The kid who turned old backpacks into hope | Kidskind

The kid who turned old backpacks into hope | Kidskind

Thank you for donating. Thank you for donating. [Announcer] Savannah Moon is a 9-year-old old Kindness Queen! On her last week of
school, she’s rallied kids from all ages to donate their backpacks and water bottles for people in need. Today we’re helping the Atlanta homeless by doing a backpack drive
for the Gateway Center. The Gateway Center is a
homeless center for men, where they can get help. – [Announcer] This
awesome act was inspired by Savannah’s best friend
and hero, her brother. We got inspired because
Mabry Middle School had a community project. My brother picked a shoe drive. We donated all the shoes…
and then on the way back to our house, we realized that one of their main needs are backpacks. One of the problems in
the Gateway Center is they give them clothes, food, and shoes, but they can’t put it anywhere. They’re getting [plastic]
bags, and then they just rip and then they lose their things. I just realized that my
family’s very fortunate, and others aren’t, and I wanted to help. People that are less
fortunate can’t always get out and helping them helps the whole world. It’s the end of the year,
so we thought it would be a good idea to do it now because kids are getting rid of their backpacks. It’s either going to be thrown under beds or thrown in a closet or thrown away. For my friends to help and participate in the backpack drive, it means a lot that they would help me. Thank you for donating. [Announcer] Help came
from teachers, friends and kids in different grades. The next stop was to drop everything off. Today, we’re gonna go drop off 171 backpacks and 65 water bottles. [Announcer] Some people
can’t afford things you use everyday, and
at the Gateway Center they can receive shoes and clothes, and other important items for free. I think it’s important to help people that are homeless, because
people that are homeless sometimes, it’s hard
for them to get back up. And if they don’t have
stuff, and they keep losing their things, it’s even harder for them to get back on their feet. [Announcer] It’s a lot
easier to be on your feet if someone is helping to hold you up. And for Savannah, being
kind is pretty simple. Just be nice and have a kind heart. – [Announcer] Ask yourself, what does it mean to have a kind heart? Kindness is free, you can
share it with a friend, a sibling, or like Savannah does, someone you may never meet. Little things can create
the biggest smiles and can change someone’s universe forever! If no one had kindness, we would all just be mean
and no on would ever smile. I think kindness is important. Kidskind.

11 thoughts on “The kid who turned old backpacks into hope | Kidskind

  1. True little sweet hart… kindness goes along way… congratulations to you for showing the adult's to care…

  2. This is lovely & I am so glad adults supported her kind goal. I hope in the future they continue to donate bags to those in need, children in care for example often have to carry their belongings in trash bags, it would be wonderful if Savanna could manage to source bags for children in need. I am sure this will inspire others to help their local community too, as you say kindness costs nothing.

  3. She is onto something if only the government could help her out. I was lucky I had a car to live out of when I went to work as a carpenter out of labor pools. Every now and then I took a vacation from work put on my backpack and went hiking on the Appalachian Trail. It was when I was sitting on a cliffside on top of one of those new England mountains looking down on the Housatonic Valley eating blackberries (I just picked) I told my God it can't get better than this… he proved me wrong. If the truth is setting you free living out of a backpack between jobs can work just fine. Not all Americans going to work needs the extra 75 pounds hanging off their stomach to be healthy and to be right with … "I am what I am".


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