transforming myself into the VSCO girl to rule all VSCO girls

– What is a VSCO girl? For
the past, like, month or so, I have been seeing all over Twitter: VSCO girl this, VSCO girl
that. And then recently, in, like the past few days
I’ve been seeing videos pop up on my YouTube feed about VSCO girls. And like, I know what VSCO
is. It’s an editing app, I’ve been using VSCO since
like, I was in high school to edit my photos and I’m a girl, but I don’t think that
makes me a VSCO girl. I’m pretty sure it’s,
like, the Gen-Z version of being a Tumblr girl,
but I’m not totally sure. So, I’m gonna do some
Internet research, try to figure out what the
heck a VSCO girl is, and then see if I can
transform myself into one! If you’re new to my channel,
do make sure to subscribe, I make new videos every
Tuesday and Friday, and I would love to have you here! Now let’s get into it, okay. (retro music) To Google: “what is a VSCO girl?” The first thing that comes
up is a Buzzfeed article that says, “VSCO Girls are
taking over social media. That’s VSCO, as in the photo
editing and sharing app, notorious for flattering filters with minimal name- okay this
is not actually telling me. You know what I’m gonna do
while I do my Internet research? I’m gonna post on my Instagram story, because I’m sure some
of you guys out there know what a VSCO girl is,
maybe one of you is a VSCO girl and you can, you can educate me. You know, I’m only 23, but I
think this is the beginning of me feeling old and out
of touch on the Internet. Like, what’s a TikTok?
What are these VSCO girls? You guys, I need your help,
I’m feeling out of touch. What is a VSCO girl?
Can you please tell me? What is a VSCO girl,
what dp VSCO girls do? Maybe some examples of
VSCO girls for my research? What do they wear? What
are they like? Let me know! I’m starting this video
off, like, first thing in the morning. It’s like 8:30 right now. I got no makeup on, my hair’s not done, all I did was brush my teeth.
I’m basically a blank slate to become a VSCO girl. So,
okay, back to my research. Urban Dictionary calls them
the “Tumblr girls of 2019.” Okay! So I was pretty on
point with that, alright. (reading) “Your typical VSCO
girl has a very specific list of items: a HydroFlask
water bottle, a scrunchie around her wrist, a crop
top from Brandy Melville, or oversized tee, handmade
friendship bracelets, a Puka shell necklace, and Birkenstocks-” I love Birkenstocks! “-or crocs.” Is my little brother a VSCO girl? Because for Christmas last
year, he asked for crocs, unironically, and he wears them. (upbeat music) Coincidence? I think not! (reading) “She probably
has fagaur-fi-fi-figaur- fi-(mumbles) backpack-” I know what kind of backpack that is, I just
don’t know how to pronounce it. “-with a reusable metal straw
inside, and she’s whizzing passed you on a penny board,
her makeup is light and natural topped off with Carmex.
Her hair, likely blonde, has easy beach waves.” Is a
VSCO girl like the YouTube, kind of, like quirky,
relatable teen vlogger? Like the Emma Chamberlains
and like the Ellie Thumanns and the-the Summer,
like the Summer McKeens? Are those VSCO girls?
‘Cause it sounds like they’re describing them.
Okay, this is what I need! This Buzzfeed article gives a little photo of an Instagram VSCO girl starter pack. This is exactly what I need. Okay. Checkered vans, crocs,
Birkenstocks, Mar-oh Mario Badescu skin care, I
actually love that brand, Carmex, reusable metal straw,
shell necklace, scrunchies, Birkenstocks, wave ring, HydroFlask. Are HydroFlasks like
trendy? (clock ticking) I just spent the last
40 minutes doing a ton of research on VSCO girls,
and I think I get it now, I won’t subject you guys
to all of that footage. I read the Urban Dictionary definition, I found a good Seventeen magazine article, and then I found this YouTube video, which I think was the tipping point for me understanding what a VSCO
girl is – let me play it. I’ve got my notes app
ready! Let’s do this! – [Girl in Video] Alright,
we have a long list, let’s read this off:
shell necklaces, anklets, HydroFlask, scrunchies,
LuluLemon, oversized tees, jeeps, sunsets, bonfires,
Birkenstocks, wave rings, very tan, ice coffee,
Carmex, acrylic nails, Glossier, Brandy Melville, airpods, polaroids slash posable cameras.
Posable? Disposable cameras you have to have a trendy Bohemian room, Mario Badescu, C1 slash C6 filter on VSCO, Apple Watch, Fjallfraven
backpack, go to Lush, and make bracelets. If you
guys don’t have any idea-” – Wooh. Alright. Now let
me open up my Instagram and see if there’s
anything else that you guys are hip too that I didn’t figure out. Okay. I’m seeing HydroFlask,
scrunchies, seashell necklace, oversized tees – pretty
much the same stuff. Tube top and mom jeans.
“They take Instagram photos and ride Jeeps and are very beachy.” HydroFlask, Birkenstocks,
scruchies, okay I’m seeing like a lot of the same
thing. Being a VSCO girl is like effortless. Like,
you can’t call yourself a VSCO girl, otherwise
you’re not a VSCO girl. Like, you don’t choose the VSCO life. The VSCO life chooses you! So,
I’m already not a VSCO girl by doing a video where
I try to be a VSCO girl. I’ve already ruined it, it’s
only downhill from here. The Internet said it’s like a Tumblr girl, but honestly, from my
research, it seems like it’s kind of the anti-Tumblr girl. Like, Tumbler girls
were kind of try hards. Like, everything had to
be perfect and aesthetic, and with VSCO girls, it’s
like ya can’t try hard, you just have to naturally
be effortless, like, the makeup is very natural and dewy, you’re wearing Crocs and
Birkenstocks, and just like, kind of baggy t-shirts.
What’s interesting to me is that VSCO is like a photo app, right? So, you would think that
everything would be like, perfectly aesthetic,
but I think what makes a VSCO girl is taking, ya know, traditionally non-aesthetic
things like Crocs and chapstick and somehow, with your effortless,
beautiful, natural beauty making it aesthetic, but it’s effortless, it’s-it’s not staged, it’s
not supposed to be perfect, ya just got ready really quick, ya know, you’re just walking around
with your HydroFlask ’cause you care about the
planet, and then like, oh, look, I’m also just
like effortlessly perfect. Okay. I’m ready! Ope, I got a response from my little brother! He said, “hahaha I know exactly
what you’re talking about, no I’m not a VSCO girl. VSCO
girls wear trendy things that other girls generally wouldn’t wear. Old people would say
they wear weird things. Like Crocs.” I bet you
some of Austin’s friends are VSCO girls. He’s at
school, maybe I could ask him at lunch to ask some of his friends who are VSCO girls, what VSCO girls do. Also, I need to figure out what, like, VSCO girls eat because I’m gonna have to get lunch at some point today. Okay. And are-is there like specific things that VSCO girls, like, eat or drink? Like, what do they get at Starbucks? Where do they go? What
kind of food do they like? (upbeat music) Check it out! Guess I’m
already a VSCO girl! Got my Mario Badescu skin care here, some little, uh, witch
hazel and rosewater toner, this is just my regular toner. Alright, I’m gonna do
my Aloe Light hydrating daily moisturizer from Hello Bali. This may not be, like, a
specific VSCO girl brand, but it’s all-natural,
so, I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s approved. So, I
had curled my hair yesterday, so, today it’s just kind of, like, messy with a little bit of wave left into it. I’m gonna need some dry
shampoo on my roots, for sure. I’ll put in a little bit of hair oil to kind of calm down the ends of my hair and then we’ll see what we
have to work with from there. So, here’s where we’re at.
Honestly, it might be best just to, like, leave my hair the way it is, maybe I’ll, like, straighten
out a few of these pieces that are, like, a little bit too curled, and then that’s kind of, like the natural, beachy VSCO girl look. I-I
kinda like this aesthetic. Don’t really have to do
my hair, not really gonna have to do much makeup, you know what? I might be team VSCO girl.
Alright, makeup time. Hopefully I don’t, like, overdo this. We just want to make me look
nice and like sunkissed, nice and bronzed. I think a good tan is a big part of being a VSCO girl, too. We want that thick, bold
brow. I think also part of the brow look for VSCO
girls is you don’t want it like, pressed down. You
want that kind of, like, furrowed, like, dimensional brow, so, I’m also gonna kind of,
like, brush up on the hair. Like, right? I think this
is-this is kind of it. Or maybe I’m totally wrong
and everyone’s gonna roast me in the comments, so go for it. Okay, what do we think?
Did I get the VSCO brow? I feel very, like Cara
Delevingne with these! Now, I know everyone says
the VSCO girls use Carmex, that was like a big thing I was
when I was doing my research so I might buy some when I’m out today, but for now, I’m just gonna
use this Glossier Rose and then I think just mascara.
Yeah, I think that’s it, and then I’m good. One thing I am noticing with all of my VSCO girl
research is that they all seem to be predominantly tall, thin, and white. I don’t know if that’s actually
true, or just what I saw with my research, and
I am not tall or thin, so, I guess, I’m gonna bring
a little bit of variety to the VSCO girl look.
Okay, what do we think? I can already envision the
Puka shell necklace right here and me in, like, direct
sunlight giving, like, a sultry glare. I’m gonna
get dressed, I don’t think I have anything that, like,
works as a VSCO girl here so I’ll have to buy an
outfit at Urban Outfitters, but let’s go, let’s do it! Bella, are you a VSCO
dog? Oh, yes you are! Oh, so aesthetically pleasing, oh yes, you too Bruiser, you too. Okay, so this is my
reusable water. And yes, it is just as gigantic as it
looks on camera in real life. This is the biggest size
they sell on Amazon. I like it because it’s 64
ounces, wait, yeah, 64 ounces, so, that’s my water intake for the day and I never have to refill it. I’m not gonna buy an actual HydroFlask, I’m just gonna carry this
giant thing with me all day because one of the VSCO girl essentials, is, you know, caring
about the environment, and I don’t think it would be very caring about the environment if
I just bough a HydroFlask and never used it again
because I have this big guy. So, uh, this water bottle
it is. I’m gonna fill it up. Also, I have Birkenstocks,
so, I’m gonna wear these, since these were listed as
one of the footwear options for a VSCO girl. I am a blank canvas. Paint me like one of your VSCO girls! Oh my gosh, I hate myself. (upbeat music) On my way to Urban Outfitters,
I’m gonna stop at Starbucks and I asked you guys on Instagram, like, what are VSCO girl foods and drinks? And so many people said
the Starbucks pink drink, which I have actually never tried, like, I thought that was like
a James Charles thing. Is James Charles a VSCO girl?
I feel like the VSCO girl hole goes deeper and deeper
every time I take a little bit. So, I’m gonna try the pink
drink for the first time! Okay, I got my pink drink. I
forgot to bring my reusable, like, refillable Starbucks cup, but I do have my reusable straw, so I’m still VSCOing it up,
still saving the environment a little bit. Pop this bad boy in! I-I didn’t know the pink
drink came with like, strawberries in it! This is cute! I don’t know if this
is gonna be good enough for my Instagram feed, but
maybe I’ll take a photo, edit it on VSCO, and then
put it on my Instagram story. I don’t think driving a
Toyota Camry is very VSCO. I never edit photos
that I put on my story, like, I really only use VSCO for, like, Instagram feed photos, but we’re getting, like, next level VSCO here. Okay. Let me add this into VSCO! I have like a preset on here that I use, let me see if that looks VSCO enough. I think we need to do a little bit more. Like, I don’t think this is enough. Let me pull up the filter I usually use, which is C2, and I’m
just gonna do full max. Then, I’m gonna add some
more little editing things. Do VSCO girls like cool
tones or warm tones? I’m not totally sure. I
think it’s pretty neutral. Increase the pinks to make it
look more pinkity drinkity! Let’s bump up that saturation.
I also think they make it more grainy, can I add more grain here? Oh here’s the grain filter!
I’ve never- I never add like, graininess to my photos, like, I feel like I’d rather all
my photos be more clear, but I see how this makes
it look more VSCO girl. I-I think it’s a delicate
balance, though, like, if I go all the way to this
side, it just looks bad, but on this side it’s a little too clear. So, maybe like-ooh yeah.
Oh yeah. That’s it! That’s it, girlfriend! And onto
the Instagram story it goes! Am I a VSCO girl yet?
Let’s do a little poll. Alright, that looks good! Let’s post it! Now, I’ll actually try the
drink, see what we think of it. I don’t know if this is
gonna be too sweet for me, I don’t really like sweet things. I got like a whole chunk of strawberry. I mean it’s sweet, but it’s
good! Tastes very sugary. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead
and say this drink, uh, wouldn’t usually be
for me but I will drink it, and enjoy it today. But
if this is what VSCO girls have to drink every day,
I don’t think I could be a VSCO girl. I’m gonna stick with my unsweetened iced
tea and my cappuccinos! Okay, I for real cannot finish this drink. It is so sweet, it’s
literally making me sick to my stomach. I am really
sensitive to sweet things. I just don’t like sweets!
So, uh, I think I’m actually gonna trash this and, uh, just stick to my-my knock-off Amazon
HydroFlask for the day because I can’t commit. This is not good. (upbeat music) Dang, being a VSCO girl is expensive! This was 200 bucks! And I
didn’t even buy all the stuff. Like, I’m just gonna wear the jean shorts that I already had, I
already own Birkenstocks, I didn’t buy a HydroFlask.
Like, you know what? The VSCO girl life – it’s
pricey! Not gonna lie! Costs a lot to look effortless, I guess. So, let me show you what I got! So, we have the
“still-can’t-pronounce-it-flajargaharven” backpack thing. This was
the most expensive thing, it was 80 dollars, and
I was just gonna use it for a photo and then return it, but my production assistant Carly, who is going to be taking my photos later, high-key she’s totally a VSCO
girl, but she says she’s not, which makes her even more of a VSCO girl. And I know she’s been wanting
one of these backpacks, so I’m gonna give it
to her after the shoot. I got the Puka shell necklace, which at first I thought they didn’t have, and then I was talking
to one of the employees and she was like “Oh I
think we just got some in, let me go look in the back.”
And she grabbed one for me! So that was awesome! I got two options for oversized t-shirts. We’ll
see which one I end up wearing but I’m definitely gonna
keep both of them anyways. I love wearing big,
baggy t-shirts to sleep, so I will actually get a
lot of use out of these! Two packs of scrunchies! This seems to be, like, the key, essential
item to being a VSCO girl. Just scrunchies on
scrunchies. And I actually do like scrunchies a lot,
so I will actually use these outside of this video.
And, to finish off my dewy, non-makeup makeup look, I got
a Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rose
water. So, I’ll just give myself a little spritz once I’m
dressed to complete the look! I think I’m ready to go!
Let’s go find a bathroom and get VSCOed! Also, I posted
that photo earlier asking if the pink drink made me a VSCO girl yet, and all my DMs say no because I’m using a reusable plastic straw and
not a reusable metal straw. Apparently it’s like
specifically metal straws that VSCO girls use,
so, even though I went with a reusable straw,
it wasn’t the right kind, and then, of course, in Urban Outfitters, the home of the VSCO girl,
right at the checkout register, they had, like, a whole thing
of metal reusable straws. (soft, happy music) Alright! Here is the outfit!
Urban Outfitters did me well. I was able to get
everything I needed there. And Carly is here, now, and
Carly, I’m actually convinced you are a real VSCO girl.
– [Carly] Oh, great. – Let me show you Carly’s outfit, like, you have the Birkenstocks, the HydroFlask, your outfit is cute as
heck. Like you are adorable! (laughing) – I don’t have the
scrunchie on my wrist today because you were making
fun of me for it yesterday. So, I’m not one. – [Sierra] No, but see? That’s the thing, you would’ve worn the scrunchie. – But it’s in my bag. – [Sierra] Oh my- and
you take film photos. You really are-you really are a VSCO girl! Am I doing it right? You can judge me. – Yeah I would say so.
– [Sierra] Yeah? – Yeah. – [Sierra] I look like a VSCO girl? Am I missing any elements? – No. – [Sierra] Alright, let’s go get lunch! (upbeat music) – Very VSCO of me, in natural lighting, in a little coffee
house. I asked Instagram what VSCO girl food is, and
the most common responses were Acai bowls and avocado
toast. So I got both! Both of these are actually
things that I do like, so, maybe I’m more of a VSCO
girl than I originally thought. Mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Much more my speed than the VSCO girl pink drink.
Oh, wait! One more thing! I have to take an aesthetic picture of it for my Instagram. And,
of course, edit it with VSCO. Although, I probably should’ve done that before I took a bite of the Acai bowl. How do I make it, like-like, less staged? Like, I need to make it a plandid. Like a planned candid. Alright. – [Carly] Cool. – Man, VSCO girls go through
a lot before they actually get to eat their avocado
toast. Let me edit this, make it more grainy. That was
some of the feedback I got on my first Instagram
story VSCO girl post. It wasn’t grainy enough.
And then I’ll post it. And then I’ll actually get to eat. Alright check out this
VSCO edit I just did. It’s extra, extra grainy.
I used the C1 filter instead of the C2. I think
it’s lookin’ pretty good. Let’s post it! Alright,
that was delicious! Our resident, real VSCO girl, Carly, is finishing off the Acai
bowl. I’m taking some sips from my, uh, not-HydroFlask HydroFlask. I need to, uh, scrunch
up my eyebrows again. They’re getting a little
bit too pressed down. I need that, like, messy
eyebrow look still. I posted that picture of my lunch, and let’s see how many people said I have reached peak VSCO girl. 95 percent! 95 percent of people say
that now I am a VSCO girl, but when I posted this
photo, only 71 percent did. And I checked my DMs and
everyone’s saying it’s because my hair is down,
and not up in a bun with a scrunchie. I thought
you could be a VSCO girl as long as your hair was,
like, kind of messy and beachy even if it was down, but
apparently, to reach my, like, final evolution
of being a VSCO girl, I gotta put my hair up! Into a messy bun. Which, I’m not complaining
about! I don’t mind wearing my hair up, it’s kinda hot
today so it’ll be good to have it off my neck, out of my face. And I’m actually really,
really loving the, like, VSCO girl no-makeup makeup look. I like having that thicker, bolder brow with having them messed up a little bit. No face makeup, just mascara
and some bronzer. I feel cute! I like it! Now, let’s go to the beach, and, uh, see the final transformation! Alright Carly, how messy is
my messy bun supposed to be? – [Carly] Um, not a 10 on the messy scale, but probably like a 7 and a half. – Like, are their hairs
coming- – [Carly] Yes. – Like should I pull some
out? – [Carly] Yes. – Okay. – [Carly] We want the baby hairs. – There’s, uh, an art to this, but it can’t look like I
did it on purpose, right? – [Carly] No effort, no effort. – No effort, but effort! – [Carly] Yes. – Effort to have no effort. –
[Carly] Exactly. That’s cute- that’s cute. – Is that good? Is this it? – [Carly] Ahh, there’s on sticking up. – Dangit, which- this one? –
[Carly] Yeah. – Did I get it? – [Carly] Yeah! – Okay,
let’s go to the beach and take some VSCO pictures. I’m excited! Okay, my question is, with
all of the messy baby hairs, and, like, the glossy, wet, chapstick lip, how do you not just get the
hairs all up in your lips? ‘Cause every time the wind
blows they’re getting stuck, and it’s really gross.
I gotta take a selfie, and post it on my Instagram story, with my VSCO editing,
which I feel like I’ve kind of got down now.
It’s C1, a little bit of exposure. I actually
lessened the saturation, and then super, super grainy. So, let’s try to get this
photo. I think I got one! Let me edit it and post it.
Make sure I’m peak VSCO girl, and then we’ll go down to the beach, un-unless there’s any
adjustments that need to be made. I-I want this to be perfect.
Man, there’s so many little baby hairs in my chapstick lips! I see the beach! Our
Birks are on their way! Such a VSCO girl! Look at
you in your natural habitat! (laughing) (upbeat music) Alright! I think I’ve reached peak form. This is as VSCO girl as
it gets! You know what? Within like 8 hours, I
was able to figure out what the heck a VSCO girl is,
buy all the stuff I needed, transform myself, and have
an Instagram photo shoot. I think this VSCO girl
aesthetic is honestly closer to my personal taste than
I originally expected. The only thing I’m not a super big fan of is just, like, the long, baggy shirt with, like, shorts kinda peeking out. If I was gonna, like, adjust
the VSCO girl style for myself, I would’ve, like, tucked the shirt in, done a little brown belt. I
didn’t think I was gonna like the shell necklace, but
it’s actually kinda fun! It’s kinda cute! Love a
messy bun! Love scrunchies! And Carly, although the backpack is cute, I think you would enjoy
it more than I would. – [Carly] Awww. – So, this is for you. – [Carly] Awww. – You can also
be peak VSCO girl form now. – [Carly] Awww, I made it, thank you! – And, you know what,
your HydroFlask knock-off is better than my Hydroflask knock-off so this was- this was
like the finishing touch for the photo. One last
update before I end the video. My little brother did get back to me on asking his friends
what makes a VSCO girl. So I will insert what he said here. Honestly, I feel like it’s pretty similar to what my own research showed me, but yeah! That was my
transformation into a VSCO girl! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Be sure to subscribe for
more weird videos like this. Be confident, love your body,
and I will see you on Friday with another new video where
there aren’t loud waves crashing in the background. Bye! Love you! (upbeat music)

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