This Backpack is a Gaming PC

This Backpack is a Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This computer is a little bit different. This is a full backpack PC. Then you might ask yourself, why would you want a
computer on your back. To which I reply, virtual reality. With this, you can have a
completely untethered experience. So the idea is is that not
only is it a full computer, but it actually has a battery built in. So in theory you can play a
game for about two hours or so without needing to plug into anything. And that includes running the headset off of the built-in battery. Since this is battery-powered, I’m really curious how
the whole setup works. I mean, we’re talking about
a computer with a Core i7 and a GTX 1070. It’s not going to be
power-sipping by any means. As always, I’ll have a link to
the VR GO in the description, but be warned, this guy is not cheap. So first we have the system. (grunting) It’s so heavy, woah. Oo-oo-oo-ooh! Oh you know what? This is actually not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. This is a 95 watt hour battery. That’s no joke. (clicking)
Woah. Alright, we are batteried up. So I guess the idea is that you can see the status of each
battery on the back of it. Now we’ve got some weight. So around back we’re gonna
find all your standard ports, like a couple DisplayPort, HDMI, for some reason two ethernet, which is a little weird on a backpack PC. What the idea is is that when you’re not using this on your back, it still works as a normal desktop. So we have a DC In power
adapter as well as DC Out. So basically you can
plug in something like the Vive headset directly here and it will run off the batteries. Now let’s get into the accessories, which are equally enormous. So (laughs) alright, those
are some accessories. So here it looks like we
actually have the backpack part. Yeah, there we go. (laughs) You know what, that’s actually not bad. Ladies (laughs). I don’t know how I’ll
feel after like two hours of VR gaming with this on my back, but it’s pretty comfortable. So when you’re not in backpack mode you actually have a normal power supply as well as the power cable. Oh, this is probably for
charging the batteries, isn’t it? So the batteries use the same
power adapter from the system. So in theory if you want to do some extended VR wireless gaming, always keep one battery on the charger and keep one in the actual VR GO and then just hotswap them
as they start to run out. You know what, this is actually
really well thought through. And hiding behind these flaps on top we have a couple more USB ports, as well as we have HDMI and DC Out. So this is probably the best place to plug in all the Vive headgear stuff. Full backpack mode, but when you’re done with
it, you just pull it down and you’ve got a desktop. Yo, you know what? Can you stop ruining my vibe? I said you know what. Is it that bad to say you know what? Come on, Ken, you just
trying to ruin the video? So we have the VR GO set up and as you can see, it’s
actually not a crazy setup in desktop mode. So since we have power, HDMI and USB, which is all that the Vive
needs to be plugged in, straight inside the PC,
that means that we get to avoid using this guy,
which adds tons and tons of extra cable bulk. Don’t worry, this is
going according to plan. So I have the PC which
is probably about to drag a bunch of stuff with me. We’re now semi-mobile. So the next step is we need
to get the game started. (laughs) Alright, I got this. So let’s make sure this
is actually working. Yes, okay. So now comes the fun part
of trying to unplug myself. Alright, we’re fully untethered now. Headphones are here somewhere. Where are my headphones? Alright, cable management, there we go. I’m VR Man.
(dramatic music) Okay, this is fully
untethered VR, let’s do it. (gentle music) Okay, you know what? This is kinda cool. So Tilt Brush is actually a game where you can do full 3D painting. So with the power of
VR we can really create these wonderful masterpieces. There’s just something
really special about being able to have a fully untethered virtual reality experience. I don’t have to kick cables around, I don’t need to worry
about running into a wall, I very much am kind of
immersed in the game. Next we have Star Wars
Trials of Tattooine. This is actually not a full
game, it’s more of a demo. However, Star Wars and VR, sign me up. And I’m on Tattooine. Wow. (robot talking)
Hey, R2. Dude, look at the lighting. (robot talking) (guns firing) Dude.
(laughs) (Star Wars theme music) (explosions) Oh, that’s not good. What happened? Thanks for helping. Don’t judge me, I got
a little too excited. (laughs) You can totally help me right now. (laughs) There we go, crisis averted. (laughs) When you get a little too
vigorous with the lightsaber, the PC may or may not
actually stay on your back. (dramatic music) The VR GO is surprisingly good. Sure, it’s not perfect. And honestly it’s
probably not the best idea to spend this much money on
a PC that lives on your back. Sure, it can work as a normal desktop. But if that’s all you need,
this is a little overkill. However, if you really wanna get the ultimate VR experience,
it’s hard to argue with this. So what do you guys think about the VR GO? Definitely be sure to let me
know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one. Also, I hope I’ve been
looking at the camera this whole time, I don’t know where I am.

100 thoughts on “This Backpack is a Gaming PC

  1. …late to say this (and prob not alone to say it) but people fall playing vr games….chances are someone is gonna land on their gaming pc xD

  2. Dude PS4 is better than this shit and the best part?
    The PS4 along with the PS VR costs as much as a 600$ gaming PC!

  3. I can't wait to fall over and smash this thing to pieces, impaling myself on technology, assimilating with it, and becoming the first cyborg.

  4. Yes, so you want a full experience free from a wire, but you would wear a 5-10 dead weight on your back instead?

    The weight of the 95 Watt hour battery is like a brick and you can carry 2 of those. WTF!

  5. The headset is heavy as it is and you want me to play VR with headset and a pack back, that’s pretty stupid. Near the end of the video the whole thing almost fell off.

  6. >Put on my "Backpack"
    >Go to school
    >Teacher: "Where the heck is your backpack??!??"
    >Me: "What do you mean? I HAVE my backpack"
    >MFW I realized, I took my VRGO instead of my school-backpack

  7. I don’t have anything that is cool like that. And I don’t have the money to afford that. It’s sad.

  8. Nintendo: lol they used metal? Weeak, because we have shitty cardboard! It’s called Nintendo Labo, and it’s $70 for shitty cardboard!

  9. At 0:47 when you did the OOOOOOH I actually thought that someone was calling me and my phone was vibrating on the desk.

  10. The new intel 9 series just came out, plus the the gtx i think 950, it will be easier and chepier to bought a new laptop put it in your back and bought Oculus Go to set it up.

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