Tips to Maximize Your Skincare Routine This Winter

Tips to Maximize Your Skincare Routine This Winter

– [Announcer] We teamed up
with the beauty brand, No7, and its dermatologist, Dr. Divya Shokeen, for winter skin remedies. Winter has dry, cold weather,
which can wreak havoc on your skin so you want to
use a cream-based cleanser as opposed to a gel or foaming cleanser that can leave your skin stripped of oils. Also, to combat some of the
dryness from indoor heating consider getting a humidifier
to keep some of the moisture in your air. Finally, I recommend you
maximize your skincare routine and add a serum. I recommend No7’s Lift and
Luminate Triple Action Serum because it really does it all. It’s clinically proven
to even out skin tone, to visibly firm the skin, and 89% of women showed a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. The serum has hyaluronic
acid and vitamin C. The hyaluronic acid helps to
add hydration to your skin where as the vitamin C helps
to correct uneven skin tone. And the best part is that
you can get it at Target for under $35. (upbeat music)

53 thoughts on “Tips to Maximize Your Skincare Routine This Winter

  1. I quit wearing makeup all together!
    I don't use creams!
    Open pores 2x a day with regular soap, warm water, gentle cloth.
    Who would have thought! 🤯
    I take zero pills.
    Zero alcohol.
    Zero smoking anything.
    Trying hard to avoid too much meat.
    My skin has zero issues.

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