The Nutcracker and our 2019 Winter Collection!

The Nutcracker and our 2019 Winter Collection!

Hey everybody hi I’m Amanda and I’m
Ashleigh welcome to the frosted pumpkin stitchery
studios and our Nutcracker slash holiday preview all the good stuff
all the good stuff so to get started um we haven’t really talked to you guys
since Halloween it’s been a while it has been a while because we have been so
busy here getting stuff ready our new printer arrived which is awesome and we
have a brand new holiday collection that we’re gonna introduce you to today and
these patterns will be available on our website on Black Friday at 10 a.m.
Pacific time I’m ready yeah it’s coming up it’s coming up Kristi our sample
stitcher has been so busy and doing an amazing job on things and you guys have
been super busy on your Nutcracker so to get started Ashleigh tell me about your
outfit today today I’m wearing another hinterland dress by sew liberated and
this was actually one that I made on my birthday and it’s probably a summer
dress but I I’m gonna wear it all year long yeah it looks adorable with a
cardigan thank you yeah this is my first time wearing one with a cardigan it
looks good and she had it she the first time I usually when you wear these
dresses you’re wearing clogs and from which ones are those holes has-beens
has-beens she so she usually wears it with swedish has-beens but today she was
wearing it with booties and they looked there it was pretty comfy and kept my
toes warm yes yes it’s actually getting a little bit cooler here which is nice I was cleaning out my office and I have
a scrap bin that I had been planning on using for underwear and various things
and I found my very first knit project and I had planned on turning this into a
pair of underwear but I put it on and I realized it doesn’t suck as bad as I did
and this is probably from 2017 yeah a couple years a couple of years so this
is grainline Studios Linden in a cotton Jersey I think it’s an art gallery print
and I’ve just been wearing it around the house um I slept in it a couple nights
ago it’s really comfortable and then I’m also wearing a pair of jalie Clara
leggings and these leggings are amazing because they don’t have a center seam at
the crotch so you could wear like a crop top or however you want and you don’t
have to worry about anything showing anything showing your lady parts don’t
show it’s a completely smooth finish it’s it’s quite a genius pattern and
I’ve been keeping track of what I wear during the month of November my goal is
that I want to try to wear each article of clothing that I own 30 times and
before I buy any new clothes I’m asking myself what I wear that thirty times
because I’ve been looking at the statistics of how we use our clothing
and how and I know that I’m totally guilty of this sometimes we’ll go to
Target or Old Navy and we buy something we wear it once we donate it yeah yeah I
need to get way better at that so so far this week we are filming this on a
Sunday I have worn these leggings four times good job yes so I feel like these
leggings alone are going to be a very crucial part of my wardrobe and I’m
really liking it my only regret is that I made them in like a really light
weight I think that they are cotton bamboo jersey from blackbird fabrics and
they’re super soft but they are sheer yeah so I just wearing them I was like a
layering thing I wore them under a dress I wore them with a sweater I’m wearing
them today with a sweater if I were to leave the house I would put on pants or
a skirt because not everybody needs to see my butt
while these are smooth finish for the lady parts no one wants to see my
underwear so we we’ve actually been doing a lot
yeah what is this shawl you have here this
purple one yeah this one I made probably around the same time as that top maybe
maybe this is cladonia from through the loops and this purple yarn I think you
actually gave to me and I think it’s I’m trying to think now I think it’s called
you say it’s your birthday, I’m almost positive, it’s by Knitsomniac yeah you made one I made one and yeah it’s so
cute but this one I love to wear it’s a little smaller than my my other ones I
can’t fit around my hair but you do have a lot of hair it works really well with a
shawl pin and then it holds it in place in and stays nice that’s awesome and so
like like we did it in our previous episode we’ll include little slides that
share the details of the things that we’ve made so on and so forth how is uh Karl the Shawl coming along
good ol Karl the good old Karl he’s getting there
oh it got through the bobble section and actually this is the first time I’ve
made bobbles and I really like making that the opposite yes I’m looking at the
right side this is the bobble well they kind of go they go please poke them out
that way because of that Oh doing that with it I think once I’m sorry I should
correct you you know it’s your project you know once I block it I think I’m
gonna try and poke them out so that they’re all on the right side yeah cuz
some of them are popped in and some of them are like little belly buttons they
are especially in the pink but I love how this is going together and yeah
Christmas is going it is coming and Karl is ready um so one thing that I was gonna share
with you guys is this is the first year in my entire existence as a person that
I’m going to make some Christmas gifts I’ve never done that before
mostly because I’m always afraid that no one will like them, you shouldn’t be afraid of that though, well it’s
nerve-racking I know it’s nerve-wracking so there have
been some Black Friday sales I’ve bought some fabric I have a list I have a
schedule very official very official and also smart you can get it all done on time I hope so I really
really hope so and before we started this video I asked
you you know have you made gifts before and you had you have yeah I made a
ceramic bowl for my husband when we were very first dating and I think it was a
ramen bowl cuz it had holes for chopsticks and it had a comic strip a
little panda climbing rice mountain to get I don’t remember what I’d have to
see if I could take that or if I could find a picture of it somewhere that was
the same year that Ashleigh gave my husband and I you made Eric a mug that
was plaid and you made me a Domo mug yeah I was on a ceramic kick that year, yeah she was,
yeah and then the following year you made me the the Pusheen yarn bowl Ashleigh
is really good at giving handmade gifts I am NOT I am a little bit of a Scrooge
you are though cuz I have a birthday dress that is amazing that she made for
me you should wear that one day I will okay I made her the McCall the very
famous McCall shirt dress out of some rifle paper fabric I forgot about that
yep that’s not a Christmas gift it’s still it’s really pretty it I am
comfortable giving you handmade things because you appreciate them then you
wear them yes yes like that dress you wear that all the time and that is a
very big okay I take it back okay and then I do know that my friend Sue I had
a super tote that I made the noodle head super tote pattern and I
didn’t really like the fabric that I used it was in my donate pile my friend
Sue came over saw it took it and she’s been using it often so I have a list I’m
gonna go through it at the end Christmas if you guys are interested I
could do a wrap-up of what I’ve made if I make it I want to hear from you guys
how do you go about giving handmade gifts are some people on your list more
handmade worthy even others like there are a couple of people that I’m like but
there are a few people that I’m like yeah I think you’ll get it I think
you’ll totally get it so I’m kind of curious what your
thoughts are in giving handmade and receiving hand me my husband was out of
town for two weeks and I told myself I’m gonna sew 55 things for myself
mm-hmm you know what I did I laid on the couch until the last 72 hours that was
like I’m gonna sew all the things really fast so that way I feel like I was
productive I wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped but I made a couple things the
first thing that I made I’m very very pleased with and this is a Kalle shirt
dress this is from Closet-Case patterns and you can see it doesn’t have buttons
yet I’m not quite there I have the dress is completely dumb done not dumb and I
have to just put the the bias to finish the hems and then I have to put the
buttonholes in and I started the dress got the dress like completely done and I
was gonna go to Joann’s to get buttons and then I thought no it deserves
very nice buttons because the fit is really I worked very hard to get the fit
nice and I’m really pleased with it and also this fabric was a bear so this is a
Atelier Brunette so it’s French fabric I bought it from Imagine Gnats this is
the viscose viscose I’m not sure viscose twill it was a little shifty to
sew with but not terrible but when it’s on it is just a beautiful drape and this
is a for sure a 30 wears oh yeah article of clothing and in fact there is
one little secret spot maybe I’ll share a picture maybe I won’t my serger
accidentally ate a chunk of it so I have already darned it and mend it mended it
and that makes it feel a little less precious
but when I was sewing it I was like okay I’m just gonna run to jo-ann’s I’m gonna
go get button yeah and then I thought no I’m gonna go online and I bought the
matching buttons there’s one thing that’s really nice about their lines of fabric
is you can buy coordinating trims and buttons that match the fabric perfectly
so hard to tell on your computer or phone yeah if the color is actually gonna match or not
yeah super stressful so I thought okay you’ve spent the time do it right I also
made a pair of leopard print Ninni culottes from named clothing company and
they are quirky I like them I like them but I also am struggling on a little bit
I wore them yesterday and the fabric I used a rayon from Joann’s and the
fabric grows throughout the day so I had told Ashleigh that I learned a really
important lesson which is do not sew pants the week before your period that’s
right yeah yeah so they’re so after all was said and done the pants they’re
elastic waist and they’re a little bit too big okay no problem but then
throughout the day they’re just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and they
start like a little bit above my ankle bone and then yesterday they were like
brushing the top of my feet oh my god so they are oh yeah they’re just they’re
they’re a nightmare so I’m not sure how I’m going to make them work they could
just be like around the house pants I’ve worn them three times since I made them
I like them they have some quirks and then I made this oh sorry about the loud
noise I made myself a fanny pack and I love it because I can wear it like this
this is exactly what I want it’s gigantic it’s kind of wild
you’re probably like that is the dumbest thing ever however I have a lot of
really good reasons for this and I’ll share them with you right now first and
foremost this fabric is velvet upholstery weight fabric from Joann’s
it was totally a random find I had different fabric planned for this and
then I came across this and thought oh yeah it’s nice I need a velvet fanny so
In May I had surgery and I had a cardiac device implanted into my
chest and I really struggled with it and all of my purses because I have a bad
arm are crossbody bags and suddenly I couldn’t have the crossbody bag because
it rubbed against the device and it was super unpleasant and Ashleigh was like can
a fanny pack and I thought that she was making fun of me which I should have
known better no because Ashleigh she wouldn’t make fun of me but she does
have a very dry sense of humor yeah like get a fanny pack done oh no I was being
dead serious because they’re a thing now they are totally a thing now so then I
started looking at them and I’m like yeah a very cute thing so it pays to
have a younger hipper friend I wouldn’t go that far, I would! I would! so there’s a couple different patterns
there’s one right now um you’ve probably seen making the rounds on Instagram
called fennell fanny pack and I think that’s adorable but I carry a lot of
crap I need a lot of room so this is a fanny pack from a German designer called
Leni Pepunkt so cute I think I might be pronouncing that wrong it doesn’t
matter cuz I’m gonna include the link and everything so if you want to make it
you can too and it’s big it’s oversized I can fit all my stuff on it I love it
yeah it’s gotten a surprise amount of wear for me so 5 stars 5 out of 5 and it
feels good and I get to carry all my stuff and don’t worry about being
uncomfortable yeah and I like you cuz you have your hands-free when you go in
the store so you can be like yeah buying all the stuffs it’s like the best of both worlds it’s like a
little bit of backpack a little bit of purse merge together and I thought about
sewing a backpack because there are three really cute backpack patterns there’s
the raspberry rucksack mm-hmm there is noodlehead has two yeah she’s got some
good she has two really good ones and then I feel like there was one other one
I can’t remember to us and I debated long and hard about it but I was worried
I wouldn’t build to get my arm in the backpack and also I always feel like
worried when I go in stores with a backpack yeah a lot of the stores here
have signs that say like no backpacks allowed yeah so I’m always like, are they going to think that I’m stealing?no I do that because our
Joann’s is that way yes I have to leave all my stuff in the car and just take my
wallet yeah that’s kind of an interesting thing which is weird because
backpacks are totally like a trend right now mm-hmm
so I wonder I wonder how that works have you ever been stopped with your backpack
not yet no but not yes no I haven’t either and I’m trying to think like how
would I act in that situation if you are a backpack wearer and have been stopped wearing one,
I’d like to know how that went down for you okay so let’s get down to business
and by business I mean work business let’s talk about the Nutcracker it’s
done it’s done you guys the final clue went out last week this morning when I
checked Instagram I saw three finished ones oh really
yes nice how I don’t know how that’s possible amazing absolutely amazing
we actually okay so on that note I’m thinking about for our next clubs
possibly you guys wanted it broken up into more clues so we did that this time
we did six weeks of clues five weeks of which are stitching the sixth week which
is next Friday is a finishing tutorial I’m thinking about doing the clues every
other week for that longer duration yeah so that we instead of it being five
weeks it would be ten weeks because a lot of people got the sugarplum fairy
finished and they were super excited and then I started noticing more comments of
I’m behind, I’m behindddd and that really hurts me I do the same thing with knit
alongs I have that same problem I’m good with the first week second week I’m
starting to not keep up and then by the fifth I’m usually one of the last ones I mean
with with knitting that makes sense though because as the project grows yeah
you’re sure knitting there’s so much bigger bigger longer rows with this we
tried to keep the clues all the same but I think that there was a lot of small
details with Clara and the Nutcracker and then the Rat King
yes he’s a chunker he’s big he was a big guy so I think for next year we might
make them even longer yeah let’s do it a little less pressure and it will be more
fun for you guys so Ashleigh what I’d like to know is out of the entire project cuz
you designed this mm-hmm what is your favorite part of the entire
design probably the Sugar Plum Fairy float and then her little candy arch
that’s my absolute favorite I love the mints and the gumdrops and we’ve done
gumdrops in quite a few patterns because it’s one of my favorite little elements
to add yeah it that one when I asked on Instagram a lot of people said that one
and the Rat King Mouse King sorry I call him Rat King
for some reason Mouse King Mouse King Rat King
I mean he’s, tomato toMAHto, he’s there he is he’s he is so sweet and he is he’s my favorite yes
because he has his sword and those eyebrows eyebrows and I we had a comment on and I was gonna save
it for my next video but I think I’m gonna mention it in this video yes okay
we had a comment from our friend Lisa Berg @nimunne who said
we need a whole Sal of animals in clothes hmm good to know I’m gonna I’m
just gonna drop that little thing right here and just move right on thanks Lisa
thank you for setting me up there I appreciate it okay so for me my
favorite part like I said is the Mouse King I did the finishing of this and it
was a lot of fun it’ll be a finishing tutorial on our I don’t know if I’m
gonna put it on YouTube or if I’m gonna leave it hosted externally so that way
only people who thought the pattern can oh yeah can access it I haven’t quite
decided how that’s gonna work yet but of course if you purchase the pattern
you’re gonna receive it on Friday um how’d it how to finish it I found this
really adorable trim in my stash I got it from Joann’s and it’s snowflakes and
I just wrapped it around and I feel like it came out pretty cute you seem like
you’re you’re keen on that one one thing that I’ve been doing on
Instagram which has been so much fun is when you use the hashtag hashtag #tfpsnutcrackerparade I can see your project and I can share it on our Instagram
stories so I have been doing these long what is it when you do a lot million dot
stories what do they call them I don’t know there’s some cute name for theirs
there’s a cute name when your story is literally like a thousand little tiny
dots so I’ve been sharing all of your projects and it doesn’t matter if you
have like five stitches or an entire clue done I’m just sharing everything
and I think I’m probably gonna do it again this week and do another big train
of them and I’m saving them to my highlights although now that I’ve
mentioned that I don’t think I saved the last batch of them to the highlights oh
we could do that yeah combined me yeah we can add it in okay so um I will add
that in and if you just go to our Instagram profile and click the
Nutcracker parade highlight you can see all of these great projects and it’s
super inspiring we have one long-term stitcher
of ours Rani, R A N I, and I I might be pronouncing your name wrong I’m so sorry
and she’s stitching it on pink yes I love the pink the pink is so cute we
have a couple people who are stitching it on neutral and raw fabric that looks
really cute too I’m trying to think oh there’s that um I don’t know if it’s
fabric flare it might be fabric flare where it’s blue with the snowflakes of
knew you’re gonna say that that’s cool too that’s cute and then I believe
@crimsonconfection I think that Instagram name is right I’m sorry I
can’t view it on my phone cuz I’m recording it on my phone she’s super
sweet she’s a quilter super talented gal and she’s stitching it on this like
confetti fabric so it’s like yeah like little confetti flying in the air at the
parade yeah it’s adorable yes so if you’re looking for some inspiration
because maybe you haven’t started yet or you just want to get the motivation to
keep plugging along check out our Instagram visit the the parade of
Nutcracker parade and check it out because it’s I’m loving this project
this project was so good okay so let’s talk about Black Friday
yes Black Friday it’s gonna be a huge day here at the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
because we’re dropping not one not two but three new patterns along with one
gigantic surprise gigantic surprise so I’m not gonna talk about the gigantic
surprise surprise but the new patterns let’s talk about them all right I’m
gonna start with the one that just absolutely broke my heart which is the
Holly Jolly Bandit this is seriously the cutest thing ever
we just filmed an entire tutorial showing you how to finish it like this
and the phone had an error and it didn’t save yeah I don’t want to throw up it’s
fine it’s fine (I do want to throw up) just a little bit yeah really really heartbreaking very briefly
I will tell you how to finish it it’s not hard I know that you guys you guys
have got this it’s easy the sled is from JoAnn’s, Ashleigh laced the holly jolly
bandit on here for me i got some of the duck brand mounting tabs they’re like a
double sided foam tab i stuck it on all the corners stuck it to the sled then
with hot glue i found all these amazing ornaments and tinsel trees at the
trees were at Target okay and then I’m not sure about the ornaments were at
Target and then the little puff balls were a floral stem from Joann’s that I
used a pair of diagonal cutters and I just cut them off of the floral wire
then the lights they’re literally there this um I know you guys have seen these
they are the bendable wire lights I just literally wrapped them around there
tucked them in as best as I could on the back is the I don’t want to disturb it
too much it’s just the little on/off switch easy peasy that’s it you guys
could do this no problem this sled is I want to say I got it for 60% off it’s
with their yeah it’s with their like wreath making supplies killer oh the
other addition is that the you would be you would hang it like you would hang it
like this I’m hanging it like this so my husband
very kindly put a tooth a picture tooth hanger on the back for me the end easy
peasy while I’m holding this cutie we got a
really great pro tip from our friend @gnomecat Jen Thank You Jen and she let
us know about these really cute sleds that was a good point my target never
had them oh snap I got the only one yeah so these are at
target in the like dollar section I’m gonna blow your mind could could you
hold up the let’s do this one any seasonal saying will fit perfectly yeah
amazing so if you have a target that has a decently stocked dollar spot check out
that and try to find one of these wood sleds you could paint to the rails real
easily to match whatever you want and honestly this wreath looks like it’s hot
glued on I’m confident with some pliers I could probably pop it off pop it off
so thank you for the tip on that Jen and she’s found other holiday themed like
Halloween she found quite a few good ones for Halloween she’s a pro yes she
she she really is and I love seeing all the different ways that you guys finish
our things and speaking of finishes today I was on Instagram and I saw
Priscilla of The Real Housewives she did the country cottage needle works the
glitter houses she turned it into this big thing I mean cool I mean I was like
it was a cool finish their finishes are so inspiring my goal of 2020 is to get
better at my finishing game I did the tutorial for this one and I did the
tutorial for this one and I realized I could I want to get better we could both
get better we can both get better and we’ll share
yeah we’ll share more tutorials with you guys we are not professional finishers
by any means no we are your a designer I ship things and talk to people through
email, your the business manager I am the business manager! I sometimes get really nervous about
finishing because Kristi works so hard stitching our samples yes and if we make
a mistake I think if I were to text her and say I accidentally cut this
project in half can you restitch it for me there maybe and she might give her
two weeks notice she might be like no you’re on your you’re on your own you
did to yourself so in our tutorials they’re not
professional they’re more just like crafty hangout
sessions with the pumpkins yeah and we’ll share with you like our tips and
tricks because we love to craft i mean that’s not it at all but I do like my
lacing needs work and I still have this elbow that is like it’s useless it’s not
working properly so I can only really do things one-handed but I did just
recently buy a glue gun and it worked great though this fun those are so fun
so for me the I guess out of the holiday patterns Oh actually I wait I won’t tell
my favorite I’ll introduce them all so this is the holly jolly bandit this is
stitched on picture this plus, picture this plus fabric in Mirage and we use
one skein of DMC Mouline Etoile did I pronounce that right I’m not sure but we
did google it and in case you’re wondering that means star mill in French
which is really cute so cute I just imagine like a very kawaii Factory
that’s just building up stars and just turning them out um so this was this was a lot of fun I
love raccoons I think that they have the cutest things in the entire world my
husband’s always sendings me raccoon videos people call them trash pandas
which isn’t very sweet but I was thinking to myself if someone was
lurking through the night on Christmas who would it be this raccoon so if you
go outside Christmas night and someone is rattling through your stuff I’m not
gonna say you’re trash because that’s not nice
if someone is rattling through your stuff maybe your leftover wrapping paper
looking for some shiny ribbon it could be the Holly Jolly bandit the other
thing that is great about him is he fits on this other size cube that we found at
Joann’s that measures I believe 1.9 by 3.5 my gosh by 1.9 don’t quote me on
that but it is a long skinny it’s literally the most perfect size when I
originally bought the cube for it and I thought okay I’ll make a cube tutorial
it’ll be awesome and then I found
sled yeah that was a game-changer it was a game-changer so you have the option if
you can’t find the sled you can finish it as a cube although you guys are
amazing with your finishes you might come up with something way different and
even cooler than what we did so the next pattern that we can talk
about is this cutie don’t get your tinsel in a tangle… and this one why are sloths a thing
right now for Christmas I don’t know but they are really cute this made me so
happy because you designed this this summer and when I went to Michael’s like
because we know Michael’s is ridiculous and they put out their Christmas stuff
in him like August super early all of a sudden I saw that Garland remember I
texted you the picture there garland yep garland of hanging sloths and I’m like
you’re on to it huh and there was at Joann’s they had scrapbooking paper yes
and fabric so Ashleigh’s ahead of the trend I guess yeah I just thought he was
really cute hanging from that tinsel hang it from the tinsel because I mean
we all should slow down during the holidays right that’s true slow down cuz
I can tell you the things that drive me crazy about the holidays traffic yeah
standing in line yes people who are getting mad at each other general
impatience, yeah patience is out the door during the holidays, yeah out the door, so for me this is like my friendly reminder don’t get your tinsel in a tangle no no just chill you like this little sloth and decorate and then you
were telling me about Aric’s is it Aric’s grandma yes every year she hangs
single strands of tinsel all over her tree I’d say hundreds maybe thousands
she places each single one of them and it’s the exact same color as the
word tinsel in the pattern and she packs them up each year – she doesn’t get new
each year she uses the same ones over and over and it looks beautiful every
year and she’s cute little like the sloth – so shout out to you grandma
Margaret *laughing very hard* how cute is that? This would be my method of decorating of decorating with the tinsel yeah just
chucking it running away she literally has tweezers or something and just I
don’t know for sure I can ask her I’ll be seeing her on Thanksgiving can you
can you get a photo of this tree mm-hmm yeah I will cuz I would like to update
you youtubers and friends with the status of this tree cuz that sounds
incredible so that was the inspiration for that and I did actually find that
tinsel at Target mm-hmm and we have a alternate version of the pattern cover
with the tinsel in it but I ended up using this tinsel because it’s much more
retro and fun yes the colors you picked yeah those are fun really punchy kind of
vintage-y but punchy and bright and cheery and this is actually our first
Christmas pattern that does not use white Oh which is just a fun little fact
I get as I was making it I was like OH there’s no white in here no it’s all color that was
a good pumpkin fact okay thank you and you filmed us a finishing tutorial for
this one I did yep I did a flat fold finish for this one and he is a little
ornament so he can hang on your tree or hang on your mantel or doorknob or
wherever yeah the nice thing about this tutorial and the cube tutorial is that
you can use these for every single one of our seasonal sayings and we have over, I haven’t counted them up recently but maybe over 20 I think so yeah I’m I said
over 20 in my cube finishing tutorial you know tutorials so we’re gonna I’m sure that’s
right to go with 20 yeah so this one came out really cute I love it because
it’s like super vintage inspired again don’t worry we will put cute close-up
images in the video for you so you don’t have to strain I love that one super
cute okay so then last but absolutely not
least would be eight nights this one came out so good so eight
nights of flickering lights this is stitched on crystal sterling from
picture this plus oh I’m sorry this one was stitched on petals from
picture this was so crystal sterling for eight nights along with two skeins of
classic color works As of right now it sounds like we’re gonna have all the
fabric in stock for these projects on Black Friday hmm which is incredible
yeah that’s awesome and we’re trying very hard to also have some of the
specialty threads I won’t know until I check my email on Monday yeah crossing
my fingers that was a last-minute decision because I honestly wasn’t sure
if the fabric was gonna make it in time but Marilyn and her elves just dyeing
like crazy like absolutely blew blew my mind
Thank You Marilyn thank you so for this one I had so much fun with this cube I
typically I mentioned this in the cube finishing video I don’t usually glue
things to the top because we have so many cubes I take the bows and stuff off
and I set them aside so that way they stack easier for this one I got the glue
gun I got the gorilla glue sticks and I I glued dreidels and gelt on the
top. I love how this one finished! this came out so cute I did use scraps so my my sides aren’t as neat and
I explain that in the video but the nice thing about these smaller seasonal
sayings is you can use scrap fabric from your stash so it’s fine yeah it’s fine
and also as I mentioned in my video too no one is going to be looking at the
corners of your cubes and if they tell you your cube could have been tidier here
you don’t need that person in your life Ashleigh and I we say this
is we’re gonna say this up to a thousand times we are not the crafting police no no and I think I mentioned it
actually in the cube video I have a friend and in her thank you and her
sewing room she has I think the person is called crafted moon the girl who did
the cotton and steel stuff Sarah Watts yes she has a little print
and I think it says done is better than perfect or something something to that
effect in my friend has this hanging in her sewing room and I’m like yeah yes yes because I get totally hung up on the
details when I was doing the lacing of this, scooch scooch scooch, and then finally had to say
okay you’ve been doing this for like 35 minutes your husband can speed up the
film but eventually you just have to call it yeah and there are some people
who I know are literally professional finishers in which they probably be
going yeah and that’s cool you do you the craft world isn’t big enough for all
of us I personally want to find joy in my crafting and I have been a quilter
for many many years who I have a lot of projects that would be done if I just
would stop obsessing over the small details yep I’ve got some knitting
projects like that too yes sometimes you just have to *sings*Let it go! Let it gooo! It is what it is so Ashleigh let me
ask you a question mm-hmm all right out of the holiday
collection yes the holly jolly bandit the nutcracker parade don’t get your
tinsel and eight nights which was your favorite to design hmm did you include
the Nutcracker in this lineup or did I do
nope I said I said Nutcracker I think I said Nutcracker Nutcracker is included
in the lineup prop oh well this is tough probably will say Nutcracker I just I’ve
wanted to do a Nutcracker pattern for the last couple of years and we just
haven’t haven’t been able to so this year was
finally the year so I’ve been really looking forward to making it you have
yeah I’m glad you got to make it a reality
yeah how about you do you have a favorite so this is yeah this is really
a toss-up because I feel like all four are really strong designs, thank you, yeah your welcome! you know what
you’re doing definitely I’m actually going to to say eight nights okay for a
few reasons I have a lot of Jewish friends and they’re bummed out when
they’re excluded from things yeah it’s not fair that sucks like this was the
first year we had like a plethora of prop options at Michael’s you found so
many cute Hanukkah themed things so that was awesome and also I love the colors that you picked eight
nights of flickering lights it just sounds like you want to be with your
family it’s yeah it was it’s a good one I love again the colors the colors that
are absolute beautiful I love the colors and I had a lot of fun finishing it my
runner-up would be the Holly Jolly bandit because raccoons and he’s got his little santa hat and he was like I was a helper but
maybe I was in trouble cuz I ate the ribbon we don’t know his backstory
thankfully though he is an animal in an outfit and on that note I think that
we’ve covered everything we hope that you come by the frosted pumpkin on Black Friday and grab your copy of our winter collection and the
fabric and the threads we do not have a big sale for Black Friday um I don’t
think we ever have I don’t know we will have a couple kits marked down just
because my office is overflowing you can’t see it but yeah it’s a disaster over
there scary we have boxes galore I would like to be able to make some room for
the big surprise and get that going and then we also have teamed up with Maria
of a needle runs through it in every single needle minder design will be in
stock on Black Friday so if you have a design
is missing from your collection this is the time to grab it limited quantities
are available so shop early for the best selection of those and sales start at 10
a.m. Pacific time Pacific time so you can Google what time is it in California
there you go alright guys thanks so much for hanging out with us and listening to
us chat about our projects we will be back really soon with a very exciting
video for you a very exciting video may be featuring animals in outfits may be going full circle ok on that note we’re
gonna go and I hope you guys have a great rest of your week and a very Happy
Thanksgiving if it’s your jam thanks bye

17 thoughts on “The Nutcracker and our 2019 Winter Collection!

  1. Love that raccoon! To answer about your homemade gifts! Love that. Much more meaningful. I am making my husband a quilt this year using john Wayne fabric by riley blake. I am also making a scrapbook of all my great grandmothers recipes for my brother. Currently I'm hoping to get it all done haha! I was once asked to leave a Sutherland because I brought in a diaper bag for my baby. Yikes! You 2 are great. Can't wait to see your surprise!

  2. Hello cute and creative gals! All four charts are just wonderful! This was a wonderful video. I love hearing about all your sewing and knitting projects. You give me a chance to discover new patterns I want to try. The hinterland dress with the heart fabric is so darling!!! Trying to decide if I could effectively size the pattern up enough. Gorgeous shawls too. Happy Thanksgiving with love, Shari Witt in KY

  3. Great video! I love the idea of animals in outfits! My sister does not- she says it’s “animals doing people things”. Bear pooping in the woods- ok. Bear pooping on a toilet with a hat…she’s out! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Loved your fanny pack discussion. Have you seen the Logan sling bag by Uh Oh Creations in Calgary, Alberta? It is very flexible and easy to make.

  5. I LOVE giving AND receiving homemade gifts! I always knit a few gifts each year and some times cross stitch one or two. I'm a much faster knitter than stitcher though, so my stitching is extremely precious to me. 😀 I do only gift handmade things to people who are "knit-worthy" or "stitch-worthy" though…I know a lot of makers, so I know a lot of worthy people. Are there any NEW needleminders being released on Friday?

  6. Beautiful handmade clothes/items all around.
    I'm very particular about to whom I gift needlework, but I did make the ever-popular tied-fringe fleece blankets for many of my family/extended family one year and those were a big hit.
    Such cute winter patterns!! Holly Jolly is super darn cute, and I love the design and colors of Eight Nights.

  7. I love to give and receive handmade gifts, but I only give them to people who I know would really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into making them.

  8. You are Both Utterly Delightful ! Thank you for a wonderful Visit . HAVE TO See THAT TINSEL TREE of Grandma Margaret !!!! Sounds AMAZING ! I am Thankful for The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery ! The recipient HAS to to be Fiber WORTHY !!!!! as they say !!!!!! That is the criteria ! ( ^ ; * ) marcia

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