Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Places in IRELAND | Essential Irish Travel Guide 🇮🇪

Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Places in IRELAND | Essential Irish Travel Guide  🇮🇪

100 thoughts on “Top 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL Places in IRELAND | Essential Irish Travel Guide 🇮🇪

  1. ring of Kerry is incredible.. dingle is stunning..
    Derry city is a beautiful place to visit up north..
    kilkenny city has a lot going on also..
    new Grange is older then the pyramids and also worth a visit..
    a lot not mentioned here so dig deeper !
    you will find some gems not mentioned

  2. It's cold. It rains a lot. The sun doesn't shine enough.
    The people……. the people are what makes it special. So warm. So friendly. I drank with so many strangers who made me feel so welcome.

  3. I'm from Valencia (Spain), love Ireland. Veey important family in Valencia last century is Trenor Family. Al descendents of Thomas Trenor Keating. If you like
    History read about it. Greetings and love from Spain to Ireland.

  4. My husband and I are going to Ireland next fall. I’ve been there once when I was 10 with my Mom who was raised in Roscommon where both her parents are from. After the requisite visits to relatives, we would like to visit the surrounding counties. Any recommendations? Is there any place(s) in Roscommon we should visit? Thanks in advance.

  5. For Christ sake! If another American pronounces our country as iiiiiii-yer-lind, we may lose our minds. It’s the equivalent of pronouncing Norway as No-or-way or Sweden as swee-eee-den. Ireland is pronounced Ar-land…that’s 2 syllables not 3. Any other tourist coming here please take note. Cheers

  6. I'm Irish and love this video. U guys made an amazing video x u rock 🌳🌲🌱🌿🍃🍄🌞🌛🌌🌎🌍🌏🌄🌅😊🍂🍁🌻❤

  7. I’m going to Dublin Ireland for marching band and we are going to be playing in the big Dublin st Patrick’s day parade and i CANT WAIT. We also get to visit cliffs of moher and castles and many other places. We are there for 9 days and it’s REALLY far from where I live and I can’t explain how excited I am.

  8. 2:46 Irish people do not put seaweed in their baths, but we are happy to oblige if gullible tourists want to pay money for the experience.

  9. Hola, os hablo desde ESPAÑA. Y me sale de los putos cojones hablarles en español. Que tengan un lindo día.

    Pd. Vuestro idioma original es el irlandés, para quien se le haya olvidado.

  10. If ure coming to Ireland you better come quick. Ireland is changing and the Irish people are being replaced.

  11. Hey guys I am irish and I highly recommend u check out the county Wicklow it’s a border county to Dublin so not far away it’s very beautiful with the Wicklow mountains and the seaside towns such as Bray Greystones and Morriscastle highly recommend on your next trip

  12. If you want good views in Northern Ireland travel along the Antrim coast rd which is beside the Irish Sea see places like carnlough and the glens of Antrim and torr head

  13. Can't believe you totally passed on Limerick City on the way down to Cork, biggest university campus in Ireland, home of European Rugby Champs Munster, the birthplace of Richard Harris actor, he starred in Gladiator, you've have totally missed a hidden gem!

  14. As an Irish man Id recommend Temple Bar in Dublin, Doolin in Clare, Killarney and Dingle in Kerry , Connemara in Galway , Achill Island off Mayo , enniskillen in Fermanagh , Armagh , Leitrim and Wexford.

  15. Why would you bring back Irish whiskey to American when it's only half the price in America . Ireland is a rip off

  16. I’m from cork and super glad you included it as most people really fixate on Dublin.. but I live on the boarder of cork and Kerry and am kinda sad you left Kerry our. Killarney is a super popular tourist hub and dingle is so pretty. There’s also so many beaches and the ring of Kerry. Missing out guys.

  17. I’m really glad you put other counties in then dublin because as much as I love dublin it does not get as much love as Like louth or Fermanagh

  18. Ireland has been completely taken over by Muslims and Africans, it's sad to see the Irish people getting drove off the land they built up just from muck and stones.

  19. I am Robin Hood fun, does still count? well ! Robin Hood eventually got married the future Queen. what not to like?

  20. It is a great clip except the part that has Obama & Michelle in it:(. Ireland is the land of my son's ancestor on his dad's side so of course I love Ireland beside it's own magical beautyyy❤️.

  21. I wish I owned property there its so pretty, the food scenes look delicious and I have heard the people are very nice. Gorgeous landscape rich with historic sites and I do notice a lot of streets are still cobblestone ? Very interesting place.

  22. hi my bother how are you.I very like ierland can you give me ierland any visa I one to coming ierland. my from Bangladesh. now I have sodiaroba this my number 00966537987307

  23. What their not telling you…Ireland is now flooded with African men and Muslim men .thanks to government open border policy. The Irish are now second class citizens in their own country . We also have to thank (eu) and (un) we need help. If we question were called racists and facists.??????

  24. I'm in Northern Ireland right beside The Giants Causeway with my home on the world famous "Coast Road". Yes the road really does go for many miles along the coast, sometimes with enormous cliff face drops, but absolutely gorgeous. I live in GAME OF THRONES land where I have a house in WINTER FELL. Want to stay? Our spotlessly clean home is open to respectful visitors. Im a retired Military Police and Civilian Police officer and an Irish welcome and wonderful Irish food awaits those who want to be at the Centre of a place to base yourself for a day or two or 10.
    Car available too if required.
    The guys have done an incredible job with this video and a real credit to them. With the American and Canadian dollar drawing closer to PARITY,
    i.e. £1 = almost $1
    It's a perfect time for State side visitors to pay a visit.
    Flying into Dublin with "Transat" is by far ONE of the cheapest right now. Want to know all about Ireland, stay with a real Irish family. One problem….we laugh a lot!!😃😂😃😂😃😂😉

  25. Please, any americas out there learn how to pronnounce at least Ireland (pronnounced areland) we as irish would put up with ye a lot more

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  27. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon. Went to a lot of destinations but really fell in love with a town called Cong in County Mayo. A very relaxing place down by the river near the abbey ruins. The Crow’s nest is a wonderful place to eat.

  28. what to do in Ireland
    1. Go to the pub
    2. Have a Guinness
    3. Have another Guinness
    4. And another
    5. And another after that
    oh and btw Belfast isn't Ireland

  29. I haven't been to ireland, yet, but I'm so interested in learning about other countries/places within countries and the history of places/countries.

  30. Just got back from two weeks in Ireland. Thanks to your wonderful suggestions, we had a marvelous trip. Rented a car in Dublin and drove counter-clockwise around the entire island, hitting many spots you mention here. Never would have known about spectacular Slieve League without your video. Thank you for pointing us in the right directions!

  31. Ireland isn't Ireland without the cliffs of Moher and the Burren! The cliffs of Moher are romantic you are meant to go there with the one you love. Also the ring of Kerry, Connemara, Kilarney…some other places not to miss.

  32. Definitely Go to the Irish School of Falconry just north of Galway. Most amazing experience of my trip to Ireland.

  33. Ireland on fast train to becoming an atrican/ Muslim ( shithole) due to ( vradkars) open door policy to Africa . Media and political blackout.

  34. Am seriously surprised Derry not included, you'd have missed a great opportunity if you went as far as the giants causeway or slive league for that matter without visiting the historical capital of that region

  35. ???Why did you not mention Co Kerry it's called the kingdom for a reason..beautiful mountains beaches national parks and the most breath taking scenery that has been captured in many famous films . Major oversight boys!!

  36. I was just in Ireland for a week driving around the West Coast. My favorite places were probably the Gleniff Horseshoe in Sligo, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ross Castle in Killarney, the abandoned Kilcrea Castle near Blarney and of course the Streedagh riding trip that I took in Sligo. Saw plenty of other places too and loved every minute of it! 😍 From Dublin we only saw the airport, airport-hotel and the car rental place. 😂

  37. Please just call it as it is , Ireland, don’t discriminate against the almost 1 million Irish stuck in the 6 county time warp by a bigoted mob

  38. The country is called Ireland. By using the name Northern Ireland to describe " The North of Ireland" means that you are supporting the WHITE ISIS supremacist group the DUP. Europes KKK. Don't be a hater like them. The country is Ireland. All of it.

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