Trakke Vorlich Backpack Review | 32L Rolltop Travel Bag For Urban & Outdoor Adventures

Trakke Vorlich Backpack Review | 32L Rolltop Travel Bag For Urban & Outdoor Adventures

– The Vorlich is a
32-liter rolltop backpack that continues the Trakke tradition of making high-quality,
handmade, and super durable gear. Hey, I’m Nathan from Pack Hacker, where we use our expertise
and real world experience to provide practical
resources and honest opinions guiding you towards smarter travel. If you’re new here, consider subscribing. We’ve been testing the Trakke Vorlich for around three weeks
now in Detroit, Michigan, so, without further ado,
let’s get into this review. (upbeat music) Starting with the look of this thing, while I personally dig the style, we’re a little bit divided
over here at Pack Hacker HQ. Not everyone is a fan
of the heritage look, and the way the rolltop
handle sticks out at times can look a bit odd. As ever, we decided to throw
this to our Instagram audience, and the results were not too pretty, with only 32% saying they
liked the look of this bag. Now moving on to the colors, the Vorlich is available
in olive, black, navy, and one rotating guest color, too. The darker, muted tones look great, and you can’t go wrong with either. Plus, we really like the
idea of a guest color, as it allows Trakke to
have a little bit of fun and create more interesting colorways. And when it comes to branding, Trakke has kept it nondescript as always with just one small
black logo on the front. Now it’s time to dive into the materials, starting with the main
fabric on the outside, here. This is Trakke’s new 400
GSM dry finish waxed canvas. It’s highly durable,
very weather-resistant, and it just feels great to the touch. Seriously, we just love
the way this thing feels. Plus, the dry finish waxed
canvas looks a little sleeker than the previous waxier,
more heritage-looking fabric that Trakke used to use. We do like both of them, but we must say that Trakke has absolutely hit the
ball out of the park with this new dry-finished waxed canvas. Now into the hardware
that Trakke has overspent, like always. We’re really digging
what’s going on, here. All of the buckles are stainless steel, and while we like them, we understand that not everyone will as they’re not the quickest things to use, but you do get the hang of
it after a little while. And of course, being stainless steel, they add a ton of durability. All of the zippers are YKK AquaGuard. They are not only super durable, but also feature a weather
resistant guard over the zipper to stop rain from getting through. Finally, we have to
say that we’re big fans of the circular zipper
pulls on these zippers, too. They’re easy to use, quick to grab, and make unzipping and
zipping an absolute pleasure. (upbeat music) Moving into the external components, let’s begin with the harness system. The adjustable shoulder straps are thin, but they are densely padded, and they sit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in. The back panel is padded too, but there is no ventilation at all, and it can get very sweaty
very quickly if it’s hot out and you’ve just got a T-shirt on. When it comes to the overall carry, we must note that the top of the bag can sit pretty far away from your back. The severity of this issue
depends on how much is inside and just how heavy it is, but it’s not ideal, and if we’re honest, we expected it to be something that Trakke updated and tweaked in these newer version of their packs, but they haven’t at all. To improve the carry, Trakke sells a hip belt
and a sternum strap which we didn’t opt for, as at only 32 liters on a larger frame, it’s not overly necessary, but it’s nice to have the option. And talking of attaching
things to this bag, you can now attach one or two of these two Trakke Laggan
travel accessory pouches to the side of this pack. It does take a little while to get on, and it is a bit fiddly because you have to put these
stainless steel buckles here around the attachment points
here on the side of the bag, but one thing we can say is
that it certainly won’t fall off when it’s properly attached. It’s a nice feature, and we really like the modular
approach from Trakke here. Plus, it’s an extra
place you can put things, like a water bottle, for instance, a small one at that, but you
could still fit one inside, because we must note that this bag doesn’t have a specific
water bottle pocket. Now, we’ll leave the severity of that up to you and your use case. We know some people won’t
buy a bag without one, and other people, it’s not a
feature they find necessary, so we’ll leave that one up to you. Additionally, you can not attach
one of these pouches at all and choose to clip whatever you like onto these attachment points here with a carabiner if you like as well. Finally, there’s one
grab handle on this pack, and it is the big rolltop buckle here. Now, this obviously isn’t designed to be used for too long, but it is pretty good if you’re in a rush or need to hang this bag on something, and we found ourselves using it a lot more than we thought we would. (upbeat music) Moving inside the pack, let’s start with this front pocket, which is accessed via this zip on the front left of the pack. Inside you can see that
signature Trakke orange, and there’s a liner pocket at the top here which is great for quick grab items like sunglasses and wallets. I’ll just pop that back
inside that pocket, there. And then outside of that, there’s a ton of room in
front for other stuff, say, for instance, a jacket. You could sling this in the front pocket. And the front material here
also expands due to the folds, and we really like this feature, as it’ll sit closer to
the pack when needs be. But if you wanna cram a load of stuff in, it’ll come out like that. On the other side of the pack, there is a similar looking zipper, but this one will grant you
access to the main compartment, which is essentially a large bucket. As you can see, we’ve got some packing
cubes in here at the moment. Having this external
access is really great, as it means you can
quickly get something out without having to unzip the main rolltop. But of course, the main
entry point of this bag is this rolltop here. Let’s start by undoing this buckle here which just pops out like that, and then we can unroll it and
take a little look inside. So, there we go. As you can see, it is just a large bucket. Now, something we really like about this rolltop design here is that you can roll it down more or less depending on what’s inside. That means you can use this
thing as a tech day pack or even a larger one-bag travel backpack, and we really like that. Finally, there’s a
padded laptop compartment at the back here that can
hold a 15-inch laptop. It’s a great addition, and it’s also a great place to put flatter or slimmer objects in as well. We must note that we
would’ve liked a false bottom so when you put this bag down, it doesn’t hit the bottom of the laptop, which is just here, and it’s a little bit tight to get the laptop through the zipper. But other than that, all good. (upbeat music) At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Trakke Vorlich for around three weeks
in Detroit, Michigan. As expected, it’s holding up really well. Just like the Trakke Store, we tested for two months
across Spain and the UK. The fabric and stainless steel hardware ensure this bag is built to last, and we expect it to for
a very long time to come. In testing, we can’t help
but enjoy using this bag. Yes, the laptop compartment entry is a little bit tighter than we’d like, there’s no designated water bottle pocket, and the top of the pack can
sit a little bit further away from our shoulders than we’d have liked. But the bottom line is, they’ve hit a lot more than they’ve missed with this backpack, and Trakke products just feel good to use and make you feel good about yourself when you’re using them. One last note is that the
new dry finish waxed canvas on this pack doesn’t pick up marks like Trakke’s previous waxier fabric did, which is a nice improvement overall. Moving into the pros and cons, there is high durability and
craftsmanship throughout. The dry finish waxed
canvas is a great fabric, and the modular attachments
are a nice touch. They improve versatility
and functionality. Now on to the cons. The top of the bag sits
far away from your back, which isn’t great for the carry. There is no false bottom
in the laptop compartment, and the back panel lacks any ventilation, and it can get hot and sweaty pretty fast. (upbeat music) The Trakke Vorlich is a highly durable, well-crafted, and versatile backpack that we’ve really enjoyed
putting to the test. We like that the rolltop design allows this bag to be used
at varying capacities, and the zippered access means you can quickly grab gear out, too. While the aesthetic
may not be for everyone and the carry could certainly be improved, this bag is everything
we like about Trakke, and if you’re a fan of what they’re doing, then this pack has to be on your list. So, there you have it, our review on the Trakke Vorlich. And as ever, we’d love
to hear your thoughts down in the comments section below. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next one.

6 thoughts on “Trakke Vorlich Backpack Review | 32L Rolltop Travel Bag For Urban & Outdoor Adventures

  1. Not a fan of Trakke stuff. I get they want to look traditional but for me they do it at the expense of practicality. I like the materials but not the designs. I’d love to see something like Peak Designs but with Trakke materials.

  2. Great review! Love Trakke bags, not a fan of roll-tops though, even with the side access. Am I the only one who preferred the old wax canvas and the way it aged?

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