Travel Tips – How to Pack Accessories

Travel Tips – How to Pack Accessories

It’s time to pack the little things, all of
your accessories. Small items like jewelry, makeup, belts, and hair brushes can snag on
other clothes. Invest in a jewelry roll with clear plastic windows, or use small zipper
bags for items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches so they are easy to
see and won’t get tangled. Pack valuable jewelry in your carry on bag. Place carry on liquids
such as shampoo, foundation, and body wash in travel containers following TSA rules.
For daily makeup, place everything you use, including powder, blush, and eye shadow into
a cosmetics bag. If products slip, the spill is contained. Secure your phone, tablet, or
laptop cords with a cable clip or a rubber band and place them in a clear, sealable bag.
Slip items such as belts and socks into your shoes. If you’re packing a hairdryer, simply
loop the cord and secure with a hair tie or rubber band. Place a hair brush and comb into
their own bag so they don’t snag your clothing. Then, pack the bag in an inside pocket of
the suitcase so the bristles aren’t crushed. To pack an evening bag or fancy clutch, first
place the handle or chain inside the bag so it doesn’t get tangled. You can also slip
a scarf, belt or extra socks inside if you need the space. Now, your suitcase is packed
and you’re ready to go.

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  1. The jewelry rolls are a great idea for keeping things organized and prevent them from getting snagged on everything. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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