Travel bag and outdoor backpack in one – the new Atrack

Travel bag and outdoor backpack in one – the new Atrack

Hello, I’m Falco from ORTLIEB. Today I will present you our new backpack: Atrack. Atrack is not a typical backpack. This is obvious, as you see it is lying in front of me, not standing, and I can easily pack and unpack it. This backpack is a combination of an outdoor backpack and a duffle. The Atrack defines a new category called Active Travel. What makes it an outdoor backpack? Definitely the carrying system: it is adjustable and breathable providing good ventilation. You also have a device for a hydration system. And what makes it a duffle? The very wide and direct access to the main compartment. Therefore, Atrack is perfect for short trips. And once you arrive at your destination it is ideal for hiking, cycling or climbing. Atrack is available in three sizes: 45, 35 and 25 liters (2746 2136 1526 As all ORTLIEB products, Atrack is waterproof and with the TIZIP zipper it is watertight according to IP67 standard, meaning dustproof and submergible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes Atrack features an innovative closure system. The uniquely positioned TIZIP zipper inside the Atrack’s back provides unobstructed access to all of your gear, the zipper is fixed with straps at its ends allowing quick access and opening the backpack in vertical position. The sleek design and adjustable shoulder straps with stepless length adjustment, allow individual adaption of the backpack to various body sizes from S to XL. Daisychains on the front serve for fixing accessories, e.g. trekking poles, helmet, ski or snowboard. Atrack is extremely versatile for any kind of outdoor activity. Find more information about our products on our website, facebook or YouTube Channel.

5 thoughts on “Travel bag and outdoor backpack in one – the new Atrack

  1. How does he manage to pack the backpack with air to keep it so round and nice? On second 0:50 you can appreciate this the best. When mine if not fully loaded it just looks wrinkly and messy. Would like to know how to make it look so round and filled up with air even if it's pretty empty. Thanks for the help! =)

  2. Hi there !
    Big fan of your products, two questions :
    – What are the differences (if any) between Atrack, Atrack CR and Atrack BP ?
    – What backpack would you recommend for say a 2-day (work and non-work) commute ?
    And congrats for the recent ruling in your favour against who must not be named !

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