Okay listen dude.
Please. Please. -6 o clock.
-Zipline is fun in the morning and Sara has done the booking.
And… This Sara is another headache. It’s Kabir’s day. -It’s my day.
-He is right. -So you have to listen to me.
-Guys, -Yeah.
-6 o clock? Once we’ve made a commitment, forget 6, we can come at 5.45 am too. -Then make the commitment!
-Give me a commitment. -Give me a commitment.
-Yes we commit. Bye. Bye. Oh God. Damn! Shit! Has the bus left? No no, it’s right over there. -Over there.
-Okay. And, have you seen my friends? May be they are over there. -Okay. Cool thank you.
-You are welcome. What?
Where are my friends? I don’t know. -We have to go.
-What? Shit! Yo… Hey. I have been trying to
call Kabir for the past 30 minutes. His phone is unavailable. I guess only Kabir got up at 6 am. He is with Sara. And I’m surprised that he didn’t
camp there for the night. You know what I mean. So guys, what’s the plan for today? Kabir’s day is gone with Kabir. Let’s go to the beach today. We have been here for 4 days guys. Sounds like a plan.
The hotel’s boat is also ready. It’ll get spruced up like a new
bride in 30 minutes. Like her. Just like her. Good. Let’s all meet
here again in 15 minutes. I’ll see you guys.
So we’ll leave for the beach. -Yeah.
-Okay let’s go. -Hi.
-Hi. You didn’t get your friends? Ah, they are still sleeping. No I swear, they are not early risers. They are still sleeping. I’m not lying. Okay.
Let’s go? -Yeah.
-Come. -Come.
-Yeah. So you are saying you never go out? Yeah. Hardly. So why did you come out that night? Jess was giving me a lot of shit. No but why that night? Don’t know.
Coincidence. See that’s the thing. I… I don’t believe in coincidences. You know? I mean the probabilities of you coming on that very
night to that very club where we were, are just insane right? Yeah. You are insane. I just… I just love numbers man. I mean… It’s my, sort of my world. In fact I…
I believe that world is made up of just numerical patterns you know. Really? Yeah. It’s a pattern. Nice. I mean sometimes the world
is just perfect, you know? Most of the times it’s not… But when it is, it’s amazing. Isn’t it? Okay Einstein. Actually,
Newton would be the right reference. Because he made the Calculus… You know? Okay sorry. Oh. Tony Da… Tony De…De… Tony D’Silva. Hi, I’m your helper today. -You are?
-Yeah. So, are you excited? Really excited. That’s good. Have you been to Mauritius before? It’s my first time. Oh wow! Are you liking it so far? Loving it. Okay. And you have played before? I’m, I’m… I’m a professional player. Oh wow! Well I can’t wait to watch. Yeah. Should we go? Yeah of course. Ah… You know, I just forget sometimes. Okay. Let’s go. Oh hello. What are you doing? What are you doing? Guys I was with this girl.
I’m just going nearby. Darling, what was your name? Mia. Mia. Guys I was with Mia. So, you guys can leave. I will join you guys later. Yeah you should go enjoy your day. Don’t worry, he is in good hands. Yeah I’m sure he is. Bye darling. Unbelievable man. Now what do we do? Boat?! So what do you do? Actually, I own a car showroom. -Really?
-Yeah. Ah, what kind of cars? Aston Martins. Wow that’s so cool. Actually my dad owned one and he gave it to me to run it. -So…
-Nice. What do you do?
Tell me about yourself. Well I work here part time but, actually I’m a musician. Musician! You know I love music and I… I love musicians. -Really?
-Yeah. I think you should play me some time. Yeah sure. Come on. Come on.
You can do this. Don’t tell me you are nervous. -No no, not nervous.
-No no go. Go! There’s something I need to tell you. Yeah? I’m not the vice president of my company. Okay. I wanted to tell you because I didn’t want to mislead you or something. I don’t care man if you
are a vice president or whatever. I really don’t. Okay. I appreciate your honesty though. But I believe when
someone makes something up, it comes from a place of
wanting something themselves. Or it was just a dream they wish they had. So you want to be a vice president? I mean… Yeah… Who doesn’t? I don’t. Yeah. You are different. Like… Why do you want to be a vice president? Well, I guess because I worked for it, and I worked really hard
for it and I think I deserve it. I’m sure you will get
it when the time is right. Like you said that day… Everything happens for a reason. Yeah, probably here the reason is that I’m not good enough. Ah no. Can I share something with you? Yeah. I think I have been in a place like you. Like not in a job like you but similar situation I would say. Yeah? For years I was convinced that I have to make more money and more money. That money will bring
me freedom and happiness. But I was only scared to make a change. What did you do earlier? I was a model. I travelled the world. I worked my ass off. I made a lot of money. I was super busy. Super unhappy. I could buy a house but could never make it a home. I had no friends, no life. One day I flipped out. Just like that. Came here,
did some soul searching and all you know. And what I realised was,
that if I wanted to be happy, I needed to change myself. So, I put my house on sale… And I just walked away. Just like that. Wow! Suddenly you sound like
a different person, you know? Weren’t you scared? I was super scared. But looking back, I have zero regrets, whatsoever. That’s the best move I have ever made. It’s… It’s not easy being
different from everyone else. -Is it?
-Exactly. That’s why it is important to be you. You need to understand
what makes you happy and what you are good at. You know? And what if they both are different? Ah… I don’t know man. You are the guy with
numbers and all this stuff. You figure it out! I’m just a girl who loves ziplining on Monday mornings. That’s it. Should we go further? Yeah. See this is what it looks like Mehek. This is what heaven looks like… And look where I have got you. Ah look at this! Looks so nice. Look at the water. It’s so clean. Look at the sky. I don’t have any network though. What? I really pity you Mehek. Look around you. Just look at this place,
and you are on your phone. Just look. Hey come back! Hey. Hello! Yo! Damn man! I don’t know how to swim! I also don’t know how to swim. What?
So… Damn!

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