Hello guys, this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to be showcasing yet another mod, but this one is really useful, because it
allows children, which is a bit boring to play in my opinion, to be able to do more
stuff that are not doable before in The Sims 4! This mod is created by Cepzid, also known
as Zulf. She’s a small mod creator, you should go
follow her twitter to stay in touch with her mods. So to install these mods, first be sure to
turn on mods and script mods in the settings of the game. Also, make sure that your game’s version
is already updated to the latest version. Then, just go to the link that I’ve put
in the description and then click this download link. Choose which children mod you want to download
by clicking on the mod name. For example, I’m gonna download this children
can play guitar mod. After that, move the file that has been downloaded
to documents, electronic arts, the sims 4, and then the mods folder. Now with the instructions out of the way,
let’s check out what this mod has to offer. So as I said before, these are a collection
of several mods but with the same function, which is to let children do several interactions
that are only doable by grown-ups. Let’s take a look at each of them one by
one. First on the list is cooking. That’s right, children sims can now go full
masterchef junior on themselves. From now on, whenever you click on a fridge
or a stove as them, the “cook” interaction will now be unlocked as well as the cooking
skill and all of its recipes. But before you start cooking, keep in mind
that they can still do it on regular counters and stove, but since they’re still small
kids, the animation won’t look that good on these objects. Because of that, this mod also includes these
mini counters and stove just for them. Most of the animations for cooking has been
adapted for children so they will look appropriate for them as showed here, but there are a few
minor bugs like when they’re trying to do some cooking tricks, or when they’re getting
the ingredients from a friedge. These might be fixed in the future because
this modder is pretty active and I’ve talked to her before. Regardless of those minor animation bugs,
cooking will still work as intended. Besides the regular cooking skill, you can
also unlock the gourmet cooking skill along with all its recipes as a child as well. Still related to cooking, they can also grill
food. Like the previous objects, a new mini grill
will also be added so they can grill food on it instead. All the grilling animations have been modified
to be compatible with children. If you have get to work expansion pack, children
can also start their baking hobby early. They can also unlock baking skill and all
of its recipes. Like before, all the baking animations have
been adapted to fit for children. If you have Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack, your
child sim can use the ice cream making machine. Now they won’t have to rely on their parents
to eat those sweet cold ice cream. Besides the ice cream machine, if you have
Movie Hangout Stuff pack, they can also use the popcorn making machine. Both of these still requires their cooking
skill so they can unlock new popcorn or ice cream recipes. And both of them has to be placed on the previously
mentioned children counters so the animations won’t look weird. Next up is the “children can do magic mod”. Yeah, children spellcasters can now do some
magic! If you have Realm of Magic game pack, they
can play with magic to learn more spells, experiment on the cauldron, read magic tomes,
cast spells on sims, create potions and even have a magic duel with other child spellcasters. For the spellcasting though, they can still
rank up to master rank and learn new spells, but because of the game’s coding, they can’t
access their perks window and the rank progression because it’s invisible for children so you
cannot use perks and need to track their spellcaster rank through announcements like this. They can still open their spellbook though
if you click on them. Right now, they can’t drink potions even
though they can make them. Their charge need might work like normal,
but they can’t die because of overcharging so they’re practically an unstoppable wizard. You can still have a magic duel with an adult,
but the kid will stretch because the animation is conflicting so keep that in mind. These issues might be fixed in the future
by the modder. Besides magic, children can also exercise
now. They can gain athletic skill earlier regardless
of their motor skill level. Right now, they can use the exercise machine
(even though they can use it through telekinesis now, the modder stated that they’re going
to create a child-friendly version of the machine in the future), the treadmill, the
punching bag, and if you have Fitness Stuff pack, they can also use the rock-climbing
machine and workout through the tv. If you have Spa Day game pack, your children
can also do some new stuff. First, they can now do yoga as well as all
of the yoga poses, meaning that they can now unlock the wellness skill and improve them. They can also use the meditation stool to
meditate and can even float. If they’re skilled at wellness skill, they
can also teleport around by meditating. If you have Get to Work, children can now
use the SimRay object from the scientist career. Now they can wreak havoc by freezing people,
transforming sims, controlling sims minds, and transforming objects. Another skill that they can unlock is gardening,
meaning that children can now do some gardening stuff. They can plant seeds, water plants, pull out
their weeds, take their samples, fertilize them, and harvest their produces. It’s not just that, they can now unlock
the guitar skill. So basically, children can now play the guitar
and become a great guitar prodigy. There’s a bit of an issue where the animation
of taking out the guitar will have the kid stretched, but other than that, everything
still works fine. If you have the new Sims 4 Discover University,
children can now become Jimmy Neutron and unlock the robotics skill, meaning that they
can now use the robotic crafting station and create robots. They can use the normal robot station, but
it might be too tall for them. So, the modder included a new smaller robot
crafting station for kids. Now they can build both toy robots, utility
robots, and even servos. In the discover university pack, there’s
also a ping pong table and a juice keg, and children can now use both of them. They can play ping pong with each other but
there’s a small animation bug where they will get stretched repeatedly. And like the magic duel issue before, they
can also stretch continuously when playing with an adult. But for the juice pong interaction, it will
work without any issue. Besides that, they can also use the juice
keg. They can tap juice keg, grab a cup of juice,
or even do a juice keg stand with other kids. I mean, it’s just a sweet fruity juice anyway,
right? And finally, children can now ride bicycle,
an object that are also introduced in Discover University. The bicycle might be too big for the children,
but there’s a reason for that. When they start riding the bicycle, they will
stretch instead. Because of resource limitation for modding,
the only animations the modder can fix are when they get in, get out, and when idling
and she can’t fix the animation where children start riding the bike. So, if any of you are good with sims modding
and want to help out with these problems that I have mentioned, feel free to contact the
modder from her twitter account below so she can fix these bugs. So that’s it for the mod. Again, the download link to these mods are
available in the description. And be sure to follow Cepzid’s twitter account
to keep an eye out on any updates or addition to these mods because she’s pretty active. Thank you so much guys for watching this video. Hope you like this video, and if you haven’t,
be sure to subscribe to my channel for more sims contents like these. See you later!

100 thoughts on “The Sims 4: KIDS CAN COOK, DO MAGIC, RIDE BIKES, AND MORE! (Mod Showcase)

  1. Some of the skills should've been enabled by EA.. I mean we have children's MasterChef contest nowadays.. There are children who have gardening/fishing hobbies. I was pissed when EA didn't allow children to perform magic :/ in ROM.

    This modder is awesome and the mods are quite helpful to develop themselves for varsity admission.

  2. ❗ Warning: Having child models in your video may make your content marked "made for kids". Please review the new policy changes in YouTube Help.

  3. Hi, I have a problem. I've seen on forums that when people try to play a household the game crashes, I uninstalled all my mods and it still doesn't work. If someone is having the same issue can you help me? My game is updated to the latest version

  4. Sims logic: Kids can work with dangerous chemicals which can cause a fire in their house, but they can’t cook a grilled cheese.

  5. Tbh most of these objects could’ve been used if the children would had the little blue/greenish chair they used in sims 2 to fix their height

  6. Would be cooler if the kid jumped and a stool appeared. It’d probably annoy the people who try to make the sims as realistic as possible, but it fits the style of the sims.

  7. was wondering if you doing a some sort of mods you have discover work under the 64bit we are being force to use now. Not sure if it happen to you but once this update went live few weeks ago. Since I have a lot of mods and the game just crash over and over again. So I just turn them on. To be honest over the years/updates )call me lazy of you want) I have just at this point tired of tracking down my mods to see if they been update to the new 64bit update. Thanks btw should you choose to reply to this with any kind of help. I am guessing it mostly wracked my mods that deal with clothing items I use to make my sims look a lot better.

    Harry: Oh sorry I can kids aren’t allowed to do magic
    Harry: not in the sims…
    camera zooms out to the sims logo

  9. 0:43
    I see some folders named:
    steve outfit
    and video pembelajaran which translates to "learning videos" according to Google Translate.
    (saya buat coment ini untuk hanya bersenang-senang saya c:)

  10. All they need is the playful romance / childhood sweetheart mod between kids and modify the actions to suit children skeletons

  11. lol. I remember I started cooking at the age of 9. I cooked rice, bacon and egg. I came from a huge and poor family. You need to grow up fast under such circumstances especially if you're the eldest.

  12. It's super dumb that they cant use the art easel for one in base game… just have them use the little step thing they had b4. That height excuse is full of it.

  13. Let’s be honest here we all know the only reason kids have so many limitations is cause EA is too lazy and cheap to do some new animation for kids 🤷‍♀️ this is also the reason teens and adults look almost the same (high and all), so they can use the same animation

  14. But like who else is thinking about making the Sage of Mischief into an immortal kid? Like that could be a cool storyline, where they kept messing around with magic and ended up "cursed" to be a child forever?

    Also Max Villareal doing a juice keg handstand! The stuff of dreams!

    Amazing video!

  15. Hi Abi! Such a long Time since your last video! I'm pretty sure that the exams are hard.. I can't wait to see your videos over the weekend! 😁

  16. Hey, sorry to bother you, but does anyone know what mod is causing me to not be able to play? Like CAS and stuff works but I can't play in a household? Can someone help?

  17. “Sweet, cold ice cream”

  18. Hei ty jesteś z polski? Naprawde bardzo mi sie podobają twoje filmy a najbardziej sims logiki mama nadzieję ze będzie ich więcej 😊

  19. I like most of these but that juice stand think is the equivalent to alcohol in the sims if I remember correctly from TS3 so I dont think it's a good idea to enable that for kids
    Sure it's a game, but still :/
    Might check out the others tho

  20. I wish with cooking that its a parent process with children. Like a parent, sims teaches them how to cook and ride a bike. I know its possible because in sims 3 and or 2 by default or expansion pack you can teach you sims how to drive.

  21. Kids can do magic? Have special counters to do their own cooking? Play guitars as well as other instruments? I am HERE for all this content! I thought it was really a shame that kids are left out of so much Sims 4 gameplay — I mean, Void Critters are nice, but you want to give them OTHER things to do as well! We couldn't have the Sims equivalent of an easy-bake oven or anything like that?? sigh You're doing the work, cepzid. salutes

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