Travellers VS Backpackers | Sonalee Kulkarni, Lalit Prabhakar, Prajakta Mali | Hampi

Travellers VS Backpackers | Sonalee Kulkarni, Lalit Prabhakar, Prajakta Mali | Hampi

Hey wow! Look at this. Sid is in Hampi. Wow Nice Should we go? This month? hmm.. Wait a minute So Google says… the best time to visit Hampi is October- November Done! But they have festivals in November over there No in that case December is ideal. Superb! But December is foreign tourist season New years time. Best. We will get our hands on a good french ‘item’ But the hotel rates would be high then. I won’t be able to afford it. What about March? March is too hot. hmm.. June? It rains a lot then. February? Directly next year? Feb second week? No, it’s Valentine’s day Third week would be Mahashivratri Excuse me. I have booked my ticket for this month. You figure out your plan. Is it refundable? Wait a minute. Let’s try for April? Or we can celebrate my birthday in May over there…. Have you been to Hampi ever? Check this. Looks amazing. Why haven’t I yet? What’s wrong? Where are going? Hampi! Right now? What if I change my mind later? Curtains? Check. Table Lamp? Check. Passport xerox? Check Why do we need a Passport for Hampi? I carry it everywhere Clothes pegs? Check. Travel Knife? Travel Knife? You packed it. I saw. Thank you. Travel knife, check. Torch? You have a torch in your mobile. What if the mobile battery drains? So battery pack… check. Extra charger, check. Oven, Refrigerator, Mixer-grinder… Washing-Machine Oh shit ! You’re taking the washing machine? No. I forgot water bottles. Chill. We will get water. We aren’t visiting Mars. They also found water on Mars. But we wont get filtered water, right? So, water bottles. Why are you packing lentils? Oh. Am I? Now let it be. Will cook some Khichadi on the campfire. That’s my wallet. Shut up. You’ve got just 320 rupees? That’s my money. I know. I will return it once I’m back. Those are my bloody undergarments. I know. But my underwear is still drying. Give it back! Don’t be whiny! I will wear them inside-out today and buy a new one tomorrow. Bye. Bhaiya… You will be there on time right? I know the flight is at 11. But you reach by 7 What’s the issue? You just come on time. I know it’s not an international flight. But I want you here at 7. Ok? Thank you. Anna… eneke…. You can speak hindi? Ohh.. I just wanted to confirm. You will be there to pick-up, right? I mean on time, right? I know that it isn’t an international flight. Still. What do you mean by so many times? I have called only thrice. Hello? Brother. Has the Hospet bus left? Long back. Where will this one go? Udupi Where is this Udupi? Further south It’s in the south na? I am heading that way. Just drop me half way. Come on, get in quickly. Isha. Oh Isha! R… R.Ranjit! Hello! Hello madam. Hello.. Hello. Give that bag. I will take care. Give that bag. Come on Madam. Let’s go. Madam sit. In this? Yes. They didn’t send a car? This is almost a car. Come in. Sit. Welcome to Hampi. Come. Anne… Thank you! I will come and watch Rajani’s film with you. See you soon ! (Tamil) Every palm and every tree… Has it’s own shape and size. Every palm and every tree, Has it’s own shape and size. Every leaf and and every flower, has it’s own face and beauty Wether it be a bird, a fish, an insect or an ant. each one has it’s own style and display each one has it’s own style and display, completely distinct from the other.

100 thoughts on “Travellers VS Backpackers | Sonalee Kulkarni, Lalit Prabhakar, Prajakta Mali | Hampi

  1. Hindi cha evadha gav gava ka ? Etaka pulaka kashala ?? Mala 15 varsh zali Punyat , mala kadhich Hindi chi garaj padli nahi ..

  2. Hampi is in Karnataka not in Tamil nadu
    People here talk Kannada and not Tamil
    People here watch Kannada movies and Dr rajkumar movies and not rajani movie
    South doesn't have only Tamil language
    Please know the language of the place you trying to make a content on before anything.

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  4. एकदा फ्रेंच आयटम पटवू तिकडे😂😂 जणू हि बाई चढवून घेणार असल्या सारखी 😂 जास्तीत जास्त तर काय त्याला वास पण नाय घेऊ देणार या पोरी. नुसताच फिरवण्या साठी अन देखाव्याची सामग्री म्हणून त्याला ठेवणार😂

  5. Naak kapu Naka re Marathi general knowledge cha …. Hampi….in Karnataka …Rajni Tamilnadu ….no one follows Rajni in Karnataka specially autowallas……Kay re tumhiiii

  6. Why but why Karnataka's adjacent state is Maharashtra but STILL THINK PEOPLE OF KARNATAKA SPEAK TAMIL!!! BLOODY Hypocrisy. But excepting this fact I enjoyed the video 😁😁

  7. Kokan patta ani Sahyadrichya parwat rannga ani Gad Kille ani barich sagli thikane mala Bhatkayala Aawadtaat…. me ek Bhatkaa aahe

  8. Me pravasi ahe. Ani mala tasach pravas karayla awadata. Jarroor visit kara maza instagram page var: i_traveller_i
    Maza Pravasvarnan

  9. मी 100 टक्के भटक्या…. चेन्नई एक्सप्रेस पाहिलेला आणि …winter exam संपल्याचा उत्साह म्हणून 5 मिनिटात बॅग भरली आणि दूधसागर धबधबा पाहायला गेलो… तिकडे गेल्यावर लक्षात आलं की पावसाळा तर संपलेला आहेच शिवाय काहीतरी रेल्वे रुळाच्या कामामुळे धबधबा बंद आहे… मग तिथून तसाच गोवा गाठला… त्यावेळी कमवत नव्हतो…त्यामुळे गोव्यात जाऊन पैसे संपल्यावर बाबांना फोन केला पैसे पाठवा म्हणून…
    जॉब लागल्यापासून लाइफचे लवडे लागलेत… असली डेरिंग करणं आता शक्य झालं पाहिजे…

  10. सारंग साठे…… दाढी करत जा …. पुरुषांचं शास्त्र असतं ते 😆😆😆

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