The Travel Deeva Guide & Tips For Backpacking in SE Asia 4K

The Travel Deeva Guide & Tips For Backpacking in SE Asia 4K

hello destiny my sign name is destiny
I’m the travel deeva right now I am planning my trip to Southeast Asia
that’s including three places it’s Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam I will be
showing you the different places I will be visiting I’m just going to show you
what I bought as of like backpacks how be packing what I’m packing not just me
but my boyfriend too so it’s not only gonna be for females but also males many
of you probably wondering why am i signing I’m very much involved with the
deaf community and deaf culture I grew up with deaf family members I’m actually
a teacher’s assistant at a deaf school I have many deaf friends and just very
socially involved with the deaf community really it’s my second language
and I actually love sign language and if I’m signing anything wrong please feel
free to send me an email a blog on how to sign right and how I can improve my
signing right now I’m gonna be showing you the backpacks that me and my
boyfriend have what we had done some research that looking a
lot online and we don’t have the perfect back across would be amigas free the far
point didn’t a lot of research so we actually went to different stores and
the price was just too much for the backpacks like they were going from 100
up to like 300 um actually the backpack that both of us found my boyfriend’s
would cost about 200 and mine would be about 160 so I’m going to show you the
backpacks right now so this is my boyfriend’s backpack it’s
the Osprey Farpoint 70 litres it comes with a day bag as well this in the store
would typically cost you about $200 and that’s not including tax as you can see
in carry ons a tough home as well as on your shoulders so we did a lot of
research and we actually found it on an app for less than 200 we really paid
about $70 we paid about I would say $70 it’s like a little bit so I’m not just
going to show you what it looks like subspace little knitting I’m gonna show
you the daebak now stay back that’s a 50 meter for my backpack we did the same thing we
did a lot of research same store and my backpack is actually plus $160 it’s a
forty liter bag it’s the same the Osprey Farpoint same thing duffle bag uses a
backpack as well this is easy for travel you planes if you want to put it under
the airplane pan or as carry-on and my backpack off high back I will show you
exactly how it looks one me same thing one zipper it so I said in
the story to believe plus 206 collars we looked on actual Craigslist and we found
a woman that was willing to sell her back
he paid $80 for this one it was only used she told me once didn’t good
condition it’s really let’s feel about like really good and it’s all packed supposed to have a
lot of support from your hips here so I shouldn’t feel anything on my back I’m gonna show you the inside of the
backpack now really it looks like in pack a lot it’s
actually extense at the inside so this is
something I need to get used to it’s a smaller bag most of my family are really
like concerned you’re gonna be backpacking yeah okay because I’m so
used to bringing a lot of clothes a lot of makeup I don’t travel without makeup
and but this trip I’ll be traveling no makeup
so we’ll see I will be showing you what I’m actually bringing on this trip this
it looks like a lot but it’s really not we’re traveling for three weeks that’s
25 days that’s not really enough Global’s but we’ll manage
okay so I do know how to research on what’s a brain or backpacking that’s
actually including my packing cubes this I found on Amazon and it’s about
between like let’s say 10 about $30 I believe I paid about $11 before it’s
just to help organize your backpack and just to really you can put your shirts
in here just to separate your things so I’m bringing three shorts here it’s a
two more shorts okay these are for pajamas or actually swimming so I can
use them for anything so often he looks like five choice but it’s not that bad
briefer and everyday use this for sleep bank is from inning or for the daytime
so that’s three short two extra shorts for pajamas here over here have about six shirts extra
two shirts this is for sleeping again sleeping sleeping so I’m actually
bringing a one sarong that can be used for going to the temple because really
you’re not supposed to be wearing tank tops you have to actually cover up I can
use it for the temples the beach can wrap it around me as a skirt or a dress
or just as up a towel for the beach I’m bringing one universal skirt skirt or it
can be a car a dress I mean – sucks not that I need it but if
I feel a little cold on an airplane or the buses I put them on – bathing suits
for swimming my bravery traveling I’m bringing underwear how many well six to
seven up to you I’m bringing six they always have laundry there so I’ll be
fine I’m bringing three sports bras it’s
really your woman you know you’re sweating and wearing up a bra that good
actually like you go a little rub on it it really hurts so splits bras it is
bring one flip-flop that’s for the beach the showers because
I am staying in hostels so needs to bring flipflops Oh a shower again the
beach showers going to the temples you can take easier to take off the
flip-flops also I’m bringing one sandal that’s for my every day of walking gonna
be a lot of fucking it’s the Kiva’s they’re really comfortable especially
when you’re walking a lot and to have up back problem is so it should be puffle
I’ve research it’s homey to bring a towel now alright let’s how was a little
too big to roll up and put it inside the backpack
I found a toilet roll micro fiber towel your could find it on Amazon or buy
think FK like ten dollars it’s pretty big and it actually it absorbs the water
and it actually dries really fast so will be a thing I can use it for showers
or when I go to the beach swimming pool I’m a little OCD and I like to be like I
like to be organized and plan ahead I bring a little bit too much of things it
just likes to be prepared so I’m bringing all these items for my body
healthcare trying to figure out how I’m gonna be
washing my hair because I’m gonna be watching it a lot it’s gonna be hot
outside hot outside Shampoo how would he bring a lot too much so I
was doing some research and they told me that shampoo bars begun and actually the
last longer it’s supposed to last a long time but
we’ll see it’s a little too small pad luck this is number one we’re staying in
hostels gonna leave our backpacks but we’re markers we have to log it that was
number one on the list for me and Ana adapter pretty cool that’s America and I
think Australia and it says Thailand so I mean I’m not sure off we will meet it
but we’ll see as funny as you square yup well the UK here you plug it in plug in your own
things so far these are my things that I’m praying it looks like a lot but it’s
not limiting myself and that’s not very typical but it’s very limited remember
it’s a three week traveling so that’s it and I will be washing my clothes
hopefully this horse does laundry bigger so I will be washings don’t worry concern see have a little bit of space come on

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  1. That was really good for your first video , I liked it and the ending was cool how you guys showed you getting on the plane and how you got to the airport😊👍🏽

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