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Alright one more piece and I’m done oh my gosh this puzzle is complete yes, yes woohoo All right now. It’s time to carefully take my beautiful masterpiece If you just made a beautiful puzzle, and you don’t want this to be you. Then use this awesome new school glue it specifically is for gluing together puzzle pieces so you can take your finish art works anywhere without worrying about falling two pieces Okay, let me add a little bit of glue to the school puzzle I’m going to spread it with the glue cap and bam my puzzle is complete Now, I can take it with me anywhere at any time Colored pencils, huh? ughh mine’s so boring ugh these school notes cannot be any more uninspiring not only are old school pencils a bit bland But they easily break if you’re completely over old school pencils then check these out When I first saw this I flipped out and happiness to find out that there is now Colorful lead Mechanical pencils I know you heard right say what?!, yes the actual lead is colorful, and the best part is it also erases Definitely going to make note-taking and learning that much more colorful and inspiring if you enjoy coloring But you tend to color outside the lines fear not, this new school supply will save the day check out these erasable colored pencils Say what?! why didn’t they have these when I was in school! No more worrying about coloring in the line because now you can be carefree and erase any mistakes But it gets better crayola also has a erasable and twistable colored pencils! I know!
I’m mind blown too saving you the trouble of having to sharpen your colored pencils and having last minute color switches like myself I’m quite indecisive when it comes to coloring Do you guys remember these erasable pens comment down below if you ever used them, I would use them a ton however I always felt the eraser wasn’t quite as great the paper Never look like new but recently I came across these awesome new school supply, and they’re called FriXion erasable pen I swear to you They write and they erase like a dream and here’s proof Crayons how many of you still use crayons if you do you’d be happy to hear that they have more colors Specifically these are the neon edition some of the colors are super Super bright But let me know in comments below which you prefer old school or new school Old school glue only came in white which made a lot of time in your projects look a bit messy And now we have clear glue, glitter glue, and my personal favorite purple glue that actually disappears after drying It’s Insanely beautiful and awesome If you like to split your notebook into sections for in-class you will find that eventually the tabs would get crumbled They also get wrinkled and they just didn’t look very pretty Fear not now you can buy this already divided notebook It’s going to make your school year much more organized and always much more presentable if you have to turn into the teacher UHHH, great another mistake. All right. Let’s do this whiteout and now I have to wait until it dries Oh my glob this looks awful If you don’t have a patience way until your whiteout dries, and then you probably use one of these but if you want a bit more flavor to your notes check out these awesome decorative white outs you can buy the Transparent one to decorate your school notes or they also have the ones with built in whiteout that way every mistake is a beautiful one old-school Paperclips kind of boring new school Paperclips come in a variety of colors and shapes which is amazing for instance Yoobi sells ice cream pineapple and even bow shape paperclip a cute way to organize your loose paper Old school highlighters, I mean they’re okay new school highlighters come in gel which is the smoothest highlighter Iv’e ever used I highly recommend you to buy some for the a school year or if you love color and love making your nose pretty but prefer an Erasable highlighter they have those too also a new school products are retractable highlighters which are great if you tend to lose the cap on your highlighters this will prevent them from ever drying out and By far my personal favorite is the clear highlighter. It’s so awesome You can easily highlight, and you can actually see what you’re highlighting. Which is crazy I know! And lastly these highlighters let you write plus. They’re great If you need to color code shapes in class because they’re so precise perfect for Geometry or math class Old school markers are a bit dull and now they have extreme ultra Bright colors perfect to liven up any notebook notes that want to be extra bright So my personal favorites right now are scented markers. They smell amazing and it’s going to make learning that much more fun They have cotton candy they also have to strawberry They have lime they have lemon they have watermelon. They also have fresh air Blueberries caramel root beer and my personal favorite Marshmallow. Oh my glob. It smells like s’mores I have been also loving this FriXion Erasable markers beautiful colors a ton of variety when it comes to vibrant colors or pastel colors and they also erase beautifully literally It’s as if nothing was ever written on the paper another new school supply I thought was adorable And I fell in love with are these Yoobi stamp markers each color has its own cute and perfect for coating your notes using them in your planner Or simply decorating any school notes stay tuned for a massive back-to-school giveaway happening next Wednesday where you can win all these animals Old-school Sharpeners It’s a mess avoids us with this next new school supply It looks like a cute school supply, but it’s actually going to be multifunctional sharpen your pencils And it’s going to gather the mess in this little compartment and not just that it erases BAM! school life hack using this supply Or you can even take your own personal portable sharpener. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, and it works amazingly Glitter is so beautiful however. It’s also super Duper Messy, it’s going to get all over your clothes your hair your school supplies. Nope, not worth it So instead I recommend these glitter markers you can be more precise with the glitter It’s a no mess kind of thing and you don’t really need glue These mechanical pencils have huge erasers which is awesome If you need to erase a lot So new school versus old school with this pencil is going to take you twice as long to erase a large portion But with this eraser which is 75% bigger. It’ll take you half a time. It’s also Super Comfy If having your notebook spirals on the side bothers you this new school notebook will be your best friend ugly binder. No problem now You can decorate it and protect your binder. Just take the adhesive side stick this onto any school binder notebook or even the inside of your locker Whiteboard markers can run out unexpectedly, but they don’t have to anymore with this new school supply You can see how much ink is left and the markers are also super pigmented Another type of new-school dry erase boards that are cheaper are crayon dry erase boards they come with eight different colors which are easy to Store in your locker or a backpack uses in math class to write down equations or in language arts to help you memorize definitions It’s an awesome tool to help you study it also comes with a sharpener and the best part is all you need is this wipe That quickly erases everything right away If you have a project you need to write a ton on, Don’t waist your time using markers that you have to outline twice to make The letters both bold instead use these markers that are already nice and bold Thumbs up if you enjoyed it and want more back to school videos Huge give away is about to happen in three two but wait make sure to subscribe and have no notifications turn on to the entered into the school haul Giveaway which includes everything in this video and more Tell you guys in my next video How you can get extra entries into the giveaway follow me on Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye!

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