The kid who is cleaning up the world | @Kidskind

The kid who is cleaning up the world | @Kidskind

– I’m Platt, Lily Platt,
licensed to pick up plastic. And if you want to be an angel like me, pick up your rubbish, kids. – [Narrator] Lily is on
the mission of a lifetime. She’s determined to save
the Earth from litter. – Well how it started was
back in the years of 2015, when me and my Grandpa were just walking, and we just saw so much
discarded plastic everywhere, and I thought “hmm, this
is actually quite a lot “for only 15-20 minutes of walking”. I just thought “I can’t
let the environment “die because of this! “I need to do something!” – [Narrator] Lily and her Grandpa started picking up plastic
and other trash they found, and taking it to be recycled. – [Lily] Whenever there’s
a piece of plastic, you just can’t resist it. You can never unsee it
when you walk past it, I just have to pick it up! We should start taking action now, and not wait for the
plastic apocalypse to come. Cause you can’t build a time
machine, and go back in time. You can’t do Back to the Future, cause that was a film
in the 70’s and 80’s. So, you just can’t go back in time. You need to focus on it now! So we got all the plastic,
we put it in bags, and then we sorted it into groups. So cans go with cans, and
bottles go with bottles. And we took a photo of it, and we posted it first to my mum, and then we put it on social media. And then a lot of people
sort of reacted to it, and we thought that this
was a very good way sort of so people can know about this problem, cause nowadays social media is everywhere! – [Narrator] She and her Grandpa pick up about 500 pieces
of plastic every week! Which adds up to more than 25000 pieces of plastic every year. – [Lily] In all of the
years that we’ve been doing this, it’s about… – [Voice] 100000. – [Lily] Yes. It’s a lot. – [Voice] Ya, 100000 I think. – [Lily] Actually this
would be a lot of math for a kid, to write it out. (laughs)
– [Voice] (laughs) – [Narrator] Cleaning up the environment makes Lily feel good
about how she’s helping all the plants and animals
that live on Earth with us. – That connection with nature, I call that the “green heart”. And a lot of people all across the world have lost their green heart. But I believe that the young people, and very few people left
still have their green heart, and they need to spread their green heart so more people can have a green heart. – [Narrator] Lily says
there are many things that YOU can do, to have a green heart too. – [Lily] What I would say is to reduce your use of plastic,
and use a reusable bottle. So use reusable materials. And also, pick up plastic if you see it. Always recycle it and put it in the bin. But if you have to use plastic, I would say reuse it until
it sort of wears out, and then recycle it. – [Children’s Voices] Kids kiiind!

3 thoughts on “The kid who is cleaning up the world | @Kidskind

  1. It's great to see on the various YouTube news channels, so many young people either individually or in groups, getting involved in reusing and recycling materials such as plastics. The World needs leadership on this if we are to reverse pollution and human-made climate change. Young people increasingly realise that they are inheriting a bad situation, and are taking a lead to put matters right. Sadly older generations have not played their part as they should have done – but it is not too late to change. How many of us are making a conscious effort to avoid unnecessary plastics, such as buying plastic-free items in the supermarket ? Everyone needs to be aware of the problems that exist, and how to avoid being complacent about the solutions. Excellent that this young lady is giving such a good lead to the rest of us ! Incidentally, anyone wanting to find out more what is being done on a world-wide basis, search YouTube for the channels of "Dave Hakkens", a young Dutchman whose mission is also to clean up plastic by recycling it, and his formalised process for doing so, "Precious Plastic".

  2. Too bad we can’t get the huge corporations to stop producing the shit she’s picking. This little girl is in for a big wake up call.

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