The North Face Kaban Backpack Review | 26L Daypack For Laptop & Tech EDC

The North Face Kaban Backpack Review | 26L Daypack For Laptop & Tech EDC

35 thoughts on “The North Face Kaban Backpack Review | 26L Daypack For Laptop & Tech EDC

  1. PH was super cool to see this video this morning; this Kaban has been my daily driver as well as my functional bag for work (maritime security) and gym, its super durable; cleans well and still looks great! Love your work guys!

  2. I have been using the larger version of this bag, the Kabig, for a few months now. Used it as a primary carry on road trips in Arizona, Utah and Nevada as well as on a drive from Seattle to San Francisco. I've also used it as a carry-on during two trips to India. Its a great bag and you guys should check it out!

  3. I've been using the Kabig which is fairly similar in design just bigger. A couple of gripes after 1.5 years of daily driver use.

    The weather resistant TPC coating layer tends to collapse inward if the bucket isn't full.
    Where the collapse occurs the coating and polyester has eaten away into holes because it's folding on itself.
    Also, the TPC has picked up marks and stains that i feel should be able to come out but don't.
    Finally for the gripes, it doesn't stand well when leaned against the wall.

    Ultimately great bag, all the pros mentioned are true

  4. Minor FYI, North Face logo peeled off my shoulder strap (white colorway) after less than a year of light use. No big deal as the branding is even more minimal now.

  5. While I don't think I will get this particular bag, I really appreciate your review and how meticulous you guys are with the practicality of a bag.

  6. I love this bag! So stylish! I have been using it for a year now, mostly for short business trips (1-3 days) where I need to bring my MacBook, iPad, work phone, cables + clothing and a smaller toiletry kit…my AER Travel Pack simply is to big for those short(er) trips!

  7. Actually got this bag and it's amazing but the biggest problem is it doesn't expand outwards, so putting water bottles on the side pocket or more items in the front compartment all affect the space inside the main compartment
    It helps keep the shape but it doesn't feel like 26L to me 🙁

  8. I am using the smaller cousin (~20l) of Kaban, Kabyte. It's been my daily driver for about 2.5 years now. I love it's streamlined look and it has the same small pockets in Kaban as well. I believe both the Kabyte and Kaban have a great combination of asthetics, functionalities and comfortability.

    I wish (the outer layer of) this bag is built more durably though. The exterior starts to peel off (near the main compartment zippers) after about 1.5 years of use. I may consider getting a new bag if it continues to peel off badly. I'm not entirely sure if it's due to the hot and humid climate where I am at. Does anyone in the non-tropical climate regions has the same experience?

    Well, overall I believe the Kabyte (by extension, the Kaban) is still a great value-for-money purchase despite my gripes. 🙂

  9. It’s hard to avoid sweaty backs especially in cold climates when you are wearing winter clothing. It’s actually worse as in warm climates your back can dry quickly when you take the backpack offf. In the winter you stay damp when sweaty.

  10. I actually just bought this backpack a month ago. Here's what I think:

    1. The straps are soft but they hurt on heavier backpack days. The back panel can sweat, like sweat sweat!
    2. The top-loading mechanism eats up a lot of valuable space for a 26L backpack. Wish there were two zippers for top loading opener – I mean its the main pocket, please add another zipper man. Its pretty frustrating tbh. And the zip isn't the best, they can't be opened with one hand 😐
    3. the front-organization zipper is total crap since it doesn't expand to accommodate anything big – and starts showing bulges in the nylon coating area. Personally, I would have preferred if this area expanded. Basically, NF preferred looks instead of functionality.
    4. Love the grab handle – that's the best part of the backpack followed by the yellow interior & the inner organization.
    5. The side bottle pockets dig into main capacity and aren't the best – could be better if they expanded, I have a 32oz bottle and I have to fit it inside the main body.
    6. This backpack isn't heavy rain-proof! wth?

    Also tempted to return this 🙁

  11. 26L but feels smaller than 26L in my opinion. I also heard issues of it peeling and picking up scratches very easily. For that reason I skipped on purchasing this bag. Edit: I tried it on but returned it

  12. Wish I had an excuse to get rid of my current north face backpack but it's looking near new after five years! #firstworldproblems

  13. Any hiking pack reviews with some actual hiking? Don't get me wrong, i just don't spend much time flying around the world to various coffee shops with a MacBook.

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