The most comfortable camera backpack // compagnon explorer

The most comfortable camera backpack // compagnon explorer

[Music] hey Kickstarter we are company-owned we founded our camera gear brand around five years ago to build the best and finest camera bags in the world my name is Valentin and I’m with Alice we are cousins and have been close friends all our lives – that’s what a company is a trusty and best friend for life we have built some highly appreciated bags and backpacks before but now it was time for us to go all out with our all-new Explorer backpack to create this special product we worked hard with our friends over at Deuter the biggest and most trusted backpack manufacturer in the world based in the south of Germany just like us our combined expertise created eight prototypes after extensive testing and various environments it is ready [Music] the Explorer backpack is an amazing camera backpack that’s perfect for photography or filmmaking and also ideal for hiking commuting camping or whichever adventure you have in mind this new companion is available in two different sizes the compact Explorer backpack for your 13-inch laptop your DSLR and around four lenses and there’s the larger Explorer backpack plus that will easily take a 15-inch laptop to pro cameras and six lenses the storage compartment in both models is fully customizable by various padded dividers so a perfect fit for your gear is guaranteed German design the daughter and companion brands are by words for durability and quality so we’re using only the best materials and parts available on the market ultra resistant hi Paulo expandable roll-top storage magnetic FID lock buckle quick access anti-theft guard [Music] YKK outdoor zippers optional mug teller durable and water-resistant shell highly economical versatile organizer front pocket protective interior padding detachable hip belt be a true Explorer with your new companion and bring the Explorer backpack to photographers in filmmakers worldwide together with our team we put everything we know about great bags into this outstanding product and we need your help to make this massive project come to life thank you for your support

10 thoughts on “The most comfortable camera backpack // compagnon explorer

  1. Man, if that main compartment zipper ever fails all your main bag will flip backwards and all your gear will fall out. Shoulder harness should of been attached to the actual pack and not the lid that opens. Too much of a stress point. Too much weight in the pack and it all relies on that one little zipper…. nope… not with my gear. Sorry!!!!

  2. I am curious about this bag, there aren't a whole lot of videos of it yet and it is supposed to be close to production. Of course, this is made by Germans, not the best at social media, so hopefully once this bag releases there will be a few consumer videos of it.

  3. Hi I recently in Photokina2018 ordered the bag by paying full money for the Explorer + bag. I have not received any response from these guys and I do not know when this will be delivered. I am completely astonished to come across such an irresponsible company. I was promised that my bag will be delivered within this week. When I contacted them over phone it goes to a voice mail. There is no response to the emails as well. Is this a fraud? Please enquire before purchasing this product.

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