Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad

Offering affordable, no frills performance
for the backcountry, the Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout sleeping pad is the perfect option for
someone who is looking for a light weight sleeping pad that is easy to use. This would
be great for someone who is just getting started, who is looking for an affordable sleeping
pad or this is great for groups when you need to by multiple sleeping pads and you are looking
for an affordable price. This is a self inflating pad, so it packs
down to be pretty small due to that foam core. You have got open cell foam on the inside.
So to inflate this all you have to do is roll out the mat, open the valve and the foam on
the inside acts like a sponge, meaning that it is going to soak up all the air. It is
going to expand and it is going to inflate most of the way for you. Once you let it set
out for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, let that foam expand all the way, you just need to inflate
the sleeping pad a little bit at the end to your desired thickness. So with this pad it is about an inch thick
when it is fully inflated. So you do get 3.4 R value. So that is going to offer protection
from the ground. This is a three season pad. So if you are in colder temperatures you definitely
want to look for something with a higher R value. But this is great for three seasons.
And we will take a look at some of the other features. The materials here on the top and the bottom
are a light weight polyurethane. If we look at the valve here, the Therm-a-Rest valve
is really nice because after you inflate the pad you can lay on it and adjust the firmness
of the pad if you want. You just have to reach behind you and adjust that. So that is a nice
feature there. And then this material is pretty silent. So as you are sleeping on it, it is
not going to make a lot of noise. Looking at some of the other features, this
does come in four sizes, small to extra large, so you can choose what size you want. I have
got the regular size right here and it weighs in right around one pound six ounces. So it
is definitely a backpackable option. You can roll it up pretty small with that foam on
the inside and pack it away in you back pack. And Therm-a-Rest does have kind of a mummy
shape with this pad. They cut the corners and they taper it down into the foot box just
to save a little bit more weight. So you can definitely take this into the back country. And they do include a stuff sack. So when
you are ready to pack it down after you use it, you can just throw it right in the stuff
sack and it makes it really simple. Again, the Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout is a great,
affordable, no frills performance sleeping pad for three seasons in the backcountry.

4 thoughts on “Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad

  1. I have used one of these for two years now. It works great and fits inside my double hammock without being to stiff. In a hammock it will definitely take the chill off you when you wake up on a summer night and the temps have dropped a little too much when your hanging down by the river. It stays in my pack because it seems that it's always loaned out on hikes late at night when the beginners start getting cold and since I can use my Claytor hammock as a tent I just might need it if I can't get a hang due to lack of trees near a ridge.

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