Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile

(upbeat music) – [Host] Hola, and let me
introduce you to Chile, one of my favorite
countries in South America. Due to its long and narrow shape, Chile is one of the most diverse
countries on the continent, therefore, backpacking in
Chile is very attractive, but also time-consuming in
matters of covering distances. I put together this list
of the top 10 places to visit in Chile to show you
the highlights of the country. So, are you ready? – [Male Voice] Number one,
trekking Torres del Paine. – [Host] This one shouldn’t be
missed when in South America as the national park, Torres del Paine, offers so much diversity in
a comparatively tiny area: glaciers, lagoons,
impressive mountain ranges, grasslands, and green forests. – [Male Voice] Number two,
Las Capillas de Marmol. – [Host] You have
possibly seen those caves on pictures all over the
internet in collections like Places To See Before You Die, but the truth is not many
people have seen those caves in person as they are
located at the Southern part of the Carretera Austral inside the second largest lake of South America. It took me a few days to
get their by hitchhiking, but it was worth all the efforts. – [Male Voice] Number
three, Desierto de Atacama. – [Host] The Atacama
Desert is the driest desert in the world, but it has a
lot to offer: The Moon Valley, flamingos at the colorful lagoons, sandboarding at the dunes, volcanoes, and an amazing view of the night sky. – [Male Voice] Number four, Los Pinguinos. – [Host] If you like penguins,
this is the place to go. Close to Punta Arenas, the biggest city in the South of Chile, you are able to go on an excursion to Isla Magdalena, an island which more than
50,000 penguins call home. (upbeat music) – [Male Voice] Number
five, Lago O’Higgins. – [Host] This one is pretty hard to access as it is in rural Patagonia. It takes a lot of time to get there and to get out from there, which
also means that you won’t find many people visiting this place. I made my way from El Chalten
to Candelario Mancilla and continued to the O’Higgins. – [Male Voice] Number six,
rafting on the Futaleufu. – [Host] Rafting pros mention this river as one of the world’s best
spots for whitewater rafting and this is what you should do there to experience the real
beauty of this place. (man shouting) (water splashing) – [Male Voice] Number seven,
climbing the Villarrica. – [Host] Pucon is a city which is located between a lake and the
landmark of the region, the Villarrica volcano. After I made my way up,
I was simply overwhelmed by the view and pretty
sure that this spot is one of the best places to visit in Chile for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. – [Male Voice] Number
eight, Volcano Osorno. – [Host] Alright, now that
volcanoes sparked our interest, another cool one can be
found close to Puerto Varas and looks pretty much like the
little brother of Mount Fuji. Getting up there is even
easier as there is a street which leads almost to the top. The view is different but also impressive. (upbeat music) – [Male Voice] Number nine, Valparaiso. – [Host] I love to wander the streets of this colorful port city which is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Believe it or not, I spent a whole week in Valparaiso photographing
the fantastic street art and enjoying the views
from the many hills. – [Male Voice] Number
10, La Carretera Austral. – [Host] If you’re up for adventures, the Carretera Austral is your playground. Right at the beginning, you
have to cross the many fjords between Puerto Montt and Chaiten with different ferries
to make your way down and you will feel like
being in Scandinavia. Alright, there you have it. If you are planning a trip to Chile, make sure to check out the free
travel guides on my website. The link can be found
in the info box below. Moreover, you can find more travel videos from Chile on my channel like a documentary about the Carretera Austral. Finally, if you like this
video, give me a thumbs up, comment, and share it with your friends. Saludos and thanks for watching.

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  1. Inglesito deja de ser chupa medias de chile cagon , chile nos mira el culo y en cualquier momento se lo lleva un tsunami y chau gallitos…

  2. Great video….You may not have got there which is why it may not have been in your list but Easter Island should be high on the list of top 10 places in Chile. I would also make a notable mention of Lauca National Park, Valle del Elqui, the wine regions in the Valle Central near Santiago, The Maipo Valley, Isla Negra, the surf coast near Pichilemu oh! and Chiloé.

  3. Fuck chile people wants your money and to much poverty. Chilean Food is horrible except the peruvian restaurants. Never visit chile again!

  4. Hola! en mi canal estoy comenzando a mostrar un poco de lo que es Chile y lo hermoso que es! me ayudaría mucho con sus likes y criticas para seguir con este proyecto.

    Hi! In my channel I am beginning to show a little of what Chile is and how beautiful it is! would help me a lot with their likes and criticisms to continue with this project.

  5. We love to have a vacation in Chile this coming June .i hope all we seen in video was really awesome in person! 👄

  6. Each city has its own and I think you need more time in each one of them. I'm from Puerto Natales and I think you have to know Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic territory too, we aren't only Torres del Paine. Greetings from the south of the world.

  7. Chile es el país más hermozo del mundo…tiene todo lo que uno busca…playas .desierto bosque montañas lagos…vida silvestre y gente amable.

  8. Yo fui a Chile y fui atacado por una bestia..!!!…era un curao chuchaesumare !..que queria bailar cueca comigo en pleno 18 …puta el curao camote..!!..fuera eso muy lindo..!!…puta que es linda mi hay nada que se le iguale , aunque lo busquen con velas..!!!

  9. Well, I went to Chile and instantly fell in love with it although to be fair I only went to Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, but what I will say is that this video inspired me to return next year.

  10. Mis 10 maravillas naturales de Chile (Trato de que sean 10 maravillas INDIVIDUALES, no un parque entero, una isla o un desierto) y son, en orden aleatorio:

    1) Cuernos del Paine
    2) Ventisquero colgante Queulat
    3) Volcán Osorno
    4) Cerro Castillo
    5) Glaciar O' Higgins
    6) Laguna San Rafael
    7) Río Baker
    8) Fiordo de Las Montañas
    9) Valle de la Luna
    10) Fiordo Calvo

    ¿Están de acuerdo o no? ¿Cuál de estos sacarían para meter otra maravilla natural de Chile? (Solo 10 cupos)

    ¡Saludos desde Venezuela!

  11. Hi if you ever have a spare mome t need some advice how should i get money out securely on a longer trip … cr card or how .. also want to make online bookings for hostels and trains … is using a vpn any good to protect my account from scammers or not as heard it blocks cards? I usually just carry cash but this will ve a longer trip to Asia etc thank you
    Such beautiful videos love national parks but looks very expensive especially patagonia

  12. I create a blog to foment tourism in Talca a city ubicated only a 3 hours of the capital.
    The link is @t

  13. Chile es un país muy grande y hermoso, ya q soy chileno el país se extraña más cuando trabajar en otro país previas su cultura y sus tradiciones amos mi país arriba chile mierda

  14. I'm half chilenian and half swedish, don't speak spanish and never been there haha.. But maybe i'll go there some day

  15. Awesome video! We visited Chile last year and spent a few days in the Atacama Desert (after your recommendation) – number 3 on your list: here’s what we did there:

  16. cool vid! lots of nice uninhabited places to get away from the thieves which is what you need to be thinking about good luck folks and watch your change

  17. People are slaves working for doctors etc,bad country,they don't want you to now,Mapoutch are treated really bad,don't listen To this vidéo,greetings from Belgium,propaganda

  18. Colombiano y costeño de pura sepa, pero debo admitir que más allá de que Chile sea un país que se le ve empuje y progreso a pasos agigantados también tiene una biodiversidad increíble. Hermoso sin duda alguna y espero que me reciba de la mejor manera si decido irme este año.

  19. The worst country of latin america, maybe we have nice landscapes but our community is a real shit, my dear friends. Greetings❤

  20. I am a true lover of Chile and its charms. I visited most of the places listed in your top 10. By the way, the video was amazing. <3

  21. Si no hubiera sido por el pelmazo que por su culpa quemo torres del paine seria mucho más hermoso y más verde

  22. Superbe vidéo ! Merci ! Si vous souhaitez vous rendre à tous ces endroits, lors de votre voyage au chili le plus pratique serait certainement, de passer par une bonne agence : ( ) ses équipe sont au petits soin et vous permette de bénéficier d'un circuit sur mesure retraçant tous les endroit cités dans la vidéo : -> Pourquoi Pas ? Après c'est sûr, que c'est plus l'aventure de la faire tout seul.

  23. What a great video!! New friend here, I subscribed. Let’s be friends and support each other’s channels??

  24. If you come to Brazil I recommend the following cities : Rio De Janeiro, Foz do Iguaçu, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Balneário Camboriú, Gramado . These are the most beautiful cities I think

  25. Precioso el sur de chile. pero lo mas lindo, es que todo este continente hasta llegar a mexico, lindo, todos los paises tienen paisajes extraordinariamente hermosos, no se puede elegir uno no mas , america es un alimento espiritual

  26. Hay un Lugar en chile que tiene una bella historia de 12.000 años de edad , googlen, se llama Laguna de Tagua Tagua es un lugar , místico , con historia de pleistoceno, hermoso , importante a nivel mundial que está a 2:30 Hrs de Santiago , hay un museo que se llama La Laguna y acá en youtube hay videos , busquen por Laguna tagua tagua

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