The tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019

– My name is Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD I make tech videos and reviews and this is what’s in my bag. The first couple years that I didn’t go I watched a lot of videos from CES. I was part interested in
the tech and part interested in all the other YouTubers going to CES, I was looking forward to seeing all the tech that they saw but also seeing how they made the videos
about seeing the tech. I don’t know, I feel
like my first one or two CES’s were the most difficult ’cause you get lost, I feel like
I’ve learned over those years how to better navigate things
like the convention center and Las Vegas with an
extra 10,000 people in it. Like it’s not a normal thing to do, but over the years it’s evolved. I typically have one
backpack, my everyday carry. I don’t bring video
gear with me everywhere but when I do go to a
show something like CES or a new product announcement,
something like that, I also bring my camera
gear to make a video. So that’s why there’s two bags here. This bag, I’m pretty sure it’s called the airport security something, something because it is the exact dimensions that are supposed to fit in
a domestic overhead bin. I’ll just start with the meat of it, this is the camera, with the monitor already attached and it’s
really hard to travel with the whole camera already assembled. So I don’t, so the only
things that are on it are the SSD reader, the camera mount, the Manfrotto plate, the battery module, the top handle and the side handle. And it travels like this. Every once in a while the TSA guy like recognizes me and he’s like am I about to find this Red camera, and I’m like yep that’s what’s in there. I feel like I almost owe a little bit of my style to how good the
camera is at certain things so the Red camera, the
Monstro sensor, is amazing. Next thing would be to talk about lenses of choice, I have three lenses now, the 24 to 35, it’s a full frame lens for the full frame sensor,
it’s wide, it’s F2, it’s fast, so I do find
myself bringing other glass but this is easily one
of my all time favorites. So a slightly tighter
focal length that gets a different look, this is a Zeiss Otus 55, super sharp lens, it’s
tighter obviously than 35 so this is sort of mid range shots that are of things I’m
not holding, maybe someone in front of me is demonstrating something, but I just love the look
that comes from this lens. And then last but not least is the Canon 100 mil, F/2.8L
Macro, I think this is the mark 2, this is another awesome lens. So this has a minimum focus
distance of very close and it’s 100 mil, so this is getting like super tight macro shots, you can see super fine
detail in small things like buttons, and switches, and knobs, worth having if you’re shooting a video with anything small at all. Rounding out the top half of
this bag is sound devices. 633, it’s a mixer, it’s a recorder, it’s a Swiss army knife
of all things audio. Now I don’t do audio on the show floor, it’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s
another thing to think about. I’m focused on what
I’m going to say later, but when I get back to the
hotel room or a quieter room, pop the SD card in here,
the mic plugs directly in, and this is all things audio. The batteries on the back are Sony, they recharge, they last
months, so these are great. And then last but not least,
down here at the bottom, red and black XLR cable,
can’t go wrong there. And the mic, this is the Sennheiser MKH416 and I just put it in this to travel with, ’cause it’s just slightly
fragile, very expensive mic. So that rounds out the video gear. Which takes us here to
the rest of the tech that I usually carry on
the daily and other things. So you may have noticed a
sort of color theme here with all these devices. This is a Herschel backpack,
it’s red and black. Canon, all their L series
glass has red rings, Red is the name of a company that makes red and black cameras, I didn’t make that happen, but the fact that it’s
all red and black here now is pretty great so I don’t mind it. The Herschel bag, this is what’s with me on the plane, this is
my more every day carry that sort of connects to the video gear. So first thing’s first, is the laptop. 13 inch MacBook Pro, I don’t
edit on laptops anymore. So this is literally just
a laptop to have a laptop to do computer stuff, this is
the one year old MacBook Pro. It gets the job done, I’m just
emailing and doing all sorts of laptop things as you’d expect on this. Then next up is, maybe
my favorite piece of tech that came out this entire year. This is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Anytime there’s a lot of
typing involved I break out the laptop, all other
instances that I possibly can, I’m using the iPad pro,
which is like 85 percent of the things I do, so that’s great. I do not fly without my Bose QC35’s. Then I found these, these
are the Surface headphones. These are better looking,
these are more comfortable, these are lighter weight,
the noise cancellation is almost as good which is fine for me, and the sound quality is great. Can pair to multiple devices
so my iPad, my MacBook Pro, and my phone at the same time. They have a dial on the side
for volume, they’re USB-C, there’s just so many
better things about these headphones than the Bose. And then actually up here
in the little top corner of my bag there’s a
little microfiber pouch, it’s one of my favorite
features of this backpack, but I have my Airpods, they’re matte black and I have if it’s still
in here, yes it is, I have a SIM card ejector
tool everywhere I go. It’s probably not a normal
thing to have, but as a guy that’s moving between phones
often, kinda have to one. Razer included this one. Only non-tech item I think I have, is like I said it’s all necessities, would be my extra contact lenses, without contacts I’m almost blind. It only took me missing flight to go back and get contact lenses for me to just now put
them in every conceivable place that I travel,
so it’s in my backpack. There are more in my suitcase, there are more in my duffle bag, they’re just around, so I will
never not have my contacts. This little Swiss army knife, this is a USB-C and full
size USB card reader. So on one side it’s full size USB, pop that down micro USB,
open that up, USB-C. If you ever need to read
a media card on something that doesn’t have a card reader,
which is most things now, this is made by I don’t
know how to say that Vanja. Vanja Vanja And that’s it, that is
what’s in my gear bag and my every day bag when I’m traveling, when I’m doing tech
things, when I’m at CES, this is what comes with me. Hey thanks for watching, hope
you enjoyed what’s in my bag, if you wanna see what
I make with this stuff, you can check out my YouTube channel, you can also subscribe here for more videos from the Verge and on Instagram.

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