Therm-a-Rest ProLite Apex SLEEPING PAD Review (English)

Therm-a-Rest ProLite Apex SLEEPING PAD Review (English)

– Hi everybody this is Gijs
again with an other review and I hope you are doing well. This time I am testing
Therm-a-rest Prolite Apex, a 4-season self inflatable
mattress from Therm-a-rest, so, if you’re interested
in light weight camping and comfortable nights, watch the video. (bright pop music) So welcome to the review of
the Therm-a-rest ProLite Apex. The new Apex is going
to be the successor of the Evolite series and the biggest difference
is that almost were the same pack size and almost the same
thickness you’ll get almost about double amount of isolation
and that makes this one a real mattress for also winter camping. But first, let me start
with the bag, the stuff bag, as you can see, it’s a very
neat one and when I take the compression straps, I loosen
them, you can see that it’s quite a large bag and
the good thing about this is that you can put the
mattress in and compress it really, really tight, even if you have something
like a liner for your sleeping bag, it will fit in there, so I like the compression bag. But first, that’s the always
the first thing what I do, when I go camping, when I have
a self inflatable mattress, before I pitch the tent,
or do anything else I just open the valve and,
well, lay down the mattress, so it can inflate itself. A self inflatable mattress,
well there’s not any mattress that’s really self inflating,
for those who don’t know the technique behind it, I’ll
try to explain it a bit. Take a sponge and put a
sandwich bag around it and you make a small
opening then it’s possible that you can compress the
sponge because of all the holes, air will go out and when
you close the sandwich bag you will see that you have
a rather small package because of the foam. When you
open the sandwich bag again, you will see the sponge will expand again. And that’s basically
the same principal with a lot of self inflating mattresses. But the good thing is, or the truth is that none of the self inflating mattresses inflate themselves, of course,
for the full hundred percent. And that’s why they all have a valve. What I always do when I go
camping, before I pitch the tent, I always let the self inflating
mattress inflate to the max. Because in this way, when I
blow with my mouth, to fill it with air, um, there’s going
to be some humid from my air as well and the more air there
is from nature basically, the less humid is going to
be in there from my breath and, well, humid it’s,
it’s going to be, agh, it’s not really damaging the
sleeping mattress on the inside but, it might be, that
there is going to be, after the years some funghi
growing into the mattress. I still have some very old
Therma-rest Trail Lites , I believe and I’ve been
using them about, phew, how long are they on the
market? Eight years or so, and I do this with them,
well almost every holiday, because they’re really trustworthy
mattress and I like them. Um and I have to blow them, I don’t get any funghi whatsoever, so I’m not too afraid
that’s going to happen with this one as well. As you can see, while I have been talking, it’s almost done. When you store your
mattress, for example during a longer time, leave it like
this with the valve open, because then the foam is
fully expanded and that will enhance the durability, it
will expand the lifetime of the mattress and the foam itself. Well this one has been
packed for almost, well, I think almost a week now,
so this is quite fast. The only thing I have to
do now is take the valve and start blowing. Four times and this is as
comfortable as I like it. You can do a bit more,
it will get a bit firmer, but for me, it’s not necessary. Okay, now let me tell you a bit more about the mattress itself. The one that I’m
testing is the regular and regular measures 183
centimeters in length and, well, 51 centimeters wide. And it’s 5 centimeters thick and the thickness is for
all mattress the same. And there is the large one, which is 63 centimeters in width, but it’s 1 meter and 69 centimeters long. The weight, the regular
one, the one that I have been testing for the last couple of months, I put it on my precise posting scale and I measured it at 666.8 grams exactly. Therma-rest says it should
weigh 620, but that can be with or without maybe the
compression bag, I don’t know. I think that the difference
is too small to make a big deal out of it this. Then the regular wide
is weighting 790 grams and the large one 850 grams. For the one that I have
been testing, the pack size, like I showed it to you,
in the compression bag is 16 centimeters in diameter
and 27 centimeters long. Then, onto the construction,
as I mentioned before there is foam inside, it’s
called by Therm-a-rest, it’s called a strato-core foam,
well that means that it is basically in a special shape and I’ll try to put a picture in
here, so you can see the shape, but it’s like, a bit like a waffle, that’s probably a correct word. If you make a cut through on
this, you can see already the, that there are pieces with thick foam and pieces with thinner foam. The good thing of that is that, if you release the air
again it’s more packable than just full foam and it’s better isolating
than a mattress where, for example, a lot of
Therm-a-rest mattresses they have the foam but they
have the holes cut in them and of course where the holes are, you don’t have the
isolation from the ground, coming through the holes. This one is almost fully covered. To enhance the way, or the speed that you have to blow the air into this mattress, into the Apex, not the whole mattress
is filled with foam, for on the sides there
are really big tunnels, where the air can go through quite freely and that’s why it’s so, it’s
quite easy to inflate it with your mouth. I’ve already mentioned that the Apex is a four seasons mattress and that’s got something
to do with the R-value, um, the R-value, the R
stands for resistance and that’s a, well a way
of measuring how much cold, in this case the mattress can resist. So, for example the cold
coming from the ground, it goes into the mattress and
the resistance the mattress gives, from the top to the
bottom to withstand this cold and transferring it to my
body, that’s the R-value. The Apex has a R-value of 4.0 and that’s way better
than the Evolite series, because it was the same thickness, I think the Evolite was
about a R-value 2.0, so, this one is way warmer. With 4.0 as an R-value, this is really a winter mattress, but not for too severe circumstances. I’ve been sleeping on
this one with a few degrees, above zero, so not
really freezing conditions. It’s – as you can see – summer now, but in the mountains I’ve
had some colder nights, minus 5 degrees is about
the limit that I think that this mattress is still
comfortable in, warm. When you go to really winter
conditions, go and look for a mattress with R-value
of about 5 or above. The higher the number, the
higher the resistance number, the warmer the mattress will be. If you’re looking for
a summer mattress then look for something which is, well, between the 1 and the 3 maximum. 3 is basically the barrier between, um, summer/autumn and winter mattresses. So, that’s about the R-
value of the Pro-lite Apex. In the two months that
I’ve been able to test the Pro-lite Apex, I’ve
come to the conclusion that’s it’s a very comfortable mattress and it’s got a lot to do, of
course, with the thickness of 5 centimeters. For me, even when
I’m lying on my side, or turning around in my sleep, I don’t feel any bumps or whatever, it’s comfortable for me. Now, from the Apex, as far as I know, there’s not going to be a
special women’s version, but I don’t think that’s really necessary because of the way the
foam is constructed, it’s thick on the place’s it needs to be and it’s a bit thinner on
the places where you can save some weight. My wife, she’s been
sleeping on this one and she’s of course more curvy than I am and she had no complaints whatsoever, so that’s a very positive thing. The length of the mattress, I’m 1 meter 69 centimeters,
from my feet to my head, it’s enough spacey. If I want to have a pillow there, it doesn’t go away the
whole time in the night, or maybe you’d use the stuff
bag, filled with your clothing from the daytime, it will
be very comfortable as well. Small trick, if you don’t have a pillow, you just do it like
this, get it more compact and you have a good head rest, like this. Then, you crack, maybe you hear it. The Apex Lite sound, I’m absolutely allergic to mattresses that make a lot of sound and
make a lot of noise, when you’re sleeping and
turning around, it wakes me up. Maybe you’ve seen a review
of the Therm-a-rest Neoair I made last year, well that one
was, in my opinion horrible. The Apex is quite good,
it’s, it’s pretty quiet when you’re sleeping normally, but, and now, that’s the reason
why the tent is over there, the sound is not only
coming from the mattress, just sometimes it has a little wrinkle, but there is sometimes
some squeaking between, um, the mattress and the ground
floor of the tent itself and it varies with the
tent you bring, of course. So, if you’ve got the
possibility, check the mattress in the tent, before you buy
it and if it’s, of course, the same tent that you have, where you want to put the
mattress in, because sometimes it makes a squeaky
noise, what always helps is just to put a small
towel underneath it, that’s always a good solution. But as far as I’m concerned
the Pro-lite Apex is as silent as a normal self
inflating mattress should be. And then it’s time to
pack again and this is the only disadvantage,
I think, of a lot of self inflating mattresses,
if you are accustomed to the non-ones, that is, this
can be, sometimes, quite, a small battle, it takes some time, it takes some strength
in your hands, but then, still pretty, pretty fast. That one closing and then it
goes back in to its stuff bag. And there you have it,
nice and small again. The good thing about the
compression straps, by the way, is the fact that you can also
use them to put the mattress maybe on the outside of your backpack. Onto the conclusion, how do I rate the Therm-a-rest Pro-lite Apex? Well, I think it is a worthy
successor to the Evolite series and to be honest, the
Apex has grown onto me, I really like the mattress. It’s lightweight, it’s very
packable, it’s comfortable and it’s delivered in a
very nice compression bag, or stuff bag. Erm, it’s got an R-value of
4.0, which means it is a fully four season mattress, but
I would not advise you to take it at temperatures
below minus 5 degrees. The only small disadvantage
is the fact that, as with all self inflatable mattresses, it takes some force to get it back in to it’s rolling shape and get it back into its stuff bag. The price of the Therm-a-rest
is 140 Euros, which I think is quite a normal price to pay
for a mattress of this quality and that’s why I rate the
Therm-a-rest Pro-lite Apex at 4.5 stars. I hope you like this video
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9 thoughts on “Therm-a-Rest ProLite Apex SLEEPING PAD Review (English)

  1. I love it too: great pad. To add an R for colder weather you can cut a footprint for your tent from insulating foil bubble wrap roll (from Wickes in UK elsewhere any decent Home Depot style hardware store should do) it's light and affordable.

  2. I had a Therm-a-rest Evolight pad for years that just recently started to delaminate between the shell and the inner foam core.

    Since that model is no longer available, Cascade Designs offered to replace my pad with this Prolite Apex (another example of Cascade Design’s superior customer service.)

    I watched your video to get an idea of what I’m receiving and found it extremely helpful. Thank you for such a well done review! Subscribed!

  3. Hello, I have a thermarest ProLite, which is a little thin for a side sleeper, and a Neo Summer all season. This one is good according the thickness and very light weight, but: noisy, the aluminiumfoil falls apart after a while, and the outer fabric is by far not as resistant as of the ProLite. So I am looking for a combination of both as the Neo has some little holse and slowly looses its air.
    I really like the resistancy of the ProLite. I slept outside several times without any protection between ground and matress and I never had issues with leakage. My Pro Lite is about 7 years old an din that time, the ProLites had a different bottom fabric, feeling a liitle rubber like.
    Is the fabric of the apex also so resistance? Or can you recommend another Thermarest, beeing comfy, resistant, 4 season, light weight and not as noisy as the Neos?

  4. When you're folding it, first lie down on it squeezing out the air. Close the valve. Fold it up half way. Open the valve and fold the rest. Much easier.

  5. Hi Gijs, thanks for the review. You commented that by itself this is not really suitable for winter conditions below -5C. Could this be used in winter conditions with a Thermarest RidgeRest Solite underneath, for say -5C to -10C ??

  6. I love your accent. It reminds me of my deceased father's accent. He was born and raised in the Netherlands and immigrated to the U.S.

  7. Great review – thanks! Deflating tips and tricks – release the valve in the morning after you wake up and your body weight on the sleeping mat helps make for faster deflation – close valve when no more air comes out. When rolling up the sleeping mat put your knees and weight onto the rolled up portion to really squeeze the air out… Happy camping!

  8. looking for this mat in several shops and it's on sale in two of them and sold out everywhere else, I was pretty sure this is an old model not made anymore, and here I learn it's the most recent TAR mat^^ very nice review.

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