The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

Ned: That’s it, that’s the one.
Zach: That’s the one. Ned: That looks wiggly. Zach: Nice! Ned: Woah! Ned: Hello and welcome to another episode of All: TRY GUYS GAME TIME! Ned: Today, we are playing Jenga Truth or Dare Ned: The way it works is each of these blocks is going to have either a truth, or a dare. Ned: So we are gonna answer your questions, and at the end, one person is going to be a shitty, shitty loser. All: [screaming] Eugene: We are back from our nationwide tour, Eugene: Which means we finally get to share our exclusive tour merch with all of y’all. Ned: Ooooh, yeaaah.
Eugene: Show ’em what we got. Eugene: Feels good to strip together again. Ned: Yeah, it does. We’re back, babeey. Eugene: We have our tour tees Eugene: Ned and Zach are beautifully modeling, and we also have our Try Guys dip dye hoodie and t-shirts. Eugene: You can get these at Keith: For those of you who aren’t in America,
specifically in Australia and Singapore, Keith: The Try Guys “Legends of the Internet” tour is coming to you. Keith: Details will be in the comment section below.
So check it out! Ned: We’re back from tour. That means it’s back-to-school time. Ned: So we’re doing a 20% off sale from now until Saturday. Ned: You’ve got one week to get 20% off on everything at All: JENGAAAAA Ned: Alright, I’ll go first. Ned: The way this works is each of these blocks has a question that we sourced from our Patreon. Ned: You can become a triceratops at Ned: Oh man, there’s a lot—oh! I found one, I found one. Zach: How much poking is too much poking?
Ned: Well, I didn’t move any of them. Ned: I mean, hardcore players would say, “you touch it, you move it”. Yeah, but we’re not like that. Ned: Uh, Patreon member Inkness says, “What is your favorite memory from the Legends of the Internet tour?” Keith: Tell the truth, bitch! Keith: Don’t you try to get around it. We gonna know! Ned: My favorite memory is the end of our Boston show, it was a sold-out show. Ned: We hit our ending pose and there’s fireworks behind us. We had a standing ovation. Ned: It was just a really special moment that I feel very lucky to have performed this awesome show with all of you. Eugene: Didn’t you break the historic chandelier in Boston, Keith? Keith: I did. With a chicken tender. Oops. Eugene: So it was our best show. Keith: Uh, it was… it was a $2,000 mistake, that’s for sure. Ned: All right, Eugene, your turn. Eugene: Oh, it’s already my turn? Eugene: Dare bomb. Zach: DARE BOMB!!! All: Dare BOMB! Eugene: It says, “Say banana after everything you say until it is your turn again.” Banana. Ned, Keith, Zach: [cheering] Keith: “What is one theme you’re glad the audience didn’t pick for the fanfic improv?” Keith: So, this is referencing our tour—this is also from Inkness Keith: Who is—who’s running away with the Jenga game. Keith: Probably just straight-up fucking… Keith: Because basically the game was a bunch of sexual innuendos Keith: and sometimes people did try to give us, like, sex Keith: and that doesn’t actually work because it’s not funny to make a sex joke out of sex. Ned: All right, Zach, your turn. Eugene: You’re poking a lot of them. Zach: I know I’m—I’m really—
Eugene: Banana. Zach: poking. Eugene: Wow, Zach sucks.
Zach: I know. Eugene: Banana. Eugene and Keith: [laughing] Zach: I’m not kidding. These are really not moving already. Keith: OOOhh Zach!! Come on now! Ned: You gotta move that one All: OOOOooo Zach: “If you couldn’t live in LA anymore, where would you like to live next?” Zach: We were around the country this summer Zach: and it did make me realize, like, there are so many cool places all across this country. Zach: The city that surprised me the most—I really loved Milwaukee. It was charming. Ned: Alright, my turn. Keith: You got this Ned. There you are, Ned. Keith: Yes, Ned.
Ned: Yes! Ned: Alright, what is your favorite video you’ve made so far? Keith: Tell the truth! Ned: That’s tough. Ned: I love all of the videos with Wes in it. Ned: I think my favorite one is “Eugene babysits Wes”. Ned: You did a great job and it was also, like, very fun to watch your character grow. Eugene: That also won the fan favorite bracket on Twitter… banana. Ned: Oh shit! Ned: Whoa. Hey. Keith: Your approach is so stabby. Eugene: Torrey Hiles asks, “What movie have you seen more than five times?” Zach: Jurassic Park.
Eugene: Jurassic Park. Ned: Whoaaa Eugene: It’s a perfect movie. Keth: Jarek Aarons. “What’s a trait in one Try Guy that you admire but have never told them?” Zach: You tell us how much you love us all the time. Keith: Oh, yeah. I’m very forthcoming with my opinions. Ned: What about something about Miles behind the B Camera? All: [laughing] Keith: Something I admire in Miles is his Keith: commitment to Keith: the bit he does in The Trypod. Keith: Which if you don’t listen to our podcast, The Trypod, you should. Keith: Because advice that will go for Miles will change your life. Miles: Have you ever… Miles: wanted to drown, from the comfort of your own home? Miles: Have you ever wanted to be Miles: as fertile as a calf in heat? Keith: I can’t promise for the better, but will change your life. Zach: Once again, Inkness asks All: [laughing] Keith: Inkness, okay. Zach: “What is the one food you could never give up?” Zach: That’s tough ’cause I’ve had to give up a lot of food [laughs] Zach: Honestly, I don’t think that there’s anything I couldn’t give up because Zach: not feeling well is just not worth it. Is that sad? Zach: Is that sad?
Keith: Yeah. Zach: Oh yeah! Al: *yelling* Ned: We got a yellow one. Ned: Oh! Dare bomb! All: Dare Bomb!! Ned: Exchange a clothing item with the player on your right. Zach: Is that me?
Keith: That’s you. Eugene: You guys have the same t-shirt.
Ned: All right, Zach. Ned: Let’s change shirts! [music plays] Ned: I’m wearing pants! Ned: That—this is not mandatory to wear underwear. [music plays] Ned: Oh my god! Zach: Oh my wife! Eugene: Wow, that’s not how Ned sounds at all. Ned: Try to do my laugh, Zach. [Zach imitates how Ned laughs] Eugene: Great, that’s better. That’s actually better.
Ned: All right, Eugene, your turn. Eugene: Oh, I got a dare bomb. All: Dare Bomb!! Eugene: Go around the room and smell everyone’s armpit. Keith: Take a whiff, big boy! Eugene: Why are you so sweaty?
Keith: Who knows? Ned: Get in here. Keith: While it’s sweaty, there is no scent, right? Ned: How do I smell?
Eugene: Hm? Eugene: You smell—you smell not terrible.
Ned: Nice. Eugene: Oh. You smell ‘ish’.
Keith: All right. Eugene: You also smell—you know it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Zach: Thanks, man. Keith: DARE BOMB! WOOOO!! Ned: Yeah, oh my god. All: Oh noooo! Ned: No, no! All, repeatedly: Oh no Keith. Oh Keith. Oh Keith. Oh KEITH! Keith: It’s fine, my god. K: DARE BOMB! Keith: Do a handstand for one minute. Well, I’ll try. I’ve never been able to do that before. Zach: Should we hold your legs up?
Keith: Yeah, give me some guidance here. Keith: WOOOO!!! DARE BOMB!!! DARE BOMB!!! DARE—woah… Be careful, I’m huge! WOOO!!! Keith: JENGA!!! Jigi-jeng-jeng!!! Jenga!!! Keith: Alright, that’s pretty good. Alright! All: Wooo! Keith: Jenga! Zach: Knock, knock!
Ned: Oh my god. You’re touching every single piece. Zach: I’m trying to move it and it won’t move. All: oooo! Eugene: Just go up here, why don’t you just go up here Zach: I’m fucking this up. I’m fucking it up for the people. Ned: Don’t do it! Zach: I’m an agent of chaos. I’m an adorable agent of chaos. Keith: Yeah, you’re so hot. Eugene: Did he say Asian of Chaos?
Zach: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Zach: Don’t wake daddy. Zach: Asir Carceos asks, “Which Try Guy episode would you like to do again and why?” Zach: I’d love to redo the dune buggies race. Zach: ‘Cuz one, it was the most fun thing we ever did but also, I feel like I—I played myself. Zach: Can we take a second to admire this little dancing question? Look at it go. Keith: Yeah, the air is really making it dance.
Zach: It’s really having a great time over here. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYS]
Zach: Go paper, go paper, go paper. Ned: My turn! Ned: Situation is getting very delicate. Keith: No, the table totally sucks so. Ned: It’s definitely shaky now. Ned: DARE BOMB! Ned: Moonwalk everywhere you go. Keith: It sounds like a dog that’s been trapped in a—in a room for way too long. Z: Look at the horrifyingly unhappy face on Ned’s butt. Eugene: Asian of Chaos. Ned: Oooh, good find. Eugene: Asian of Chaos. Eugene: Asian of Chaos. All: *laughing* Eugene: Megan Foster asks, “Give up coffee/tea forever or never get to see your pets again?” Keith: That’s tough for you.
Ned: Yeah. Eugene: Yeah, I do like my pets, but I do like coffee a lot. Eugene: I would give up coffee and tea. [Keith, Ned, Zach clapping]
Eugene: That’s the right thing to do. Keith: Plus, you could buy caffeinated gum nowadays. Keith: Here we go—oh shirt! Keith: From Tory Hiles or Hilles. “Fuck, marry, kill: Dora the Explorer, Diego, or Boots the Monkey?” Eugene: Oh, that’s so easy. Keith: Rough, as most of these are depicted as children. Keith: Look, if I have to choose between a child or bestiality, I’m choosing the monkey. Keith: So I will fuck the monkey. I will marry Dora, she’s got a lot to teach me in Spanish K: and I’ll kill Diego, because I don’t remember much about him. Keith: Why wasn’t the backpack or the map included? Eugene: Oh, I’d fuck backpack. Zach: Yeah obviously Keith: Shit Woooo! Get that backpack girl! Zach: Obviously, you’d fuck backpack. He has so many compartments. Eugene: Zach’s gonna poke all of it again Ned: Pokey McKornfeld All: Yayyy! Zach: DARE BOMB! Z: Oh, no. Talk in a strange accent for the rest of the night. Eugene: Zach’s really bad at accents.
Zach: [In strange accent] I am wonderful at accents. Eugene: All right, Ned, no more. Ned: Oh shoot, this is tough. Oh shoot.
Keith: Go lower. Zach: We believe in you, Ned.
Ned: Oh boy. Zach: You didn’t, uh, moonwalk on your way.
Ned: You’re right. I—I lost. Ned: All right, moonwalking back Ned: Inkness writes, Ned: “If you could have any singer’s voice male and female alive or dead, who’d you pick?” Mariah Carey. Ned: Eugene, your turn. Eugene: Asian of Chaos. Asian of Chaos. Eugene: Derek Aarons asks, “What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you, or the worst thing you did on tour?” Keith: You sat on my lap several times. That was pretty dope. Eugene: The weirdest thing on tour is that people don’t quite know how costume cleaning works. Eugene: What you do is you spray your costumes down, because you can’t visit cleaners, with vodka Eugene: So by the end of ten cities, particularly my costumes, because I dance the most on the tour Eugene: it is drenched in sweat and vodka. Eugene: Or as Zach would say,
Zach: Vodka. Keith: Hey, I’m interested in this one.
Ned: Oh my god, Keith. Oh my god, Keith. All: OOOh Zach: I’m upset ’cause that was the one I was gonna go for. Keith: Uh-oh, looks like it’s time for a dare bomb! Keith: “Peel a banana using only your feet and toes.” Let’s fucking do this! Zach: I got a front row seat to this—oh wow! All: Woooow!!! Eugene: Zach, take a bite.
Ned: Eat it, eat it! Ned: Yeah! Yeeaah! Keith: WOOOO Dare Bomb!! Ned: Dare Bomb!! All: ooooOOOO Zach: DARE BOMB! Zach: Kiss a friend Zach: Passionately. Zach: I’ll do this first. I’m just gonna give you a very passionate cheek kiss. Keith: This is boring, but Keith: That was a sweet kiss, I would actually say.
Zach: Was that sweet or was it passionate? Keith: Um, it was sweet. Try again. Ned: ewwwwww Keith: I watch a lot of The Bachelor and that was on par. Zach: I’m really upset that that GIF is gonna exist forever. Ned: Patreon user Shelana asks, “If you were to add another Try Guy, who would it be and why?” Ned: It would have to be Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Gotta go for the top. Zach: Now that’s someone I could kiss passionately. Eugene: Freaky Friday. “If you woke up and switch places with a Try Pup, who would it be?” Oh for sure, Pesto. Eugene: He’s chill, doesn’t give a fuck. I mean, I love all the Try Pups. They’re all great. Eugene: But I also feel like I don’t want Ned or Zach to be my parent. Zach: If you were my dog, I would kiss you a lot. Keith: That’s really in there.
Zach: It’s really in there. Keith: I know, but. All: Ooh Keith! Keith: I can’t take this one.
Eugene: No, that one’s gonna fall over. Keith: I need to get on the other side. Zach: It is possible. All: OOOHH! Keith: Esser Carcios says, “You have $100,000,000,000 but it can only be used on one video, what is it?” Keith: That video will be called, “Keith keeps a hundred billion dollars.” Zach: Not that one. Eugene: You got it. Keith: Top of the center one. Keith: Have you tried the middle one on that row? Zach: Yeah, that’s the one. Keith: Nice job, Zach. Zach: Inkness writes, “If you had to choose a job in a new field that you have no previous experience in, what would you be?” Zach: Astronaut. I’m going to the moon, bitch! Keith: I would have chosen a hamburger mascot. Zach: That’s the one.
Keith: That’s it, Ned. Zach: Oh yeah. Zach: Way to go, man.
Keith: Way to go, Ned. Ned: It’s not over yet. Ned: “What is the strangest purchase you’ve made in the last year?” Ned: Well originally on tour we were going to do a gross food taste test. So we bought, like Ned: 20 different weird food items like beef tongue, like cow eyeballs. Ned: We ended up cutting it out from the show so now we just have a bunch of it in our refrigerator— Eugene: Is it still there?
Ned: —for staff lunches. Keith: uh huh yeah Eugene: Let me try to be a dick and just go here or should I try do something crazy? Keith: No, you should try to get one of these. Eugene: Asian of Chaos. Let’s just—let’s just go brave. Zach: There’s only one easy one, right now. All: Yass! Yass! Yas! Zach: Woow! Eugene: Savina M. Vargas. She asks, “What was the biggest lie that you told one of the other Try Guys?” Eugene: I actually did sprained my leg on the tour and I kept doing the jump split. Keith: I know, and I found that out later in the tour. Eugene: When I said it wasn’t sprained that first time, it was actually sprained. Eugene: But I lied about it and said it was okay because I didn’t want you guys worrying about it Eugene: ’cause it would make the show worse. Zach: So you kept doing jump splits every night on a sprained…? Eugene: Yes.
Zach: That’s crazy. Keith: Yeah, he’s crazy.
Eugene: For the work so the show would be better. Eugene: Also, I hate your [Zach’s] glasses. Ned: Oh my god. Oh my god, Keith, oh my god Keith… Keeiith Eugene: Knock, knock, who’s there? Keith: Ooooh, it’s gonna be tough. Ooooh, it’s gonna be a tough one, that’s for sure. Ned: That’s my Jenga. [screams] Ned: *screams* Keith: DARE BOMB! Keith: “Put chocolate syrup on a pickle and eat it.” Zach: Alright Keith, you have lost the game so please sit in the center and prepare for your shame. Zach: Gentlemen, please rise for the shame chalice. Eugene, Ned, Zach: [chanting “shame”] Keith: Jenga Ned, Zach & Keith: on TRY GUYS GAME TIME!
Eugene: Try guys gay time Eugene: “Yell and act out the first sentence that comes to your mind.” Eugene: Penguin drunk at a bar! [laughing]

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