This Backpack Packs A Surprising Feature…

This Backpack Packs A Surprising Feature…

So you guys know all these different companies they hit me up hitting me up they hit me up the same we got the cool thing and I’m like listen that’s my job out here It’s to find the cool thing Is this that thing I don’t know yet It’s why I’m making this video. What It definitely is, something I have never evaluated before The backpack has a speaker In it It’s from a company called track You probably never thought you needed a speaker in your backpack But I’m sitting here thinking why not Because when I was a kid it was all about the boom box we would go to the basketball court, play some basketball have some music with us maybe that’s what this is skateboarders. side benefit, you get to look like a ninja turtle and if you don’t know the ninja turtles then I don’t know you looks pretty straightforward got a pretty hard shell on it some straps you will also notice up at the top here some magic going on that’s some mysterious component and a zipper that goes all the way around alright inside a few different pockets place for a phone, place for some money that looks like the magic right there this is the speaker unit, but he also has a 5 volt out so you could charge something off of it It’s like a backup battery as well that’s always in your backpack then there’s a charge port to charge this actual thing up it’s an auxiliary out and auxiliary in so auxiliary in makes sense it’s how you gonna to send music to hear via your phone or whichever device you want but the out what do we do with the out Doll it up you and your buddies it’s like a backpack squad the whole crews coming through synced up with wires slalom there’s another couple cables also what looks like a microSD card slot so I guess you could play music right off of it now the cables break out into this wire here which then comes up here and leads to what ohh ho,ho,ha remote control with a new / volume switch play pause as well as answer phone calls skip tracks, volume up and down in a backlight you’re on the street you got the skateboard you got the remote and everybody’s watching look at that guy he’s from the future he’s ehh a tron type dude can we get away with playing any tron music right now, jack? Of course not daft punk you kidding me give me call right, Anybody in the music business this is a promotional opportunity for you to be on unbox therapy videos give jack call, you got some money to spend now I noticed also there’s a little mesh pouch and then inside is your charge cable as well as an auxiliary cord waiting for the connection whoa which connection, this connection? Can you see that jack? LED lights in there. Enjoy aux music dude there’s a microphone on here and it’s picking up the feedback because you can answer calls on here That turns on the mic. then you want to have the mic muted. Otherwise you’re gonna get feedback. [PLAYS MUSIC] Wow This is better a lot then Bluetooth speakers we tested over here man. And I mean a lot better

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  2. Yo love your show keep it up but back in the day in the early 2000s a pro skater name Chad Muska made a backpack that had a speaker in it look it up it was made by Circa just wanted to let you all know that

  3. ive seen many skiers with a group of friends having a bluetooth speaker in there bag, i see the function.

  4. I've had a mobile device like this for years it's called a backpack and headphones. News flash the rest of the world doesn't want to hear what you're listening to. It's like that jackass 8 cars back in traffic from you in an Escalade with 14 12 subs booming away vibrating your car where the point you can't hear what you're listening to sort of the same thing when you're blaring music out in public nobody else wants to hear it.

  5. Can i bring my golden AK with a tactical grip and red dot scope with couple spare mags and my golden Desert Eagle 50AE to school in this backpack?

  6. Questioner: Hey Lew, So how do you keep yourself pumped up through all of these years doing videos for YouTube?
    Lew: Beer..

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